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Short Story

By ToxiBeraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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That word drove me mad, so mad that it was completely ego deflating. The very thought of a man calling me cute made me feel like i could be nothing more then just that. This little fluff ball of cuteness, and no matter how hard i had tried to change my image from the cute little person i supposedly am to other people it didnt matter its like the word just stuck to me where ever i went and whom ever i spoke to. That is until i meet the one man that took me as i was and continued to call me that dreadful word and change my out look on it.

" hehe Cute."


I would yell back at him every time he would call me cute. Which would only make him laugh more and smile. I love his smile so fucking much, and he tells me that im the only one that has been able to make him bust up laughing as much as i do. Yes, he has had others that could make him laugh out loud but none that could make him laugh as much as i do.

"Oh yes, completely terrifying. So tell me how hard core you are. What was one of those hard core bands you liked so much that you listen to... oh yes 'NickleBack' right?"

I would pout and shift my eyes into the down right position to hide my embarrassment from my little mistake in naming some hard core death metal bands when i was trying to prove to him that i wasnt cute. Which only seems to have back fired on me. Flustered i cross my arms over my chest and throw in a humph at his words and all he does is smile at me and i cant help but smile back.

"you will never let me live this down will you?"

I asked him for the hundredth time this week and yet again he shakes his head no.

"God Damn you Daddy, i am hard core, im into BDSM, i used to cut, IM NOT CUTE!!!!!"

i would almost shout at him but all he would do is smile his beautiful smile and pat my head. I loved when he patted my head and gave me pets. I am his pet/sub/slave/and girlfriend. He is trying so hard to get me out of the life style because i have been involved in it for far to long that "normal" is not in my vocabulary. I cook, I clean, I take care of all the needs of him that could come up and try to make him feel better at the end of the day. And i love him so much. He honestly is the best and greatest thing that could have ever happened to me and no matter the things that we go through i know and he knows that we love each other still at the end of the day.

He leans down and lifts my chin up and places a loving kiss on my lips.

"Daddy loves his Baby girl."

"Nnnnnyaaaaa i love chu too Daddy."

I respond back like i normally do and he smiles more. Even though things are difficult for my daddy and me i know we will be alright because we have each other and we will always have each other because he is slowly starting to show me day by day that he is my home and i am his.


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