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By the Berry Patch

by Isla Chiu 3 days ago in fiction

It’s been years since I have really done something wild.

Image by Agent John from Pixabay

Bella Cooper sips her coffee as she watches her gardeners pull out the weeds from her garden. At the sight of the bulging muscles in Chen’s strong arms, she licks her lips. On a few — okay, many — occasions, she’s imagined those big arms wrapped around her as Chen bangs the ever-loving fuck out of her.

Her eyes turn to Javier. To her everlasting delight, Javier always works shirtless. He’s constantly showing off his tanned six-pack. On a few — okay, many — occasions, she’s imagined licking tequila off those fine, fine abs.

Finally, her eyes land on Derek. One time, she accidentally walked into the bathroom while he was using it. She apologized and left quickly but not before getting a look at his cock, which is huge. On a few — okay, many — occasions, she’s imagined him pounding her relentlessly with that long, fat dick.

A sigh escapes Bella. Though she’s a happily married woman and her husband has a good-sized dick (though not as big as Derek’s), she sometimes feels like a little something in her life is missing. When she was in her twenties, her sexual appetite was insatiable, but she would attempt to satisfy it by fucking anyone who would come her way.

Now, she has to limit herself to having sex with only one man. When her husband Ralph suggested a monogamous marriage, she went along with it. She loved — loves — Ralph, and though she never saw herself as a one-man woman, she was willing to do anything for his sake.

But God, she misses fucking other people. Ralph is fantastic in bed, but there’s only so much satisfaction that a nympho like her could get from one cock.

Sweat drips down Chen’s face. She bites her lip as she imagines licking the salty sweat off his skin. Christ, he is a hunk.

After working under the blazing sun for hours, the men must be thirsty. Telling herself that she’s doing this purely out of concern for their physical well-being and not at all out of a desire to get a closer look at their physical forms, she makes a pitcher of lemonade. The men will probably find lemonade beyond refreshing on this hot summer day.

Once she’s done making the lemonade, she looks down at her shirt, a smile of satisfaction appearing on her lips at the cleavage her top helps show off. She still has fucking fantastic tits, and she knows it.

“Hello, Mrs. Cooper,” Javier says when she’s outside.

For a second, her eyes wander toward his nipples. She wonders how they would feel in her mouth. She holds back a sigh. If only she were still young and single.

“Please call me Bella,” she says. “Mrs. Cooper is my mother.” She holds up the pitcher of lemonade. “Are you boys thirsty?”

“Oh, you made us lemonade, Mrs. — I mean, Bella?” Derek says. “That’s mighty sweet of you.”

She glances at the bulge in his pants, resisting the urge to say, That’s mighty big of you. “It’s the least I can do. You boys have been working so hard on my garden.” Before they started helping her, her garden was a mess. Now her tulips and orchids look like something out of a magazine.

She watches Chen gulp down his lemonade. He spills some of the drink onto his white tank top, causing the fabric to turn see-through. “I’m so clumsy.” To Bella’s complete and utter delight, he pulls off his tank top, revealing abs that could rival Javier’s.

Derek wipes his forehead. “Christ. As my mama would say, it’s hotter than a devil’s ass-crack.” Bella struggles to contain herself as Derek too takes off his shirt.

She touches her mouth, hoping she’s not drooling. Thankfully, her lips and chin are dry, but could anyone really blame her if she did drool? She’s surrounded by 3 incredibly sexy, gloriously shirtless men. Some girls would suffer severe blood loss from the nosebleeds that would surely occur in the presence of the topless hunks.

“How’s the lemonade?” she asks.

Derek sends her a smile that could turn her panties into ashes. “It’s absolutely refreshing, Bella.”

“Positively delightful,” Chen adds.

“Truly marvelous,” Javier says.

She laughs. “You all are talking about my lemonade like it’s nectar from the gods.”

“Thank you for the lemonade,” Chen says. He claps his hands. “Back to work, guys. Bella isn’t paying us to sit on our asses.”

She smiles. While they resume working, she checks her berry patch. The strawberries have grown red and plump. She plucks off a strawberry and bites into the fruit, wanting to moan at the perfect sweetness. She should pick some for Ralph; her husband loves strawberries.

“Enjoying that strawberry?”

Her pulse races at the sound of Derek’s deep voice. “Very much,” she says. “Want some strawberries?”

He pays no attention to her question; his eyes are focused on her chest. “You got some juice on your shirt.”

She looks down, cursing at the fresh red spot on her white shirt. She opens her mouth, about to excuse herself so that she can go back into the house and throw the blouse into the washing machine. But then she sees how dark his eyes have become and how his stare is still focused on her chest. Is he turned on? She glances at the bulge in his pants, gasping at how much it has grown. He is turned on by her. She has to admit that she is very, very flattered.

“What are you looking at?” she teases.

He shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Cooper. I was just, um, staring off into space.”

She suppresses a smirk. Sure you were, buddy. Deciding to do a very naughty thing, she begins unbuttoning her shirt, revealing the white lace of her bra.

Derek flushes. “What are you doing, Mrs. Cooper?”

“I told you, call me Bella. And it’s just so hot out here…” She tosses her shirt onto a lawn chair.

Derek looks like he’s about to blow like a volcano.

“Wow, I’m still so hot…” Deciding to be even naughtier, she takes off her bra, exposing her fat breasts.

“Bella,” Derek breathes.

Chen and Javier have stopped working. Instead, they’re gawking at their topless employer.

“Like what you see?” she asks.

“Yes!” Chen shouts, earning a swat from Javier.

Derek clears his throat. “You’re an exceedingly gorgeous woman, Bella. But won’t your husband — ?”

She wraps her arms around him, cutting him off and making him gasp. She lets out a little groan, loving the feeling of his bare chest against her tits. “My husband isn’t here right now,” she whispers. For a second, guilt enters her bloodstream. She promised to be faithful to Ralph, and she does love him. But fuck, monogamy has been so difficult. And she’s been so good for so long. Doesn’t she deserve a little treat? Or in this case— she glances at the erections in the pants of the three young men — three very big treats?

She puts her lips on his, and to her delight, he returns her kiss. He pushes his tongue into her mouth. Her pussy gets wet at the combination of lemonade and strawberries.

“Want to join us?” she asks Javier and Chen.

They quickly drop their gardening tools and run to her. The hunks get on their knees. Chen kneels in front of her pussy, Javier behind her ass. A cry of delight leaves her throat as Chen sucks on her clit. Her cry turns even louder when Javier places his tongue on her asshole. It’s so filthy, so wrong.

And she fucking loves it.

Derek takes her nipple into his mouth. She closes her eyes, pure euphoria racing through her blood. It’s been such a long time since she had more than one mouth on her body.

And it’s been such a long time since I had more than one cock inside me, she thinks, licking her lips at the sight of the bulges surrounding her.

But can she really betray her husband like that? She could stop this now, before it goes too far, before it turns into a full-on gangbang.

A scream leaps out of her throat when Chen starts fucking her cunt with his tongue.

But hasn’t she been betraying herself these past years? She knows deep down in her bones that she was never meant to be a monogamous woman. She wants too much, needs too much.

She loves her husband, but she also can’t force herself to become someone she’s not.

So when Derek pulls out a condom and raises his eyebrows in question, she nods.

After Javier and Chen both make her come against their tongues, the guys strip off their pants and underwear. Then with their clothes, they create a makeshift blanket by the berry patch. Derek gently lays her down on their clothes.

Chen kisses her. She groans, loving the taste of her cunt on his tongue.

Just as Derek rolls on a condom, she looks into the house, gasping when she sees Ralph standing in the window. She expects him to shout, to scream, to clench his fists. But instead of seeming outraged, he seems…aroused. She can’t precisely see what he’s doing with his hand, but from the look on his face, she would bet a lot of money that he’s jacking off.

Before she can wonder anymore about her husband, Derek thrusts his fat prick into her. She cries out, loving how his cock is opening up her pussy. Then she sees Javier’s swollen cock, licking her lips.

“I want to suck you off,” she tells him. Then she sends Chen a smile and tells him, “Don’t worry, you’ll have your turn after I’m done with him.”

She closes her mouth over Javier’s erection. As Derek’s cock slams into her sex, she sucks on Javier’s dick, her pussy turning wetter when his salty-sweet cum starts dripping onto her tongue. Just as her cunt tightens around Derek’s shaft, Javier comes, spilling his hot white seed down her throat. She swallows with a smile on her face. Now his cum could be a nectar of the gods.

She grins at Chen. “Your turn, boy.”

He lowers his manhood into her mouth. She takes him in, nearly gagging on his hard length. Bliss floods her as Derek thrusts into her. Fuck, she loves this. How did she think she could ever give this up?

Chen groans when he comes in her mouth. While she swallows his cum, she orgasms as Derek’s cock hits her sweet spot. Then Derek lets out a string of curses, spilling his seed inside his condom.

As they all recover their breath, Javier widens his eyes. “Shit, is that your husband?”

She looks at Ralph. He still doesn’t seem angry. Did he like watching her get fucked by other men?

She has a silent conversation with him. I’m sorry, honey, for breaking our vows.

He smiles, shaking his head, as if to say, It’s okay, baby, this is who you are. I am surprised you lasted this long.

Did you like watching me with them?

To her surprise, he appears to nod. More than I expected.

Chen curses. She turns her head, a smile tugging at her lips when she sees that he’s getting hard again. “Do you need some relief?” she asks.

Chen’s eyes dart nervously toward Ralph in the window. “Um, are you sure we shouldn’t go home? Isn’t your husband pissed off?”

“Does he look pissed off to you?”

“Well, no, but he could be silently coming up with a plan to murder us…”

“He’s not,” she assures him. She lies on the blanket of clothes, offering Chen her ass. “Want to fuck me?”

Chen’s eyes wander toward the window again. “Are you sure your husband is okay with this?”

She gazes at her husband. Are you okay with this? she mouths.

He nods, mouthing, I love you, sweetheart.

I love you too, honey, she mouths. To Chen: “He’s okay with it, so do whatever you want to me.”

As Chen enters her from behind, she looks right into Ralph’s eyes. I love you, she mouths again.

I love you too, he mouths as Chen makes her moan. As he rubs his cock against her forbidden ring, she’s overcome with pleasure.

It turns out she can have it all — and Christ, she will.


This story may be fiction, but Bella Cooper is a real person. If you want more hotwife stories, check out her books on Amazon.


Isla Chiu

Author of romance and smut. Also an amateur foodie.

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Isla Chiu
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