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Dirty Little Secret

by KimberleeFantasies 9 days ago in erotic

Amber Helps Me Undress

Dirty Little Secret
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Dirty Little Secret

By: KimberFantasies

For years, I’ve hated my father for marrying Amber Dupont, a

woman who is only ten years my senior. I felt like he betrayed my mother by marrying her in some way, and that it wasn’t right to be with someone only ten years older than me. My father was forty-six years old when they got married and Amber was only twenty-two. However, over the years, I grew up, aged myself, and Amber really started to grow on me. I hung out with her more than my dear old dad and we became quite good friends.

She even took me to the bar for my twenty-first birthday and bought me all kinds of drinks and shots. I will admit, I got pretty wasted that night, and it was a lot of fun being there with her. Amber was a social butterfly and everywhere she went, it was like she had honey on her. What do bees do when they smell honey? They simply cannot resist it and flock towards it. That was the Amber I had become to know and love.

It is that time of year again when summer ends and fall begins, and I am especially excited today because Amber is supposed to take me back-to-school shopping. This, being the most important year to look my best- my Senior year. I’m eighteen years old now and I really want to step up my game by wearing some of the hottest trends. Amber chose for us to go later in the day. She said the stores won’t be as packed. I am happy either way. I just want a new wardrobe for school.

It's dark by the time we arrive at the mall, but Amber is right.

There is hardly anyone there. We pass a few stores before Amber suggests we check one out, and as we walk around, I find some things I like. Amber starts picking out some clothes she thinks I will look good in as well. To make her happy, I tell her that I will try them on. Once we have a handful of clothes, we head to the dressing room, only there is no clerk there to open the rooms. Amber checks and the door is unlocked so she hands me the pile of clothing she picked out and along with my clothing. I go inside and lock the door. I began hanging up the various items on the hooks inside the dressing room.

Amber yells, “I want to see those clothes on you.” She goes on to say, “Come out and model them for me.” I’m a bit shy, but I yell back, “Okay.” I start to try on the clothes and some look hideous on me. I’m not going to walk out and show anyone, not even Amber, those outfits. Then, I finally get to a nice, Fall dress. I walk out of the dressing room and Amber is there staring at me in an unusual way. “Turn around,” she says. “I like it.” She goes on to say, “It’s a keeper.” When I’m finished trying on all the clothes, I end up with two piles: one for likes and one for dislikes. I bring them out and sit the dislikes on the clerk’s desk and go to put the likes in the cart, but Amber stops me.

“No, you need to go back in there and retry on the likes,” she

says. “I’ll even stand by the door.” I roll my eyes, but I walk back into the dressing room with the likes in my hand, shut and lock the door, and begin to try back on the likes. Amber is right outside the dressing room door. “Do you need any help?” she calls. “No, I’ll be out in a minute,” I respond. I open the door to the dressing room. I’m wearing a black frill skirt and a black and silver crop top to match. Amber ooh’s and ahh’s over the outfit and over me as well. I start to walk back into the dressing room to change, but Amber follows me inside.

“That outfit looks great on you,” she starts as I’m facing the mirror and Amber is behind me. “You know, some boy is going to want a little something from you when he sees you wearing that outfit.” I shook my head, “No.” I replied. “It’s just an outfit.” Amber brushed my hair out of my eyes and then moved my long, straight brown hair off the nape of my neck and moved it to my left shoulder. Then, she began to lightly kiss the back of my neck. She moved her hands to my arms and caressed them gently moving up and down.

I stood there very still as I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then, Amber turned me around and looked into my eyes before she brushed across my lips with hers. It led into a full kiss, and I began to kiss her back. She stroked my hair as she kissed me and started to wiggle her tongue back and forth in my mouth. I met her tongue with mine and our tongues danced together. She then stopped and gazed into my eyes once more, still holding me close. “You are so beautiful, Karrie.” She stated.

Amber sat me down on the bench in the dressing room. I was

still wearing the outfit I had tried on. Amber walked over to me and began to tug at my top and pulled it over my head and then pulled my short skirt off as well. I was sitting there exposed in just a white, flimsy bra and a pair of rainbow, bikini underwear. She started to kiss me again, this time with more force. I enjoyed kissing her. Little moans escaped my mouth as she started to grip at my little breasts. She unhooked my bra and let the weight of my breasts fall into her capable hands as she tweaked my long, pointy nipples between her fingers. “mmm,” I moaned as we were still kissing, but I could feel myself becoming wet.

Amber stopped kissing me and stood up in front of me. She pulled her little, tight, brown summer dress over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, only a little brown thong to match her dress. I stood up and started to kiss her chest, then moved lower to suck on her large breasts. I took turns sucking on her nice, brown nipples, going from the left to the right. She was enjoying herself, and I could tell she was getting wet. Amber urged me to sit back down on the bench and pulled off my little panties. She then got down on her knees and spread my legs.

The next thing I knew, her face was in my little pussy. She was licking my clit up and down and was flicking it with her tongue. It felt amazing! I gripped at her medium-length strawberry blonde hair and held it while she fucked my cunt with her mouth. My pussy juices were dripping into Amber’s mouth. She licked me until I came hard.

After catching my breath, I look at Amber and smiled. She

gave me my very first orgasm. She laughed, looking at my flushed face and messed-up hair. “Next time, it will be even better,” she said. “Next time?” I questioned trying to catch my breath. “Yes,” she spoke. “What did you think that this was a one-time thing?” She stated, “Oh, no honey.” We both laughed. Now, she and I had a dirty secret of our own, and I grew to like Amber even more than I already had. We both got dressed, grabbed the clothes I liked, and we walked up to the cashier to pay for them. While paying for the items, she and I both looked at each other and smiled. I knew Amber and I were going to have fun again very soon, and I couldn't wait to experience more intimate times with her.



Welcome to Kimberlee Fantasies! I've been writing Erotica for 22 years. I started at the mere age of 13, and since have broadened my horizons. My stories/blogs are filled with XXX Erotic Fiction. I hope you enjoy reading each of my entries.

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