Brie and Jenna

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Loving Couple

Brie and Jenna

Brie and Jenna have been in a loving relationship for two years already. Both in their late twenties, with very beautiful bodies and faces. When they would make love, there would be sparks all over the place. Their bed sheets smelled like a jasmine. Very often they would pleasure each other for hours. But, they didn't like the 69 pose. They'd rather divide their evenings so that one partner was the giver, and another the receiver.

For example, last night Jenna was providing a delightful cunnilingus to Brie, for two full hours. First, she lit a few candles, and prepared a joyful bath for both of them. They soaked their magnificent feminine bodies for half an hour, sharing deep kisses, and gently caressing each other.

Since that night, Jenna was a giver, and Brie a receiver, Jenna had her back, enveloping Brie's waist with her long beautiful legs, like Julia Roberts did to Richard Gere in the movie Pretty Woman. Brie slightly tilted her head backwards, just enough for their soft lips to lock. Jenna used her hands to tenderly massage her lover's breast, belly, inner thighs, and pussy.

It was extremely satisfactory moment for both of them. They loved each other so much that they equally enjoyed giving and receiving sexual favors.

After the bath, Jenna used towels to dry their wet bodies. Then she laid Brie in their king size bed, pressed their bodies together, and planted a few deep kisses. Next, she slid down, spread Brie's legs, and used her imagination the best she could. For two full hours.

Tonight was Brie's turn to return the favor.

They used a shower instead of bath. Hugging, caressing, and kissing under their own private mini waterfall.

Brie laid her lover on the bed, and gently kissed her entire face, neck, breasts, and belly. She licked Jenna's belly button very devotedly, because she knew Jenna exceptionally liked it.

Then she spread her legs and dove in.

She knew she'd take her time tonight. Two, maybe three hours... she won't look at the clock. She'll make her life's mission this evening to pleasure Jenna, the love of her life. Brie's mindset was the one where she's like a religious fanatic, and Jenna's pussy is like a holy heathen object of worship.

Brie started in awe, slowly kissing Jenna's Labia Major... kissing and licking... it seemed indefinitely long. Jenna was fully enjoying it, so she relaxed her body to the very core, and almost fell asleep, that's how good it was. Brie moved with the same intensity to Labia Minor, occasionally slipping her tongue inside the vaginal opening.

She knew Jenna liked this rhythm... slowly licking and poking with her tongue.

Finally, after almost two hours of this ultimate séance of love, she devoted herself to the clitoral hood and clitoris. Licking wide with the middle of her tongue, then licking narrowly with the tip. Jenna was fully immersed in the sensation; she was in an ecstatic state, the state only powerful buddhist monks can achieve after years of meditation.

Brie finally sped up, and went for the finish, eating that pussy like a predator eating his prey. She knew that after that prolonged ecstasy, Jenna wanted to achieve the climax, a sort of release, like when a horny man wants to empty his balls after an hour of pounding.

At last, Brie's tongue magically fulfilled its destiny and brought Jenna to an extremely committal, extremely vulnerable release of all negativities and emotional blocks... at least that's how it felt after she got through that exceptionally powerful orgasm.

A very tired loving couple then embraced and fell asleep, dreaming of many future sensual adventures to come...

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