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Does Size Matter?

By Naomi GoldPublished 12 days ago Updated 11 days ago 16 min read
Does Size Matter?
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Depends on what we’re talking about. And don’t worry, I’m going to get to male genitalia. But first, let’s talk about friendship.

I don’t have online friends or enemies. There are people who only “know” me online and consider me a friend or foe, but it’s one-sided.

I’m honored my words evoke love and hate from others. It used to scare me. I now understand it is an indication that I’m a writer. Writers are polarizing. Polarizing people are catalysts for change. Books have always shaped and transformed society. Just look at how the Bible has impacted people who never read it. Popular literature becomes part of the zeitgeist. Only polarizing books become popular. The rest become obsolete.

I used to be addicted to social media. Those of us who are geriatric millennials were the lab rats as children. We’re crack babies, doomed from the start.

My addiction to social media systematically destroyed every area of my life. Especially my personal relationships. For that reason, I will never stop talking about the dangers of social media. Especially Facebook. I was also exposed to porn at a young age by a groomer. Facebook addiction isn’t different from porn addiction. Take it from someone who overcame both.

You know who is personally offended whenever I talk about what these addictions are doing to our society and children? Addicts.

Recently, I experimented. I believe only a certain type of person reads every word of someone’s Vocal story or social media post, and then also reads through the comments, and also reads the replies to the comments. A curious person. A deep thinker. I am that type of person, so I thought I could spark conversation with like-minded individuals. I said some things in reply to a comment on my story as an invitation to conversation for all who took a peek.

Unfortunately, I turned off comments on the story because people refused to discuss it there. They wanted to comment from the safety of an echo chamber instead of replying to me.

I don’t say that to be judgmental. I understand. I was addicted to social media because I wanted that echo chamber. There’s safety in numbers, isn’t there? I was addicted to having a carefully curated “friends” list, a feed that never challenged me, and a block feature. How great it was to always feel supported no matter what I said or how dumb I was.

Then one day I woke up. I realized I had NO friends. Yes, I had thousands of followers on my private Instagram. Yes, I had people validating my every post with likes and comments, people kissing my ass in DM’s. But in reality, I was utterly alone.

I started thinking about what friendship means to me. What I want to contribute to friends. What tangible ways I need to be supported by friends.

I also thought about how important friendship is in romantic relationships, and how it changes the dynamics of sex. See, I told you I’d get there.

I started thinking about female pleasure. Orgasms. Just as the size of my “friends” list doesn’t correlate with how supported I feel, the size of a man’s penis doesn’t indicate the amount of pleasure I’ll have.

My last boyfriend was so big you’d think I was lying if I told you how big. And I had no way of knowing initially. Well, other than stereotypes. He was from Africa. But I never pay attention to stuff like that, because my other ex who was just as huge was half Polish, half German.

Yes, as a serial monogamist, I’ve had several well-endowed boyfriends. More than I can count on one hand. I don’t know why I attract that type. Maybe because they’re more aggressive. For years, I had social anxiety, hence my social media addiction. The only men who stood a chance with me were those who aggressively pursued me. Men with small penises probably feared rejection too much to chase after me.

Back to my most recent ex, he with the legendary eggplant of mythic proportions: Worst sex of my entire life.

I’m a woman who comes fast and hard. I had a boyfriend joke how embarrassing that would be for me if I were a man. But as a woman I keep going and going even after I’ve “finished.” I have multiple orgasms. And the men I’m with benefit from it, because those orgasms cause contractions.

I have limitless energy, so if a man doesn’t last with me I don’t even care. We’ll go several rounds. Sometimes… sometimes I even want a man to come in less time than a Beatles song. I want him to lose control of his own body because of me.

I am an incredibly patient and tenacious person. I’ve been told that by more than a few people. I tried everything with my ex. We were together off and on for a year, and when we would break up, I would refuse to sleep with other people. Sure, he was sleeping around. But I wanted him to know I loved him. I was very attracted to him too. Other men became invisible to me.

Part of me liked when he slept around. I knew those other women would never experience the parts of him that I got to. They’d never see him vulnerable. I let him cry in my arms, and tell me things no one else knew. Things I’ll never repeat, even though he did me dirty.

The ironic thing is that he came harder with me than he ever had before. One time it scared him. He said it was too intense. He said, “We’re never doing that again.”

For an entire year, I couldn’t get no satisfaction. All I wanted was to feel close to my lover. I thought if we could fix the sexual issue, there’d be no issues. I was wrong. The sexual issue was symptomatic of an underlying problem. He didn’t want to feel close to me.

Yet, he already did. He told me he loved me like he loved his mother and daughter, and he’d never loved a woman he was sexually involved with like that. I know what he said was true because I could feel it. I could also feel his detachment during sex.

Consent is sexy. My ex wouldn’t fully consent to me. He would with his body, but not with his heart. He’d turn off his emotions during sex as easily as if there were some valve for it. His mind was elsewhere. He’d consent with his body, but swiftly leave his body. How could I orgasm from rejection?

The best sex I ever had was with my ex Erik. Not because he had a gigantic eggplant. But because he gave me his presence. He was so there with me, in every moment. We had real conversations. We were vulnerable and strong with one another. It was like I was his mother, and he was my father, and we were playful children together—all at the same time.

He watched Coraline in bed with me, on my laptop, because it’s one of my favorite films. The joy I felt watching it became his joy. We laughed together constantly, because being together made us high. When you’re high, everything becomes hysterical. We were high on one another. Shortly after we started dating he told his brother about me. I’ll never forget the words he used to describe me.

He really saw me. He was proud of me, and not in a trophy kind of way. He saw my physical beauty but also saw past it. That’s when the male gaze becomes empowering instead of dehumanizing. He saw what actually makes me beautiful as a human being, which is not my appearance. But he did that while worshipping at the temple that is my body and getting me off.

The way my most recent ex saw me was a different kind of exploitation than what I went through as a sex worker. It was different, but just as draining. He saw my inner beauty but blinded himself to my body and sensuality, especially during sex. He only saw half of me. He used me to nurture himself. He didn’t empower me in return. He didn’t make me feel wanted or safe. Being with him was emotionally and physically exhausting, and it did a number on me.

I started to think I was the problem. Because I’d just gotten out of a sexless marriage to a man who first met me while I was on stage at a strip club. He was crazy about me in the beginning. He loved the sex we were having. He loved the sailors on his boat knowing I was his beautiful lady. He promised me the world and proposed marriage to me. He married me six months after we met, and he promptly begged me to stop taking my birth control. He said he wanted me to be the mother of his child. Then his Madonna-Whore Complex reared it’s ugly head when I became that mother. He projected his mommy issues onto me and sought to destroy me.

After my divorce and my year of dissatisfaction, I started to think, “I’ve lost it. I’m not sexy anymore, and no one wants to have sex with me. They just want to go through the motions of masturbating on top of me like I’m not there.”

It was true. I wasn’t sexy anymore. I lost myself.

Sexiness isn’t about age or appearance. It’s about being fully present in what you’re doing, radiating so much energy through your direct focus. That energy becomes magnetic to others. For some, sexiness happens on stage. Rock stars, strippers, actors. It’s in the craftsmanship of the performance. For others, all the world is a stage. Authenticity shines.

I lost my sexiness when I started living for other people, and giving up parts of who I am.

Shortly after a traumatic breakup with my most recent ex, I went on Tindr for some strange. It’s not something I normally do, but I needed to see if I could still orgasm. I can. Oh, how I can.

I met this African guy from out of town. I lived in Portland. He was visiting from Seattle for the weekend. He reminded me of my ex. They both had beautiful dreadlocks, and they’d both been fully Americanized from living here so long.

(Let me say, it’s hard to date someone from a foreign country unless they’ve lived in yours since childhood. It’s even harder than interracial relationships. And as a biracial woman, I feel like all my relationships are interracial to some extent.)

This Tindr date was fresh out of a relationship too, and I could tell. I could feel it. We had incredible sex all weekend long. I still to this day get turned on when I remember it. It was healing. It was the catalyst that led me to be celibate for 4 years.

I had nothing left to prove to myself or anyone else. I can still have great sex. I don’t want great sex with strangers. I want to be deeply in love with someone who adores me. I want the kind of chemistry with someone that everyone around us feels when we enter a room. I want companionship. I want something I can’t find on the internet with clicks or swipes.


Recently, Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock wrote Goodbye and Goodbye, Part 2. I highly recommend both, like seriously go read them right now. He wrote about how male insecurities about penis size can harm romantic relationships.

I’m going to share my comments from both:

“This is quite the interesting topic. While I don’t think it is kind to laugh at someone’s body, or make jokes calling it a “third nipple”… I do think that men should be upfront if they have this issue. Especially if waiting until marriage for sex.

I think waiting is a beautiful thing, but this would be an absolute deal breaker for me, and grounds for annulment. So I wouldn’t want it to be a surprise. I know this is a sensitive subject, but I also believe there is a lid for every pot, and no one should feel bad about admitting that a person is not their person. So now Chi can find the woman he’s actually meant to be with.”

“So I have to come back and comment more, because your story is so good that I’m still thinking about it, two hours later!

I love how complex these characters were. At first I sympathized with the woman when she said, “That’s not what I signed up for!” I really felt that. Like what an awful thing to keep a secret. I once had a man I was talking to warn me before we got together that he was exceptionally small. I appreciated the warning and gave him a chance anyways. I learned my lesson that I just… cannot. That wasn’t the only reason it couldn’t work, but it was one of the reasons. It wasn’t meant to be, regardless.

But the more I think about this story, the more I think the woman is an evil person. Not for ending the marriage, but for stringing her best friend along… and then putting him in such an awkward position. Suddenly, she’s always loved him. Now that her first choice didn’t work out. And knowing it would destroy his friendship with her husband.

Even if the protagonist wasn’t made to feel small (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), she had no right to come onto him, or to talk about the intimate details with him. So he is the only person I truly sympathize with in this story.”

“I love that you gave us a part two, but I still don’t like Qui. This actually made me hate her more.”

“I think every man alive is sensitive to talk about penises. Average sized men think they’re small. And a lot of large men have serious issues, because they wrap their entire self-worth up in it. It’s like women who are exceptionally beautiful. Society gets so hung up on their looks that they don’t think they have any value outside of their appearance.

I’m mad Qui straight up lied! She knew the whole time.”

“I’ve never laughed at anyone’s body. And I’m constantly laughing. I can’t wrap my head around that one. But I understand why you want people to be more fair to your characters.”

“Everyone tells stories from their own perspective, and everyone reads stories through their own personal lens. I probably hate Qui because I had a partner body shame me. One thing is for sure—you have a gift! I think every writer would love to create characters that people have such strong reactions to.”

Randy inspired me to dig deeper into my own sexual history. I’m still celibate, but no longer wanting to be. I feel ready to meet someone. I don’t want that someone to have the same issues which caused my previous relationships to fall apart.

Just to provide some context here—my most recent ex was the one who body shamed me for being skinny. I’m naturally slender, and I’m physically active. I walk 4-6 miles a day. I’m training for a race. In the winter, I was doing hot yoga or barre fitness for an hour every day in addition to walking through blizzards. I’m never not going to be tiny.

He was insecure. He was five feet and five inches, and he hated that about himself. Even though I’m only five feet, I’ll admit he wasn’t my type. He didn’t reveal his height on his dating profile. It was an unpleasant surprise when we met. I like tall guys, and won’t even match with short guys online. But he had a great face, and a nice soccer player body, and we were already on our date. I gave him a chance. Our first date was on the 4th of July. It lasted 12 hours. Walking through the city, holding hands, I thought we were cute together. He walked me home after we watched the fireworks. I let him spent the night.

Keep in mind, I was fresh out of my sexless marriage. I hadn’t really had great sex in seven years. He was much younger than me. Charismatic. Getting attention from women we walked by. We climbed in my bed to cuddle, but he got very handsy. I got handsy back. I grabbed his eggplant, and I literally shouted “OMG” at the size.

The sex was bad because he was insecure, and didn’t want to build me up as a woman. He only wanted to tear me down. He wanted me to think he was the best I could do.

He used to say to me, “Let’s never break up.”

He used to say if we broke up we should stay friends, because then we’d get back together. But we were never friends. I was his shoulder to cry on, his warm body to get himself off on top of. There was no genuine reciprocity.

Several of my boyfriends who were well endowed were messed up in the head. We had good sex, and they assumed I was only with them because of it. Maybe I was. Maybe I was lonely and addicted to touch. We had good sex but it was never great. We were never friends.

The small guy? The one who warned me beforehand? Really, really small. Really insecure. Really manipulative and emotionally abusive because he wanted me to feel small.

I guess size does matter to me, but not the way most would think. What I most want is an extraordinary man with an ordinary penis he doesn’t see as a defining trait of who he is.

I don’t want a partner. I don’t want someone to split the rent or mortgage with, and go through the motions with. I don’t want a temporary addiction to someone. I don’t want infatuation. I want whatever it is that happens between two people when they cut the shit and drop the masks. I want someone who makes all my walls come crashing down so we can rebuild together, with walls that encompass us both, and protect what we have as sacred.

I don’t even want friends, offline or online. I want kindred spirits I can change the world with. I think conversations sparked by my writing and my podcast could inspire entire groups of people I’ve never met to create change.

And maybe I’m crazy for believing I’ll have both someday—the love of a lifetime, and a real platform I can use in powerful ways. But crazy women are great in bed.


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  • Mohammed Darasiabout 10 hours ago

    I'll be honest, I don't usually read things to do with relationships and sex, but this article was really good. Your honestly is very catching. Your writing is very honest and introspective and I really like that. Can you tell me the name of your podcast? (I couldn't see it on your profile)

  • Arctica day ago

    This was an exceptionally written post, unapologetically honest, and the subject matter was just perfectly up my alley. I’m a huge proponent of all things sex and love, and happen to be quite the lover myself. (A fact I’m neither shy, proud, or emboldened to acknowledge.) Intimacy is extremely important for sexual satisfaction, be it a one night stand or a long term relationship, it’s the way you give yourself to another person, the way they give themselves over to you, that truly takes sex from a base physical act to an orgasmic experience start to finish. Something transcendent, deep, and even spiritual. Undying, in a way. Jesus, I could go on all day! Would love to collaborate with you on this one day if you’re even feeling open to it. I think we could publish a pretty standout piece together!

  • I love your candor and your open, desirous nature. Life is too complex as it is, dealing with other people, if you can't even be honest with yourself. So you keep being you, no matter what... as I'm sure you would even if silly me wasn't giving you advice you don't need. Just want you to know, you are appreciated by at least some people, and if one of those people is you, then you have everything💙Anneliese

  • Naomi, you are so uninhibited, unapologetically you & openly candid, it is simply a joy to read whatever you have to say. To me you are a breath of fresh air & pure delight.

  • I usually read all of Randy's pieces but I didn't read Goodbye and Goodbye Part 2 because I saw they were published in the Filthy community. I have sexual trauma so I tend to avoid anything sexual. I apologised to him for not being to read those 2 pieces and he was very understanding. When I saw yours posted in this community, I was disappointed with myself because I realised I can't read it. But then I realised it wasn't a fictional story. So I thought I'll try reading and if I don't feel comfortable, I'll just stop reading and apologise to you. Good news is I managed to read this! I did get uncomfortable at a certain parts but not uncomfortable enough to abandon reading this. I don't know why guys do this to women. They're just a species that I'll never understand. I liked the guy with the small eggplant because he told you beforehand. I respect honesty a lot. Something my ex didn't have. Anyway, thank you for writing about this. I have a different perspective to look at things.

  • Mark Gagnon11 days ago

    This story is raw with emotion, but some of it I can't relate to. I've never been addicted to anything or anyone. Attached to, in love with, but not addicted. I guess that's why my wife and I have been together for 27 years. We're not an addiction, we simply are.

  • Roy Stevens11 days ago

    I'm glad you took the time to mull over Randy's stories and then put this together in well, not response so much as unison with his work. (If you don't mind my POV.) When you wrote about watching "Coraline" with Erik I started to get a lump in my throat. I very much wish for you that you can find that level of connection with someone, though maybe without the precariousness his lifestyle also delivered. As always, you give us a scholarly analysis of your ideas and feelings, written with beauty and heart that's both endearing and heart-wrenching. That memoir is gonna be emotionally bruising and spiritually uplifting at the exact same time. You have a gift! -Also: 'For that reason, I will never stop talking about the dangers of social media. Especially Facebook.' All of us who see behind the curtain must continue to speak truth to these particular Powers. I'm with you all the way!

  • Suze Kay11 days ago

    This is a great, nuanced approach to such a complex issue. I actually had a late night talk with my best friend last night that touched on some of these topics. Love and pleasure are so hard to pin down in words. Mental energy is the most important piece of compatibility!

  • Very engaging, you say the things that most people don't, which keeps us reading. It reminds me of my time with the twelve steppers a decade ago and hearing their stories. (nothing can ever shock me again) Things I related to, social media addiction, I was suspended from FB a month ago, and suddenly feel I have so much time and energy back. I had posts with millions of views but I received nothing back from it. No friends, no money, no acclaim. Nothing. Zero. Its like they tricked us into working for free running in a hamster wheel trying to get likes and views. Isn't it like so many things we do in life, some sort of craving for human connection and acceptance. Feedback on your story,as it was such a big part of your life, would like to know more about what the sailor's Madonna-Whore Complex was exactly? I think some of the emotional bits about your real life were more intriguing than ever expanding eggplants, but maybe that's just me as a male reader lol. Anyway great voice, good work, had me reading every word.

  • Jay Kantor11 days ago

    Ms. Gold ~ As per your usual 'Gift to Me' as a "Generational Lab Rat" ~ I'm heading for my 'Cold-Shower' You put me over "The Edge" in your less than subtle fashion! - With Respect - Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community

  • JBaz11 days ago

    Ok one more thing, subscribing to you was one of the best buttons I pushed. You keep getting better and better.

  • JBaz11 days ago

    Holy crap, and I mean that as a compliment. So much to digest, I love how you started with bullshit social media ( I only joined to be a part of the vocal community, was not on it before and am thankful) This was brilliant in more ways than one. Not enough room on here to say everything that is going through my mind. Awesome

  • Kristen Balyeat12 days ago

    Naomi! I just took a few days off from vocal and have so much to catch up on. This piece was the first in my notifications this morning. I agree with Dean- so much to unpack but I'll touch on a couple of things... Your thoughts on social media are spot on. It can be dangerously addictive- it's meant to be. I admire you for exiting that world. I've watched it destroy people's lives, several of them really young women and it breaks my heart. Social Delima was a real eye-opener for me. I wish more people would watch it. I do have social media, but I have a healthy relationship with it. If it ever becomes unhealthy I wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug. Admire you for recognizing that in yourself! The second half of this piece was fantastic! This was such a powerful paragraph: "I don’t want a partner. I don’t want someone to split the rent or mortgage with, and go through the motions with. I don’t want a temporary addiction to someone. I don’t want infatuation. I want whatever it is that happens between two people when they cut the shit and drop the masks. I want someone who makes all my walls come crashing down so we can rebuild together, with walls that encompass us both, and protect what we have as sacred." 100% agree, the connection beyond the physical is what takes the physical to ethereal levels (no matter the size :)). Mental/Emotional intimacy penetrates the soul- an otherworldly physical connection is a result of so much more than the action itself. Thanks for continuing to be a real human!

  • Dean F. Hardy12 days ago

    There's simply way to much here to unpack with any relevance in a comment. But I thoroughly enjoyed this. And we agree wholeheartedly, especially on your last line 😬😂

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