Can You See My Freak?!

Photo-fuck me!

Can You See My Freak?!

Photography has always been one of my secret passions that I wanted to pursue, you know, like have a real professional camera, take artistically beautiful pictures and get paid for it lol...getting paid for it would be a least that's how I see my art. Whether it's my books, these blogs or any expression of my artwork the goal is to get people to notice and react. Of course I don't turn down payment when offered but that's not the main goal.

Sexual photography, aka eye porn as I like to call it, awakens not only your libido but also it activates your imagination's libido...well at least it does for me...I can tell a whole story just by looking at a certain picture and most times I do. I look at a picture and a 'spark' in my head creates the 'actions' pertaining to the picture and before you know it I have a tale to tell; I got to say that on a personal note this keeps me quite entertained. Don't know what I mean? Let me explain further. I saw this picture of a woman who looked like she was in her twenties but then again if you go by the statement BLACK DON'T CRACK (which I do) her age can't be determined just by looking at her. Bald head, full lips, firm breasts and chocolate melanin curves were her decorations and in the picture, her hand was deep in the chocolate factory, aka her wetness. Her expression was relaxed/in the midst of her own pleasure and based on the image you can gather that there is no one around, she could care less if there were; the only thing on her mind was the growing mountain of pleasure concentrated in the tip of her clitoris. As I was staring at the picture (my eyes were locked in for minutes on end) I wondered if the photographer actually let her...finish...I would have...I would want to capture that I'M ABOUT TO CUM look!

Another example is a picture of a couple where the man is captured as he is entering a woman from the back. The strength in his legs was clear as you could see them flex, his hard and juicy looking cock looked huge and you could tell he only had the tip in her. Her ample chocolate ass curves cleverly hid part of his cock but not enough to fool you of the size. Ass in the air, back bent down, face cringed up from the pleasure/pain of him entering her wetness...all the pieces of the puzzle in place for him to conquer her...the only thing left to do was to grab a handful of hair and commence what is called THE TAKEOVER. She wanted it and he was about to give her more than she bargained for. Sexy isn't it?! I say yes!

Is this the beginning of a budding career in porn? Maybe lol. There are plenty of times where I'm watching porn (I'm a BIG FAN) and the actors/actresses do/say something that makes me say 'I could've done that better or coordinated that better or had them say something hotter than that' so if my future is to be a porn director then bring it on like Baby Sham! For now I will pursue my secret fetish for sexual photography. Of course if you as the reader know of any porn companies looking for material or hiring for movie creation then please do send them my way. I turn down nothing but my collar 'round here!

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