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Butt Plug 101: Basics to Get You Started

Vibrating Butt Plugs

By DingfooPublished 5 months ago 9 min read
Dingfoo Butt Plug

Butt plugs have become a popular choice for anal stimulation. Initially used in the early 1800s as rectal dilators to alleviate constipation and various medical issues, including psychological concerns.

In today's medical field, rectal dilators are occasionally suggested for treating fissures, tight rectums, anal muscle spasms, and hemorrhoids. Butt plugs achieve this by stretching the anus and anal canal to relieve pressure. Some rectal dilators (butt plugs) can even be placed in the refrigerator to cool them before being inserted into the rectum to help soothe hemorrhoids.

Butt plugs, or "but plugs," are shorter than other anal toys. They are designed to specifically stimulate the anus and anal canal, remaining inserted without any movement.

The Popularity of Butt Plugs

With the release of the books and movies Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, there was a surge in people buying the sex toys featured in them, including butt plugs. This trend gained momentum, especially when the main characters, Christian and Ana, use a butt plug, followed by vaginal sex leading to multiple orgasms.

The popularity and sales of butt plugs have also seen a boost due to sex toy parties and the rise in sexually explicit websites discussing anal toys.

Are Butt Plugs Healthy?

The health of butt plugs varies, with some being well-designed and safe, while others may pose risks due to poor design and toxins in their materials. Unfortunately, some sex toy retailers and experts promote potentially harmful butt plugs to consumers. This is why we focus not only on promoting sexual health education but also on ensuring that the sex toys we offer are body-safe and carefully selected to provide the healthiest options.

Non-Vibrating & Vibrating Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are available in both vibrating and non-vibrating versions. If you're interested in learning specifically about choosing a vibrating butt plug, refer to the related article to explore essential factors when considering vibrating butt plugs.

Why Butt Plugs Feel Good

  • Butt plugs can stimulate the abundant nerve endings around the anus (opening) and the internal anal canal by stretching and applying pressure, thereby enhancing sexual pleasure.
  • Butt plugs can induce pleasurable sensations on the prostate in men and the back vaginal wall (A-spot) in women.
  • Butt plugs can be used while a woman is simultaneously penetrated vaginally with a penis, dildo, or fingers, providing dual penetration for heightened sexual pleasure.
  • Butt plugs can also be utilized by women seeking simultaneous clitoral stimulation through oral sex, finger stimulation, or a vibrator.
  • Butt plugs can serve men desiring simultaneous penis stimulation through anal sex, oral sex, handjobs, or sex toys such as masturbation sleeves or a male vibrator.

Butt Plug Safety

Butt plugs are marketed as adult novelties, which means the FDA does not regulate them for health. Consequently, some butt plugs sold to consumers may contain toxins that can leach into your body, especially in the rectum, a mucous membrane, leading to potential health issues.

At Dingfoo, we prioritize your health and only offer phthalate-free, body-safe sex toys. This commitment includes all our body-safe butt plugs. We've conducted thorough research to provide you with the healthiest, highest-quality sex toys, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience for butt plugs and other sexual products.

We uphold the highest health standards in the sex toy industry. Therefore, any anal toy we carry must meet the following criteria to be considered anal-safe:

  • All of our anal toys, including butt plugs, feature a flared base. This design ensures safe removal and prevents them from becoming irretrievable. The rectum creates suction, making the anal toy's flared base crucial to prevent it from traveling too far inside.
  • All of our butt plugs and anal toys are crafted from nonporous materials (silicone, metal, glass, etc.), facilitating healthy disinfecting and cleaning.
  • All of our sex toys, including anal toys and specifically butt plugs, are body-safe and phthalate-free. This commitment is essential to prevent harmful toxins from entering the bloodstream through the insertion of sex toys into your body.
  • Our butt plugs and all our anal toys are of a reasonable size. We avoid offering overly large anal sex toys that may cause damage to the rectum and the delicate tissue of the vagina.
  • Our butt plugs and all our anal toys have a body-safe shape.

Emergency room physicians and nurses often share stories of people inserting inappropriate objects anally. This underscores the importance of choosing an anal toy designed to keep its base outside the anus. One of our collaborating physicians shared a real CAT scan below of a non-anal safe sex toy stuck in the rectum. This patient required an operation to retrieve the sex toy, highlighting the necessity of only purchasing anal-safe sex toys when intended for anal penetration.

Why Water-based Lubricant Is Important

There isn't enough natural lubricant in the anus and rectum for safe anal penetration, so it's crucial to use a water-based anal lubricant. We discourage the use of oil-based lubricants since they can trap harmful bacteria in the rectum. Additionally, we advise against silicone lubricants due to concerns about potential autoimmune and rheumatic responses, similar to issues associated with silicone breast implants.

To facilitate lubricant insertion, consider using a lube shooter—an injector (lubricant applicator). It's a syringe-type insertion tool designed to deliver lubricant inside the rectum or vagina, preventing excess contact with hands and sheets.

Desensitizing lubricants may hinder your ability to recognize pain signals from your body. Paying attention to your body's discomfort is crucial for good health. Using a numbing lubricant to dull pain might prevent you from realizing that you are causing damage to sensitive tissue.

How To Use A Butt Plug

When inserting a butt plug, it's important to proceed with care. Using a 45-degree angle and ample lubricant, gently rock it back and forth until it can be inserted. This process requires patience and practice, as many individuals may find inserting anal toys challenging initially.

Once the butt plug is in place, it will stay inserted as the sphincter muscle naturally holds it. Butt plugs are not designed to be thrust in and out; instead, they remain in place until you decide to remove them.

Butt plugs create a sense of fullness rather than a moving motion, though opting for a vibrating butt plug can enhance stimulation. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other sex toys, serving as a preparation tool for anal sex and thrusting.

Butt Plugs & The Importance Of Relaxing

Using a butt plug should always bring pleasure, not pain. If you experience discomfort, it's advisable to remove it to prevent potential health issues. Take your time, use gentle stimulation, opt for appropriately sized butt plugs, and learn the art of easy insertion.

Relaxation is crucial when inserting a butt plug or any anal toy. Straining and tensing can make inserting an anal toy challenging and unpleasant. Rushing may even cause tissue damage, so be patient and take your time until you become more comfortable with the process.

The anal canal is part of the sphincter, a muscle controlled by your central nervous system. It operates involuntarily, meaning you cannot consciously control it. Tensing during the insertion of a butt plug before you are ready can lead to inadvertent injuries. Psychological relaxation is essential; calming your mind to soothe your central nervous system will enable involuntary muscles like your anus and anal canal to relax.

How To Insert A Butt Plug

  • Prior to using a butt plug, consider cleaning yourself out by defecating or using an enema or anal douche to eliminate potential feces. It's advisable to cleanse the anal area in the shower or with disposable wipes to minimize contact with fecal matter and bacteria.
  • Optimal positions for inserting a butt plug include relaxing while bending over or lying down with your knees toward your chest, opening up the anus. Sexual stimulation to your genitals can also aid in relaxation and preparation for inserting the butt plug.
  • Position your butt plug downward at a 45-degree angle, ensuring ample lubrication, while gently rocking it back and forth until it smoothly slides in. Avoid rapid or forceful insertion to prevent potential anal or rectal damage. Start with smaller-sized butt plugs initially and exercise patience.
  • It is recommended to use a generous amount of water-based anal lubricant to facilitate easy insertion.
  • If you are alone and find it impractical to wash your hands after insertion, consider having an antibacterial wipe on hand or opt to wear a rubber/nitrile glove that can be removed. This precaution helps prevent the transfer of bacteria by touching things after the butt plug has been inserted.
  • Do not insert a butt plug anally into the vagina without thorough disinfection. You can move from the vagina to the anus, but not vice versa, unless the butt plug is disinfected in between.
  • It is not advisable to keep a butt plug inserted for longer than two to three hours. Avoid using it to prevent a bowel movement if necessary. Consult with your physician for specific health-related insertion times if you have concerns.
  • We highly recommend using a waterproof throw if you are using a butt plug on a bed or couch to prevent the transfer of fecal bacteria to fabrics.

Choosing the Right Size Butt Plug

One crucial aspect of finding the suitable butt plug is figuring out the right size for you. It is advised to seek guidance from the sex toy manufacturing factory or consult their customer service staff for more technical support.

Cleaning Butt Plugs

The material of an anal toy, including butt plugs, must be nonporous for proper disinfection, as it can harbor harmful bacteria from fecal matter and transmit sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, from one person's body fluids to another. To protect and facilitate cleanup, condoms can be used over butt plugs or any sex toy. Clean butt plugs with a sex toy cleaner for disinfection. The choice of disinfectant depends on the material from which the butt plug or sex toy is made.

Healthy and Pleasurable Aspects of Butt Plugs

If you have any health concerns, it's always advisable to discuss them with your doctor.

Butt plugs and other anal toys can offer sexual pleasure and be safe when used with proper education. Always take it slow, be patient, and pay attention to your body when using anal toys. For any questions about the use of anal toys, maintain close contact with your chosen toy brand.


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