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Craziest Things The Rich Have Done

When You Have Money You Can Do Crazy Things

By TestPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow and became absurdly rich? Would you have one of your hands replaced with a chainsaw? Build a room composed entirely of marshmallows? No? Just me? Well, whatever crazy idea came into your head, likely, some rich guy somewhere has already done something just as crazy. So, from searching for the secrets of immortality to dumping 100 horses' worth of poop on a giant Christmas tree, here are some of the craziest things the rich have ever done.

Nut-Gate: flying may be costly. Cramped seats and long flights are a recipe for frustration, but most of us get by without some kind of major meltdown. For the obscenely rich, however, even first-class treatment can be enough to warrant a temper tantrum. In 2014, the vice president of Korean Air, Heather Cho, was taking a flight back to South Korea from New York. As a first-class passenger, she was given some complementary macadamia nuts before the plane took off. Sounds lovely, right? Well, Cho didn't think so. See, these nuts were provided to her in their original packaging, but she'd expected to be served them on a plate. Shock horror. Furious, she commanded the cabin crew chief, Park Chang-jin, to beg for forgiveness on his knees. Not content with just demeaning him, she proceeded to repeatedly strike his knuckles with a tablet before firing the poor guy on the spot and kicking him off the plane. man, what a chunk of work. The kicker? The nuts were properly served by Korean Air protocol. She was just being a diva. Despite her attempts to cover up the fiasco, the so-called nut rage incident eventually went public and Cho was rightly lambasted for her behavior. Park was reinstated and awarded $18,000 and Cho served five months in prison for violating aviation safety, coercion, and abuse of power. Aww, nuts.

A Saudi Birthday Celebration: Everybody knows that the Saudi elite are very, very rich and they love to show it. So, when Saudi Prince Fahd Al-Saud finished his degree in 2013, he wanted to go big to celebrate. Instead of holding a traditional party, he decided to drop over $16 million to book entire sections of Euro Disney in Paris for himself and 60 guests. Whoa. i didn't even understand that was viable. But money talks. Tailor-made events were set up for the prince and his group, and rare Disney characters made appearances for him. I don't know what classifies as a rare Disney character, but hell, for $16 million I bet you could use Pluto as a footstool. That said, Fahd did allow the general public to enter and meet some of these characters too, so fair play to him on that front. Astonishingly, that's pretty much all we know about the colossal shindig. Turns out that staff at the park were under strict orders not to speak about the prince, so your guess is as good as mine on what confidential Disney secrets he was privy to. Maybe they even thawed Big Walt out for a go on Thunder Mountain?

Jurassic Park of Clive Palmer : Picture an eccentric, gray-haired old man obsessed with the idea of creating a theme park populated by dinosaurs. Now, get rid of that image of Jurassic Park's John Hammond. I'm talking about real-life Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Our boy is an absolute oddball, responsible for pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into an as-yet-unfinished second Titanic before he had a go at a prehistoric wonderland as well. Yep, ol' Clive set up a sprawling park filled with 160 animatronic dinos named Palmersaurus. Overinflated ego aside, it sounds like that would've made a fun day out if it hadn't sucked. Yep, far from the sprawling dino-polis that was promised, the park was tiny, overpriced, and shoddily built. The animatronics moved as sluggishly as, well, slugs, and the place was severely understaffed. Before long, people stopped visiting and it was left to rot. But Clive had a plan. He contacted the scientists responsible for the first successful cloning of a mammal, Dolly the sheep, and began discussing the idea of resurrecting real-life dinosaurs. I'm dead serious. Not like we've had several movies explaining why that's a terrible idea. Besides, he couldn't even take care of the animatronic ones. Lo and behold, these grand plans for Palmersaurus seem extinct for now, but Clive is planning a $100 million revamp of the attraction regardless. Hmm, I'm sorry, but just like Jurassic Park, I can only see this ending in disaster.

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