Dominating the Doctor

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Part Two

Dominating the Doctor
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Ryley leaned in toward the mirror and carefully applied her winged eyeliner. After making sure both sides matched, she straightened up and assessed herself in the mirror: perfect. Her dramatic eye makeup and dark red lipstick complimented each other well.

Her breasts were pushed up in a black leather corset that cinched her waist in slightly. A red, wet-looking skirt rested on her hips ending just below her ass cheeks. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail. She blew herself a kiss in the mirror and headed to her playroom.

The room was painted a light blue and had no windows. She had dimmer lights installed before she furnished it but currently had them set to the brightest setting. A chaise sat in one corner, overlooking the entire room. Around the chaise was a variety of cabinets and drawers, all housing different toys. She had quite the collection of dildos, vibrators, electro stimuli, devices for CBT, and much more!

In the middle of the room sat a large cage that looked like it could be used for housing bad dogs, a hospital bed with all sorts of straps hanging from the edges, and a St. Andrew’s Cross. The cross was her favorite. It was an ‘X’ shaped piece of furniture with straps for both arms and legs and it suspended the submissive a little bit above the ground. Along the walls of the room were racks, hooks, and tables all holding an assortment of whips, canes, feather dusters, and other fun implements.

Sitting on the chaise, Ryley looked around the room, deciding how she wanted the day to play out. Her doctor wasn’t due to arrive for another hour and a half, giving her just enough time to set up for the day. She pulled an empty metal, medical supply cart to the middle of the room, next to the hospital bed. Rummaging through a couple of drawers and cabinets she came back with a large bottle of lube, a box of gloves, a medium-sized dildo, and a cock ring. Arranging the items in the cart, she felt very giddy, like a schoolgirl.


Doctor Connor pulled into the drive of Ryley Blythe’s house, as he turned off the car, he steeled himself. He had spent the past couple of days thinking up ways to get her to not tell everyone what had happened, and that he wasn’t going to be her little slave. He took a deep breath, unsure of himself. On one hand, he wanted this, it thrilled and aroused him. On the other hand, he knew how dangerous this could be.

He opened the car door and unsteadily walked up to her door. Ringing the doorbell, he made an effort to control his breathing. While he waited he played over what he was going to say.

“Look, Ryley, I had a lot of fun the other day, but we can’t do this again, and you can’t blackmail me. It’s illegal. I spoke to a lawyer and I could take legal action against you for threatening to ruin my career.” He played these words over and over again in his mind. He had been for the past couple of days. In the middle of practicing his speech, the door opened and he jumped. Looking up his eyes met Ryleys, he forgot how stunning they were. He couldn’t help but assess the rest of her. His eyes traveled down her body, taking in her voluptuous breasts and how they peeked over the top of her corset. He felt his knees go weak when he noticed just how short her skirt was, how long and smooth her legs looked.

“Right on time.” Ryley smiled at him, taking his hand and leading him into the house. “Did you find the place ok?” She asked nonchalantly, looking over her shoulder as she led him to the sitting room, not letting go of his hand.

“Yeah, um, it was easy to find, look we need to talk. Um,” He paused. She was bent over adjusting the cushions on the couch, her ass peeked out from under the skirt and she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was on full display and he knew it was planned, but his cock still sprung to attention, rock hard. “Uh…” He blinked, trying to remember what it was he was saying.

Ryley turned to face him, adjusting her skirt as she straightened up. “You were saying we needed to talk?” She laughed. “I agree. Please, sit down.” She motioned toward the chair behind him, and he sat, obediently. “This morning as I was prepping for your arrival, I was thinking of all the ways you could please me. You are a very powerful man and I think we could come to an arrangement that suited us both. Of course, you don’t have to agree to an arrangement, but I do think it would be in your best interest to do so.” Her smile was threatening but her voice was so sweet.

“I, um, what do you have in mind?” He asked, knowing that he should say what he had to say and leave. But he couldn’t, he was too intrigued. He was mesmerized by her foot toying with the heel she had partially slipped off, the way she absentmindedly bounced her leg. He wanted to please her.

She giggled, relishing in his compliance. “Well, considering your place of power in the medical community I was thinking that you could help me get funds to expand my, ah, business.” She said the last word with care and mischief.

“I… I don’t follow.” Confusion flashed across his face.

“I need some equipment for my business. I need more,” She paused, “more furniture and tools. You can help me get those things. See, they aren’t often sold on the common market, and when they are, they need a lot of care. I want new equipment for my business. You can help me get this. And in exchange, I’ll tickle your submissive side and not tell the medical board about your adventure on their time.” She winked at him, knowing she had him where she wanted him, knowing that his career meant everything to him.

“What business? What sort of equipment? Medical equipment? I can’t do that! You have to have a license for most of that stuff, that’s why it isn’t available to the general public.” His voice rose slightly but he knew he’d agree to her demands, no matter how risky, he had already started playing her game, he was already trapped.

“Sure you can, and you will.” She smiled, “I know how much your career means to you, I know that you’ll do anything I say to keep our little secret on the down-low.” She laughed, a harsh laugh. “I’ve prepared a list of things for you that I need. But first,” she stood up, and reached for his hand, pulling him to his feet, she led him down the hallway, to her playroom.

She loved making a big show out of the first time a new submissive saw her playroom. She had Connor stand where he couldn’t see into the room as she opened the door, and told him to stay there until called. Once inside she arranged herself on the chaise, in order for the best view of the doctor when he entered the room, and then called him inside.

Connor stepped into the room, unsure of what he was walking into. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the low lighting, his mouth and stomach dropped in unison. Ryley’s playroom was extravagant and a little intimidating. He had never seen a room like this in real life, didn’t think they existed outside of porn. He slowly took in every implement hanging on the walls, every table and cart lining the outskirts of the room, and then the furniture displayed in the middle of the room and the medical cart beside the hospital bed. Part of his conscious said to run, run far away and fuck his career, but another part pushed for him to stay and see what sort of pleasure awaited him. Finally, his eyes found Ryley, she was laid out on a chaise in the corner, hand resting on her hip, a cocky smile playing across her lips.

“Welcome to my playroom.” She said, arrogance and pride dripping off of every word. She bounded off of the chaise and sauntered over to him. Stroking his face, she whispered, we are going to have so much fun today. She took him by the hand again and led him toward the hospital bed. “Remove your clothes.” She stated simply, causing him to turn a bright shade of red, but he obliged. Once he was completely nude and very uncomfortable she demanded him to lay on the bed, he obeyed.

Ryley took her time tightening the various straps. One across his ankles, another across his thighs, one for each wrist, and finally one around his neck. He looked uncomfortable at the thought of the one around his neck but allowed her to strap him down regardless. With a devilish sexy grin on her face, Ryley pulled two medical gloves from the box on the table and slipped her dainty hands into them. The popping sound they made against her skin when she released the bottom of the glove caused goosebumps to rise across Connor’s bare skin.

When she turned back around, she had the cock ring in one hand and a tiny vibrator in the other. She smiled at the doctor, “I’m going to slip this onto your cock and then get you nice and hard for me.” His pupils widened at the thought of her touching his dick and he nodded his head in agreement. Ryley took her time slipping the cock ring down to the base of his dick and around his balls. By the time she had it secured, he was already semi-­hard. She pumped a few dollops of lube into her gloved hand and spread it around over the glove. When her gloved hand was glistening with the sticky lube, she picked up his cock and begin stroking it. Ryley started with long, agonizingly slow strokes. He steadily grew harder under her touch but craved shorter faster strokes. She took her time, working him up to a throbbing, rock hard dick. When she could feel his pulse rushing through his cock she picked up the pace for a couple of pumps, causing moans to slip from Connor’s lips, before turning on the vibrator. Holding his dick by the head, she gently rubbed the vibrator up his shaft, around the head, and back down again. She repeated this until he was leaking pre­cum.

Reaching behind her she grabbed the dildo. She stopped teasing him with the vibrator long enough to lube up the dildo, then went back to coaxing precum from his rock hard cock. With one hand controlling the vibrator, she used the other hand to guide the dildo against the doctor’s tight little asshole. He tensed up when he felt the cold tip touch him, but relaxed as she merely pushed on the outside and massaged his little hole with the tip of the dildo.

When the doctor was moaning and precum was flowing freely, Ryley leaned forward, said “Don’t you dare cum without permission,” and pushed the entire dildo into his ass without warning. He screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure, his asshole clenching around the dildo, his cock twitching with the need for release. Ryley set a pace with the dildo to match her teasing with the vibrator. Now, not only was he leaking precum, but the tip of his cock was purple with need. She turned off the vibrator, keeping pace with the dildo, and set it aside. Using her now free hand she gave him a couple of slow strokes. At the touch of her hand, he involuntarily attempted to arch his back, pushing against his restraints.

“Do you want to cum?” She asked him teasingly, an impish grin playing across her features.

Furiously nodding his head, Connor muttered out, “Yes, please, so badly!”

“Then you’ll do exactly as I say and get me anything I want.” She laughed, “Or else every orgasm will end like this one.” With that she pushed the dildo completely into Connor’s ass, and quickly stroked his cock, his moans grew louder, “You can cum.” She laughed, relishing in the fact that he had no idea what was coming.

Almost immediately his cock started shooting white cum up his stomach, and Ryley removed her hand and the dildo at the precise moment, ruining his orgasm. He moaned with defeat. This was only his second time cumming that week, and both had been ruined! He was frustrated and angry but wanted more. He wanted her hand back on his cock. He needed to feel her touching him again.

“Yes, Mistress Ryley. Anything you desire.” He sighed.

Ryley laughed as she grabbed a cloth from the draw on the medical cart. She started wiping up the cum on his abdomen and chest. He loved the way it felt. Taking the cloth, covered in his cum, she held it up to his mouth and demanded he suck on it. The expression on his face was a mix of defeat and disgust, but he opened his mouth and accepted the cloth. Eager to please he sucked until Ryley was satisfied and removed the cloth. Happy with his obedience, she then explained that she now owned his cock and that he was not allowed to play with it without her permission. While she explained this, she slipped a chastity device over his now mostly limp dick and clipped a lock into place.

Finally, she undid his straps and allowed him to sit up. His body ached from being restrained so tightly, his balls hurt from not being able to reach full release, and his ego hurt from being completely under her control. But he knew it was too late, he was helpless to her cruel ways and sexual appeal.

Ryley was relaxing on her chaise, watching him clean up and dress. She enjoyed the way he slightly shook as if the session was nearly too much for him. She had removed her gloves and was twirling her hair around her fingers, already planning out their next session.

When Connor was dressed and had collected himself, she leads him out to the door, handed him her list of demands, and told him when to meet her next.

He had a week to meet her demands. A mere week to gather her items. An entire week without being graced with her presence or attention. A full seven days of not being allowed to even touch his cock, much less get off. The chastity cage felt heavy and unnatural as he walked to his car. An unnatural, uncomfortable bulge in his pants. A reminder that his cock, much like his life now, no longer belonged to him. What else could Ryley possibly take from him?

Lilith Bealove
Lilith Bealove
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