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Desperate loving you

by Kalixxy Nova about a month ago in nsfw
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Today I'm desperate

Desperate for love

Today I feel so desperate. My life feels so separate from this world we live in. Today I am desperate and this feeling that I'm separate makes me feel like I am desperate for a reset. I don't want to regret but I have to do anything to reset. I've done everything, even sold myself and in my heart it makes me feel so sore. My life seems so torn and I still have a happy expression that is constantly worn. I know I have sworn that I would never do these things but this desperation is causing my separation. If you were in my position how would you handle the situation? Would you be a whore that felt so sore? My body isn't sore but my soul feels like a whore. Can you help me? Would you help me if I explained to you what I am going through. I'm desperately looking for the light but right now it is out of sight. I'm trying so hard to fight this plight but all I want to do is run and flight. To look the other way I get high as a kite. Can you see my desperation comes from the separation and deepens this depression deep in my chest it reaches my heart and I get lost in my art but I still desperately need this restart. I desperately love you but in me you just look right through. It makes me feel invisible and I want to be invincible, but is that even conceivable? Would you love me? Could you love me? If you looked into me instead of through me would you help me? My pronoun is a she but all people see is someone to use, abuse and accuse. I dug myself into this hole and now I search for my soul to finally feel whole. With the words you speak to me do you feel full? Or do you just feel like a fool? I have so much to you and what do you do when I need help. You just say whelp that's your fault. These words make me halt because I am desperately in love with you and like a fly on the way you just tell me to shoo. I desperately need money and for someone to be sweet as honey to me. This desperation needs to stop. This separation needs to end. I need to manifest what I'm not able to invest but I need help so badly that I begin to cry as I scry so desperate to reach the light that's out of sight stuck in this hole. Do you feel whole and happy as I'm scold and feel so cold. This depression is so sticky as you remain so happy. Is it easy for you to see me so desperate for money? You say some people are just lucky. No they got help from someone sweet as honey. Your distance has made me felt so bitter and lonely. I am desperate, I dug myself into this hole and now it has become and early grave. Will you be my honey, grab my hand and pull me from the grave and help me be saved. I can offer you my mind, body and soul. If you help pull me out of this hole and help me feel whole again, to you I will be kind with my mind, I will be naughty with my body and I will give to you myself as a whole with my mind, body and soul. Will you pull me from this hole and end my desperation that has caused this separation. Save me from this plight and for you I will be loyal and fight if you help me see the light.


About the author

Kalixxy Nova

Hi I love to write anything and everything, if you give me an idea to write about, i'll figure out a way on how to turn it into a book.

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