Charli Pt. 4

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Charli Pt. 4

I make my way to my pickup, only to hear my name being called. I stop in my tracks and turn to see a girl, probably a little older than me. She’s got big, curly, pink hair, and her dark brown eyes are lined with heavy black and gold makeup.

“Yeah?” I ask, hiking my backpack up a little higher.

“Hey, I’m Tamron. We have Greek Mythology 101 together,” she says, coming to a stop a few feet from me.

“Ok,” I reply lamely. I really don’t know what to do in situations like this.

“So, I was wondering if you would like to work on the final project together. It’s a group project, and I thought if we got started now, we wouldn’t have so much pressure at the end of the semester.”

“Oh, um. Sure. We can do that.”

“Awesome! How about we meet later to talk about it? You work at that bookstore, right? We could meet there.”

“Yeah. That would be ok, I guess. How’s five o’clock?”

“Perfect! I’ll see you then! Bye, Charli!” She calls as she hustles away. I throw up a lame wave and shake my head. She seems nice enough, but I’ve never exactly been good at making friends, so this project should be interesting.

My day is fairly ordinary until my last class of the afternoon. And that’s when Sylvia Jenkins, the department head, comes in. She strolls in, long legs leading to sleek black pumps that click relentlessly on the marble. As usual, she’s wearing the tightest, shortest dress that she can wear in her position. Her face is lined with fine wrinkles, which she tries to hide with a pound of makeup. She’s not an ugly woman, but she’s not nearly as attractive as she thinks she is, either. I fucked Sylvia a few times, and now she thinks we’re a thing. She thinks we have some sort of secret connection. But we don’t. She was an easy lay at the time, but I could never be with a woman like her. She’s cold, manipulative, and annoying. Not to mention married. Bless her poor husband.

Sylvia sits through my entire lecture. As students drain from the room, I notice that she remains in the chair she took upon entering the room.

“Sylvia,” I acknowledge, nodding at her as I gather my belongings. I made a date with Charli for 5 PM, and I fully intend to be on time.

“Aiden,” she replies with a wolfish smile. “Wonderful lecture, as usual.” She finally stands, unfolding her long legs and rising.

“Thank you. I assume you didn’t come here to compliment my teaching skills, however. So, what brings you here? I have an important date to keep, and I can’t be late.”

“A date.” She teases, raising a brow.

“Yes. A date. Now, if there’s nothing else, I really must be on my way. It was lovely seeing you.” I move to exit the lecture hall, but she places herself in my path of exit.

“I’m here to extend an invitation to you from the dean. He would like all the departments to get together, and since you’re our stand out star, I would like it if you were there with me. Totally platonic, of course.” She smirks. “Unless…”

“I appreciate the invitation, but I must decline. I don’t enjoy being flaunted like a piece of meat. Thank you all the same.” With that, I push my way past her. She reaches out at the last second and firmly grasps my cock. Batting her hand away, I give a scowl. She smirks and shrugs.

“It was worth a shot. Call if you change your mind. Or if you need a reminder of how good I feel around you.”

“You don’t, actually.” I reply striding from the room.

I’m sitting at the bookstore sipping on a coffee from the café next door. And Tamron is late. It’s nearly 5:30 PM. I have somewhere to be later, and I don’t want to be late. I’ve just about given up on her coming, when I hear a loud, “Charli! I’m so sorry I’m late!” come from the front of the bookstore. Tamron strides over, throwing her bag onto the table across from me, rattling my coffee as she does.

“Uhh, it’s ok, but I have to leave soon. I have umm, plans for later.”

“Oh, no problem! How about we just throw some ideas out today, and we can meet up later this week and finalize our topic?”

“Sure. That sounds ok.”

“Awesome! Let’s get started!” she exclaims, roughly flipping her bag over and unzipping it before tossing a notebook onto the table.


The professor told me he’d come to my apartment to pick me up, so I’m currently pacing around the living room nervously. I really like him, but I know that this isn’t exactly right. Or even normal. People don’t date their professors. It’s just not a thing that happens. I assume that both of us could get in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out; which makes me extremely wary of even going on this date. But he makes me feel good. And he makes me feel sexy. That’s not something that I’m used to feeling, but I like it.

I smooth the hem of my white sundress down for the thousandth time as the doorbell rings. I answer it with shaky hands. The professor smiles down at me.

“Hello, Charli. You look beautiful,” he greets, handing me a single sunflower.

“Thank you. Oh, these are my favorite,” I explain, taking the sunflower and stroking one of its petals. He smiles.

“I’m glad you like it. Are you ready to go?”

“Uhh, sure. Let me just put this in some water. You wanna come in?”

“I’d love to.” He steps inside, and he looks much too elegant for my shabby apartment.

“Sorry, I know it’s not much to look at,” I say nervously, rubbing the back of my neck and feeling suddenly inadequate.

“No! It’s much nicer than my first place was.” I nod at his statement and make my way to the kitchen to fill a glass with some water and place the sunflower inside. As I step back into the living room, I find him studying my bookshelf.

“You have interesting taste in literature.” He compliments, running his fingertips over the spines of a few of my favorites.

“I’ve always been a pretty avid reader. Anything I could get my hands on, really.” He smiles.

“Shall we go?”

“Oh, yeah. Sure. Let’s go.”

Charli looks remarkable tonight. Her hair is gently curling around her beautiful face, and the white dress truly makes her look like an angel. I’m taking her to my favorite Italian place, then I hope to take her to my place and show her exactly what I have in mind for her.


“Do you drink wine” I ask after we are seated. We’re on the garden patio, and the fairy lights and tea candles are casting a heavenly glow on Charli.

“Oh, umm, I’m not old enough to drink yet.” She answers innocently. I chuckle.

“You’ve never had a drink?”

“No.” She’s blushing and it’s adorable.

“Well, would you like to try it?”

“No, not really. Thank you, though.” I beam. So sweet. So pure. For now.


My flat is nice. It’s all steel and glass, and I’m truly lucky to have gotten it. And Charli seems transfixed as I lead her inside. She looks around at the tall ceilings and gleaming surfaces with wide eyes. She spins around slowly, taking it all in.

“Welcome to my home. Can I offer you anything to drink?” I ask, placing my hand on the small of her back.

“No, thank you. Your house is cool.”

“Thank you, love. Why don’t you come take a seat while I pour myself a drink and get some music going?” I lead her to the white, velvet sofa in the center of the living space and beckon her to sit. I pour myself a scotch and put some soft blues on the record player before joining her.

“Have you had a nice time tonight, Charli?” I ask, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and stroking her jawline.

“Yes sir, professor. I’ve had fun. Thank you for taking me out.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to call me ‘professor’ here. You can call me Aiden. And I’m glad you’ve had fun.” Without waiting for a response, I lift her from the couch, settling her on my lap. She gives an involuntary yip of surprise, and I can feel her stiffen slightly, but she doesn’t protest. I rest my hand on the inside of her pale thigh.

“Charli, I need to ask some questions now. And they might make you feel a little embarrassed, but it’s important that you answer honestly, ok?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl. Now, I suppose my first question is, are you a virgin?” I immediately see her cheeks tint pink, and she lays her head in the crook of my neck.

“No sir,” she whispers in an embarrassed tone. My brows rise in shock. She’s not? That’s a bit surprising.

“You’re not? You’ve had sex before?”

“Once. I didn’t like it. It hurt.” My eyes narrow. Someone hurt her. And it pisses me off.

“It doesn’t have to feel like that, Baby. It can be really good. It can feel so good. Do you want me to show you?” She nods slightly against my neck.

“Yeah. Want daddy to make you feel good, sweetheart?”

“Please,” she says quietly, her hand clutching my shirt. Standing, I hoist her across my arms, dipping my head to kiss her softly. I know I’ll have to take it easy this time, but I plan to make her feel like the goddess she is.

Aiden lays me across his large bed and begins to undress me. First lifting my dress over my head, then unsnapping my bra. He sucks one of my nipples into his mouth, making me gasp and fist the sheets tightly. He smiles up at me before placing small kisses down my body; starting between my breasts, making his way slowly down my stomach, and biting lightly at my hip bones. He rolls my white lace panties down my legs, dropping them to the floor and returning to bury his face between my legs. He sucks my clit into his mouth, and my hips rise sharply off of the bed without my permission. Patiently, and without leaving my clit, Aiden pushes my hips back to the bed. Moans leave my mouth, and Aiden moves his tongue down to my core. Unbelievably, I’m so close to orgasm that I can barely breathe. Aiden definitely knows what he’s doing with his mouth.

“I, I. I need to come!” I yelp. Aiden continues his ministrations with his mouth. He flicks my clit a bit harshly with his forefinger, and I come with a primal yell.

Aiden pulls away from my body, gently stroking my stomach and smiles down at me.

“How are you feeling, baby?”

I nod senselessly, clutching at his thighs as much as possible. “G-good.” I finally breathe out.

“Good, baby. I’m glad. Want me to make you feel even better?”

“More.” I beg, lifting my hips.

Seeing Charli beg makes me rock hard. I free my cock and give it a few strokes. “Want me to fuck you, babygirl?”

“Yes, daddy. Please.” And fuck. She called me daddy. There’s no way in hell I can ignore that request. Quickly snatching a condom from the nightstand drawer, I strip my clothes. I roll the condom on and take my place back between Charli’s milky thighs.

I begin to slowly slide into Charli’s pussy. And she’s unimaginably fucking tight. I squeeze my eyes shut and watch the stars explode behind them. I hear Charli whimper, and I pause.

“How’re you doing, love?” I ask, stroking her hips.

“’M ok. Don’t stop. Please.” I nod and continue with my incredibly slow pace. Once I’m fully sheathed, I pause. I have never been so close to coming so fast. Fucking hell.

“Ok baby, I’m going to move now. Alright?”

“Move, please.” She begs, reaching straining fingers toward me. I take one of her hands and begin a slow but deep pace, slowing diving in before even more slowly pulling my cock all the way out of her pussy. As her moans get louder, my pace definitely becomes faster and shallower. But I’m still deep enough to hit her G-spot, and she’s definitely good at letting me know when I do. She lets out the filthiest moan any time my cock touches that special spot inside her.

She’s tightening around me, and I know she’s close. So, I hoist her leg onto my shoulder and set a fast, harsh, shallow pace. I’m fucking moans and whines out of her. And she’s leaving fingernail prints on my thighs, but I’m so fucking close to coming my brains out that I can’t be arsed to care.

“Ok, baby. I need you to listen to me. Ok?” I pause and wait for her fevered eyes to meet mine before continuing.

“I want you to come for me. Can you do that, princess? Can you come for daddy?” She nods frantically, and I place one last vicious stab to her spot, and her back bows off of the bed, she screams like a banshee, and her pussy gushes all over my cock.

“Fuck.” I growl, ramming my cock inside her as deep as I can once more and coming so hard my eyesight goes black.

A few seconds later, I come to and ease Charli back down onto the bed, not even noticing that I’d drag her to me during my orgasm. I kiss her forehead and flop onto the bed beside her.

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