Can I Get IN!?

by Kai Storm about a year ago in fiction

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Can I Get IN!?

KEKE: "Hello"

HAKEEM: "Hey baby, I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me but I had to talk to you... I miss you... I've been thinking about you a lot lately, so much so that I can't take my mind off you... all my thoughts are running back to you. I looked through my phone, found your number and prayed it was the same when I decided to call you just now. I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time... but, then again, I haven't given you a chance to say anything yet... talk to me baby."

KEKE: "To be honest with you, I have no reason to change my number, I'm not hiding from anyone. It is a surprise to hear from you..."

HAKEEM: "I take it from your pause not a pleasant one, right?"

KEKE: "I don't really know what you're expecting from me. We haven't spoken in years and my life is different now, my schedule is quite booked at all times, so I don't deal with the past... I focus on my present and future. Not trying to hurt your feelings, but it's the truth."

HAKEEM: "I can respect that. It's not that I expected you to feel the same way... hoping yes, but not expecting... I'm feeling like if anything... maybe I could get the opportunity to get you back to that feeling. I didn't make this call to just take no for an answer Keke... I want you!"

KEKE: "An interesting proposition, I hear you but now here's my rebuttal. Like I said, my life is different now. I'm married and when my husband is home he twists me into every position possible in order to suck 'n fuck the holy shit out of me. The length and girth of his third leg has me in shivers 'n shakes three times a week. When my husband is away on business, my dyke neighbor, Tory, comes over and tongue fucks me slow 'till I cum hard all over her face... she absolutely loves that and wouldn't know what to do with out it. On the days that I have chores/meetings outside the office, I often meet up with my boyfriend Mark and we fuck everywhere. Bathrooms, cars, alleys, absolutely anywhere! No matter where we're at, we find a spot, he pulls his shit out, slaps a condom on it 'n rams it in me any kind of way! When we're done, we walk away from each other like nothing and everything is good. When I do get back to the office, I have a little intern, pretty thing named Tara who loves to sneak under my desk to suck on my clit; especially after I come back from seeing Mark... she stays down there for days sniffing 'n licking the combination of our aftermath. So you see Hakeem, when I say I'm busy, I really mean it. My life is different and I stay booked 'n busy!"

HAKEEM: "Wow... that does sound like that pussy is quite popular! Doesn't scare me off though. I mean, I KNOW you've got to have some time for me and you can make some if you really wanted to..."

KEKE: "I don't sound like I want to. Matter of fact, I don't even sound like you could move me to. Again, based on my schedule, my needs are being handled. There's nothing that you could bring to the table, the last time I checked I got a lot of dick over here, so why add another?!"

HAKEEM: "You've got quantity, but it sounds like you need some quality added to that schedule. You mean to tell me that you can't fit me IN?"

KEKE: "The only time I could squeeze you in would be during my alone times, aka the time I take to pamper, plump, massage, caress & rejuvenate my pussy and again... you haven't given me a reason to. Yes, I remember the dick and again... NOT GOOD ENOUGH! You've got to come better than that!"

Now of course I need y'all to know this is just a story I made up I DO NOT KNOW KEKE PALMER OR HER BUSINESS, but I had a flow and wanted to let ya know! Checkout my blogs on my site, checkout my YouTube channel & please feel free to gift a donation! Thanks in advance!

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