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F**ked Mercilessly

An Erotic Story

By Alice's SecretsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Have you ever met someone and felt that electricity? Like two powerful magnets you are instantly drawn together, even when your worlds are in completely opposite directions.

Being in a room with them is torture, you need to be touching, you can’t be separated. Even if in coming together, you tare the worlds delicate balance apart.

It was like that when I met him. From the moment we laid eyes on each other, we were both instantly aware. Our futures had just completely changed.

In the crowded room, we knew. Creeping closer together, feeling the magnets seductive pull. It whispered to us through the hum of people, intoxicating us.

From the moment our eyes met, we knew there was no going back. Our old worlds had gone and now, we would have to find our way in this strange new world, a world where our lives were entangled.

Wanting to be alone, we sought out silence, a quiet room where we would remain undisturbed. He felt for my body, wanting to touch and play.

Conscious of my curves, I looked to hide, but he didn’t let me. Running his hot palms over every imperfection my fears melted away. They were replaced with a giddy anticipation and an intense wanting. I needed more.

With his mouth, hot and heavy on mine, exploring me. Fire began to dance in my blood, pooling at areas I had long forgotten existed. Areas that screamed for his attention.

His body pressed against mine, I could feel the strain of his hard cock against his jeans, demanding to be freed. Without thinking, I reached for him and rubbed at the swell of hard flesh still sheathed in fabric.

He growled.

His instincts demanded for him to take me, to possess every inch of my body, but his eyes sought for the permission he needed. I looked up at him playfully, dying to see how far I could push my luck.

Lowering myself to my knees before him, I freed his cock from the confines of its prison. It sprang towards me, demanding attention.

Rubbing the tip gently with my thump, I looked up at him. Slowly, I stuck my tongue out and gently caressed the length of him with it. He tilted his head back in pleasure.

Pushing him into my mouth I began to suck. Tentatively at first, but when his hand came down to the back of my head, his fingers pushing their way through my hair, I sucked harder and faster.

His cock began to throb and he moaned, I knew if I carried on, he’d cum and I wasn’t done having fun with him yet.

Pulling back, I looked up at him, his hard cock out in front of me, his arousal written across his face.

“I want you to fuck me now,” I whispered.

He helped me to my feet, bending me over a nearby table and lifting my black skirt to expose my wet lace panties. He stroked the outside of them first and I shivered. His hand stroking my delicate lips.

After a moment, he moved my panties to the side, I opened my legs wider to allow him access. I desperately needed him inside me.

With his thumb he stroked my clit, and gently slid two fingers inside me. I was so wet for him. I couldn't recall ever wanting a man this much.

He took his time, pushing his fingers in deeper, starting slow and then quickening his pace, making my body go rigid beneath his touch.

I moaned as he slid his cock inside me. His fingers digging into my hips hard as he fucked me mercilessly. He wasn't gentle and he didn't hold back, I had to resist screaming as my back arched and my legs began to buckle.

This was how it was supposed to be.

I came first, my body shaking as the orgasm racked it. The feeling of my body clenching around his cock set him off and he came hard.

We shared a satisfied smile as we gasped for breath.


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