Dominating the Doctor

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Part One

Dominating the Doctor
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Ryley Blythe picked up a magazine from the mahogany waiting room coffee table. Sitting back, she crossed her legs and adjusted her skirt. Flipping through it, she absentmindedly hummed to herself. Waiting was always difficult for her, she preferred instant results. Finally, three articles and much foot bouncing later, the nurse called her name. Ryley tossed the magazine back onto the coffee table and followed the nurse into another room.

The nurse handed her a gown, told her to put it on, and informed her that the doctor would be with her shortly, before leaving. Rolling her eyes and sighing, Ryley stripped out of her tank top and skirt, and shrugged the gown over her shoulders, leaving her lacy black thong, matching bra on, and black heels on. She hopped up onto the exam table, crossed her legs, and impatiently waited for the doctor.

Ryley alternated between playing with her long wavy blonde hair and bouncing her leg. Finally, a knock sounded and was followed by a young male doctor entering the room. Formalities ensued and soon they were discussing the reason for her visit today.

The doctor seemed nervous, his eyes kept bouncing from Ryley’s piercing green gaze to her legs, to his clipboard, and back again. But she enjoyed the attention and his nervous manner. He also kept stuttering and repeating himself, which is something that always annoyed Ryley. After stuttering through the first couple of questions, repeating her answers back to her, and nervously looking from her to the door a couple of times, Ryley had had enough! She bounced off the table and adjusted her gown.

“Doctor,” her voice was sugar coated and she batted her lashes. “I understand the benefits of getting yearly exams, but really, are the gown and repetitive questions necessary? I answer the same questions every year.” She slipped one arm out of the gown, careful to keep herself covered.

The young doctor’s eyes widened as she slipped out her other arm. “Ms. Blythe, I r-­really think you should k­-keep your gown on,” he stuttered out, fumbling with his clipboard, attempting to get out of his chair. With one hand keeping her gown covering her body, Ryley used her other hand to pin the doctor in his chair.

“It’s okay, doc, I know what I’m doing,” she laughed and dropped the gown. The doctor dropped his head and started mumbling about how inappropriate this was and how she should really put her gown back on. Ryley ignored his rambling and put a heeled foot between his legs, gently pushing on his package. She laughed when his rambling stopped and he looked up at her, red-faced and wide-eyed.

“Now I have your attention,” she giggled. She leaned down, keeping her foot on his now hard cock, and whispered in his ear, “This is going to be more fun than I had planned.” Straightening herself, and removing her foot from his manhood, she flounced over to the door and locked it, glancing over her shoulder at the spellbound, slightly scared, but very curious man.

Turning her full attention to the now captive doctor, she toyed with the band of her thong.

“I know you are curious, doctor.” She said, slipping the band down over her hip and back up again. “My records are,” she paused and giggled, “unique, aren’t they? Detailing things that hint at an exciting sex life?”

She laughed more as his blush deepened.

“I could tell from the second you walked in the door that you were torn between judgment and curiosity”

She bent at the hips in front of him and undid the ties of his scrubs before pulling his pants and boxers off in one go. A healthy, rock hard cock popped out from his pants. Straightening herself again, she took note of his red face, his expression screaming that he doesn’t know what to do.

“Well? Aren’t you going to touch it?” She laughed, as his eyes widened and he began to stutter again. “Shut up!” Her voice now harsher than before. “I said, to touch your cock.” She enunciated each word as if talking to someone who didn’t understand English. Slowly, he reached up and took his cock into his hand. Giving his shaft a couple of pumps, he never took his eyes off of Ryley.

“I-­I don’t understand, Ms. Bly-­” He was cut short.

“You may call me Mistress Ryley,” she laughed. “And I thought you were curious about my medical history?”

She raised an eyebrow, slightly disappointed with his tentative attitude about stroking in her presence.

“Faster.” She demanded.

He picked up the pace and a small moan slipped between his lips.

“Good boy.”

Giving him a couple of minutes to adjust to the situation he had found himself in, she then instructed him to stand up. Pushing his hand aside and grabbing his cock, she gave him a few pumps while keeping eye contact and relishing in his embarrassment.

“I know you’re enjoying this, otherwise, you would have put more effort into stopping me. So, what shall I have you do? A young, strong doctor like yourself,” she mused, more to herself than him, while continuing to stroke his cock. Lost in thought, she patted it, causing him to wince a bit.

“Oh, you don’t like that, do you?” She teased, patting it again, this time, a bit more forceful. “What else do we have in here to play with?”.

“Wh-­what are you going to do?” The doctor asked, sheepishly.

“Well, first,” she replied, rummaging through the drawers and cabinets, “I’m going to have you completely undress.”

He immediately started stripping off his clothes, she smiled.

“Next,” she continued, starting a collection of random items, “I’m going to have you get onto all fours.”

The doctor dropped to his hands and knees. Ryley turned to face him. He was a funny sight to see! His muscles flexed and rolled as his body tensed under her gaze, his hard dick hangs between his legs, his face was a mix of embarrassment, curiosity, and amazement.

“Have you ever done something like this?” She asked, holding up a tube of lubricant in one hand and gloves in the other, a mischievous grin on her face.

“N­-no, ma’am, um, Mistress Ryley,” he stammered out, his eyes widening at the sight of what she had found, his mind racing with her intent. Her smile widened, and her heels clicked on the floor as she neared him.

“Do you work out?” She asked, examining his body, “Your little ass is so perfect.” She stated as she gave it a firm smack. He jumped but didn’t say anything.

“Do you… enjoy… anal play?” She paused for a dramatic effect, it seemed to work.

“I, uh, I’ve never done any of, um, that.” He stammered out, even more, nervous now than he was before. She laughed and pulled on the latex medical gloves.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt….. Much.” Ryley liberally applied lube to her pointer finger, and then some to the doctor’s cute little asshole. He moaned when she pushed her finger against the tight little hole, eliciting a laugh from her.

“I think you’ll like this.” She teased as she slipped her finger past the barrier and into his ass. A deeper moan came from the doctor as she prodded around, searching for his prostate. Finding the knot just behind his scrotum, she gently massaged it before extracting her finger. Upon exiting, the doctor let out a slight sigh. Ryley applied lube to two of her fingers this time before slipping her pointer back into the doctor’s ass.

She leaned forward, and whispering in his ear, her breath hot against his neck, “Do you think you could take another finger?” She laughed as she pushed her middle finger against his puckered hole. He started to shake his head no when she pushed her second finger into his tight ass and once again found his prostate.

With two fingers deep in the doctor’s ass, she instructed him to once again stroke his cock. Eagerly he reached between his legs and began pumping his shaft. She massaged his prostate and allowed him to play with himself until she saw precum dripping from his cock and his moans were more frantic. Leaving her fingers in his ass, she used her other hand to still his.

“That’s enough of that,” she said, eliciting a sigh of defeat from the doctor. “You want to cum, don’t you?” She asked, her voice dripping with false sympathy. The doctor nodded and she laughed, almost a mean laugh. “Up, on to the table.” The doctor quickly scrambled to his feet and sat on the table. Ryley pushed him onto his back and gestured for him to put his feet in the stirrups.

Once she had him in the position she took the place between his wide open legs. With two fingers once again deep in his ass, she grasped his cock at the base and gave it a few strokes. Finding his prostate, she merely held his cock upright as she massaged the knot in his ass. His moans grew deeper and he pathetically attempted to thrust his cock through her grip. She laughed, and as he reached climax, she withdrew her fingers and pointed his cock at his abdomen.


The doctor looked upset at having his orgasm ruined and a mess made on his abs. Smiling, obviously pleased with his reaction, Ryley tossed some paper towels at the doctor and demanded he clean up. While he was wiping his sticky cum off his body, she promptly redressed. The doctor was still cleaning up when Ryley stuck a calling card between his lips and left, closing the door behind her.


Doctor Connor Kay sat in his office, reeking of his own cum, staring at the small card. After Ryley had left he had finished cleaning up, got dressed, and pulled himself together. No one seemed to suspect what had happened, but he was still embarrassed and requested another doctor to take on the rest of his appointments for that evening.

He flipped the card over his knuckles, debating on if he should call her or not. Pondering what he would say if he did. Why would he call her?! She had used him, embarrassed him, and then left. Anyone could have walked in after she had left, hell anyone could have requested entry while she was… well… His attention snapped back to reality. He couldn’t think about what had happened not even an hour earlier, not here.

Tucking the card into his pocket, he gathered his things and left the office. There was no point in staying, anyway, he didn’t have any appointments and paperwork could wait until tomorrow. Once he was in his car, he cranked up the radio and tried to keep his mind from wandering too much.

At home, he allowed himself to think over the day’s events. Lingering on little details that should have him blushing, but oddly, he found himself aroused. Like that first push into his ass. He knew the health benefits of ass play but had never practiced it before. It wasn’t something that he thought he’d enjoy… until today. Maybe he should call her. Stupid! What would he say?

He pushed the thought aside and tried to, instead, focus on his nightly routine. He prepped and ate dinner, took a shower, watched TV, and got ready for bed. But once in bed, his mind wandered, once again, to the beautiful woman who had dominated him merely hours before in his own practice. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep himself from thinking about her.

Jumping out of bed, anxious to do something, anything to distract himself­ he started a load of laundry. Sorting colors and white, work and casual, emptying pockets, he came across her calling card. Abandoning the task meant to distract him, he found himself sitting in his study, cell phone in one hand, Ryley’s calling card in the other.

The card read ‘Domination At Its Best ­ Ryley Blythe ­ (555)867­5309.’ He flipped it over his knuckles, trying to talk himself out of what he was about to do. Placing the card face up on his desk, he keyed the number into a new text message, typed out a short message explaining who he is, and hit send. Then he set the phone down, and waited, doubting he’d get a reply considering the time. Tapping his fingers on his desk, Connor started questioning what he would say if she did respond, what he wanted from this arrangement, why in the hell he was contacting her in the first place. Five minutes with no reply, he started to feel anxious. While waiting a thought occurred to him, what if his colleagues found out about the appointment today? Would he be fired? Lose his license?

I’m being ridiculous, He thought to himself, How would anyone find out? He pulled his thoughts away from the what if’s and oh no’s and brought himself back to reality. Bzz! A message appeared on his screen, from her.

I thought I’d be hearing from you tonight. Craving more?

Connor stared at his phone for a while, unsure of how to answer. Did he want more? She had been expecting him to call or text her, he felt his cock react to knowing he had pleasured her before he fully registered that he had pleased her. Then there was the issue of how to reply.

Already slightly turned on, he didn’t want to come off as desperate. But damn, was he desperate. The happenings of that day had been turning over in his mind since she had left her calling card between his lips.

The phone buzzed in his hands, pulling him from his thoughts. He was now fully erect and still hadn’t answered Ryley. It was another text from her.

You do want more, don’t you? You’re such a bad boy. I’ll make you a deal. You do whatever I want, whenever I want and I won’t tell your office and the medical board all about your little adventure today.

Blackmail. She was blackmailing him. His erection suddenly went limp and his mouth fell open. He could lose his license over this. He would if he didn’t agree to play along. Full of fear and not completely thinking through his decision, Doctor Connor replied with a simple:

Yes, Mistress Ryley.

And let his phone fall to his desk. He raked his fingers through his short dark brown hair, he leaned forward, feeling sick. What had he gotten himself into? He was going to lose his job, his license, everything he had worked so hard for.


Good boy, I thought you’d feel that way. I’ll see you on Saturday at 8 am sharp. xo

She included her address, and that was it. Doctor Connor laid his phone face down on the desk and pondered over what was to come. Nervous, scared, humiliated, and oddly aroused.

Lilith Bealove
Lilith Bealove
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