Dirty Confessions!

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I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Dirty Confessions!

Secrets...we all have them. Some people will look you straight in the face and tell you they don't have any and that's a load of bullshit; we all experience moments in our life that only you and/or whoever was with you know about and refuse to tell anyone about/confess/snitch on yourself unless confronted with unequivocal proof. When you have a secret of this stature it holds a great amount of power so if and when you decide to share it with someone who clearly has gained your trust, that person literally feels the weight of that secret....whether that someone decides to tell it to others or not is another show like Jerry Springer.

When someone tells me a secret for instance, there's a slight chance that secret might turn into a story; depending on the level of the secret and what's involved. Thank goodness for me that my friends and family support my work so the last thing I want is for someone I know to read something I wrote and get upset with me. I do make a habit of when I use something that happened in real life in a story, I make up names and situations to surround that particular moment so in actuality, I'm really not 'telling' per say. There are times however, when secrets just fall into my lap via strangers. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? You see, my daily commute to my nine to five involves public transportation and for whatever reason, people will discuss private information in a public setting and the best part is that nine times out of ten, I'm right there with an ear to listen.

During these moments I often find myself wondering why I was put within earshot of certain conversations...was it fate? Perhaps the writing gods giving me something to spark my pen? I don't know but I can say this...there are times I wish I had a mute button because there are times when things are being discussed that I really don't want to hear. For example, if someone is sitting across from me on the bus on their cell phone telling someone that they are about to get high before they go to their program, my whole entire brain screams NO MA'AM I am not here for this; these are my headphones and Pandora moments. This post is all about secrets. Secrets that I've heard on the sly, secrets that I've been told....just secrets. If you feel brave enough to share a secret with me email me at [email protected] but be warned, the juicier the better and the better might get told ya heard! Are you ready?! LEGGO!

Confession #1

"I like fucking him, I always did and I always will. We've always had a great friendship, we can talk about anything and anyone; nothing is off the table and he has a huge, juicy piece of wood. Even when it's been years since I've seen him AS SOON AS I SEE HIM I get naked and we fuck. He knows how to hold me, he knows what to say to turn me on and oh yes, he knows how to lick that kitty. When I met him, he had a girl and I had a man; none of that mattered. We hung out, smoked a lot of weed, had the best sex and never got jealous over who we were with otherwise. When he got it, he stroked it like it was his and the word 'daddy' would often escape my lips. We spent a lot of time together, enjoyed each other often and to this day, he can get this!"

Confession #2

"My exploratory life as I call it...started the first time I saw a girl girl porno. I didn't want to admit it but the images on the TV screen excited me. I fought the urge to touch my clit for the first couple of minutes but before I knew it my hands were buried in my snatch and my hips were moving in a circular motion. It wasn't until a fierce orgasm took over my whole body that I really realized what was going on with me; the on going flow between my legs was undeniable. I closed my eyes and decided right then and there that I wanted to see what that felt like in real life."

Confession #3

"We had an arrangement and he tried to play me so I cut him off. You see, he's used to paying for it...he told me this himself...why else would he tell me this if he didn't want to make the same deal with me?! WHAT THE FUCK?! As soon as he let me know his status, I hit him with a price. Every time I see you, you have to pay me X amount and you get A, B and C; once we're done you get up and go home. No hanging out, no spending the night, NO! The first couple of times, he did what he was supposed to do but then all of a sudden he switched up. Giving me short money, wanting to stay longer, asking me to cook something for him?! Fuck no! That was the last straw so before he left...as I walked him to the door...once he was outside the door bitch....I purposely bent over so he could look at my wet snatch one last time and said "say bye bye to the good good asshole, you're cut off!" and slammed the door closed in his face. I died laughing as I headed back to my bed!"

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Kai Storm
Kai Storm
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