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Bloody O’s

by Alice about a year ago in fiction
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Let’s get filthy.

Bloody O’s
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

*First off: I’m glad that everyone enjoyed Pleasure Me. I have added a little storyline to this smut but I have not left out any sexual pleasure. This one is split up into two different parts. Without further ado let’s get started ;)*

“It’s my monthly again” I say as I turn to Jessica. She looks at me and bites down on her peppermint “be glad it’s not a baby!” She lets out a fake chuckle and runs her fingers through her hair. “Shit.” She says and lets out a huge sigh. I look over “true, true but I always get so horny. It’s kind of an inconvenience.” She chuckles again “what are you twelve? Who gives a shit.”

“Yeah, your right” I continue to walk with her. “Have you both fucked on your period yet? You’ve been with him for almost three years. I would assume you both have. Considering you both fuck like rabbits.” I raise my left hand up and gently smack the back of her head. “Fuck off Jess. Not as much as you and Freddy apparently.” My eyes stare down at her swelling belly. “Alright, fair. Though I’m convinced Freddy likes being a dad more than sex. Considering this is our fifth.” She lets out another hollow chuckle and opens the car door. “Well. My feet are swollen and I’ve had enough of your bullshit for one day lovely.”

I smile at her and shut the door. Waving goodbye I head home. On the way home I start thinking about how Jay. We are the quiet type. He’s relaxed and I’m shy. Jess isn’t the first to have questions about our sex life. We are the type of couple that likes to do it not talk about it.

Before I know it my underwear is wet. “Shit!” I say as I remember I only had a panty liner left in my bag and I’ve probably ruined this pair. Thank goodness Jess always gets me Victoria Secret gift cards every holiday. I pull in the drive way and grab my bag. I walk into the house turn on the stereo and retreat to the bedroom.

I start to peel my clothes off. First my shirt and then my bra. My double D’s slip out as if they have been suffocating. I unbutton my jeans and slide them off of my ass and down my long legs. Taking them off my ankles and tossing them in my hamper. Then the underwear. “Fuck” I sigh as I pull them down. A bloody mess is revealed. The panty liner did a shit job and my underwear are soaked. I debate for a second. Should I wash these? Or just pitch them? I’ll think about it later.

I throw them in the hamper and head to the shower. They can be my period panties. I turn on the water and feel the warm water droplets kiss my skin. My long black hair lays over my shoulders barely touching my perky nipples. I look down and watch the blood run into the drain. Then without thinking I start rubbing my clit. I just need to cum. It’s been a long week and I usually masturbate twice a week.

I hate the smell of blood and our sheets are white. My options are limited. I bend my knees a little and smack my ass against the tile wall. I start moving faster and faster. There’s something about fucking myself while standing up. I let out a few moans that get lost in the loud music filling the house. I pay a price for wanting to cum on my monthly though...I usually get cramps not too long after. But fuck I’m horny.

I twirl my finger around the outside of my clit a few more times. I think about Jay and his thick cock. I want it. I want it so bad. I think about sucking it and fucking it for him. Pleasing every inch of him. I feel my stomach tighten. Fuck that felt good. I wash off my hands and the rest of my body. I open the shower door.

I’m about to grab a towel and then I hear “what’s this?” I feel a small dose of embarrassment sweep over me as I look at Jay. He’s holding my period panties with his left hand and undoing his tie with his right. He’s wearing one a black button up. His black trousers are bulging. “Shit. Babe I’m sorry. I-“ he stopped me before I could explain. “You made a mess.”

I look into his eyes and realize he’s enraged with lust. He’s hungry for me but I’m certain he does not want to taste me. “Yes...but I can explain.” His eyes lock with mine. “What will you explain Emma? That you made a mess or that you got off in the shower and I wasn’t invited?” I smirk at him “Babe trust me. You don’t want to fuck me right now.” He grabs his crotch “Emma are your contacts in?” He let’s go of himself and chuckles.

I grab the towel and wrap it around me. “Ha ha Jay. Go fuck yourself I’m getting dressed.” I start to walk past him and he pulls the towel away from my wet flesh. He pushes me against the wall. I can feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass as he says “oh? Why would I do that when we can fuck? Do you want to fuck me Emma?” His cock rubs against my ass once more making his trousers wet.

“Nah, I already came.” Of course I want to fuck you. But who fucks someone on their period? No one that’s who. He starts to kiss and nibble on my neck. “Emma..what if I gave you an orgasm?” I had been sexually frustrated this week and that stand up masturbation session wasn’t much of anything. His dick is so hard. If he wasn’t wearing anything it may have slipped in me by now. “Fine. We can fuck. But you have to turn me on. I’m not even close though. Good luck.”

He chuckles softly and whispers “deal.” Before I know it his pants are down and he’s smacking his cock against my ass. He covers my eyes with his tie and starts moving me to our bed. He lets go of me for a minute and starts to move some things around. I yawn “damn. You’re awful at this. I’m not even remotely horny.” I can feel him smiling at me. “I’m clearing off the white bedding. I don’t want anyone to think we murdered someone.” I know he’s being considerate for my sake. “Do we have people looking in our hampers now?” I sneer.

Even though I’m standing naked in our bedroom I realize how sweet he is. He must have turned the music down because I can’t hear him shuffling items around anymore. He pulls me to the bed and lays me down on my back. He gently opens my legs. I prepare myself for what he has in store. I lay there awaiting him and suddenly I feel his tongue slide across the inside of my thighs.

“Excuse me. What the fuck are you doing?” I hear him chuckle as he kisses my legs nearing my pussy. “Turning you on.” I start to close my legs “no jay. You don’t want to eat me.” He inserts a finger and gently whispers “oh but I do.” I let out a small moan. Fuck that feels good. “No jay you don’t want to-“ he shoves another finger. “I don’t want to what?” I let out it another moan. “Yyyyour donttt want-“. He shoves another in me. “I don’t want to what Em?” I start to moan and squirm. Shit! Who knew it would feel this GOOD?! He starts moving his fingers back and forth while he gently kisses my clit.

I feel him push my legs back open and then he stops. I think this is it he sees me squirm a little and hears a few moans...he’s going to shove his cock in me but nothing happens. I lift my head up “excuse me. You forgot something.” I can hear him shuffling around “oh no Em. I’m hardly finished with you. Im getting a few of your favorite toys.” My mind starts to rush with thoughts what is it? A gag ball? Butt plug? I do enjoy a little anal before I finish. Then suddenly I feel him turn me on my stomach. My ass up in the air and the side of my head on the pillow. Leather wraps around my ankles but he leaves my wrists free.

Without warning a paddle smacks my ass. “You haven’t been very good Em” I let out a small moan. Another smack “you left a mess in our hamper” another smack “you made a mess in the shower” another smack “and you have this nasty attitude.” I feel a million stings pierce my behind. Jay knows I find his dominant roll delicious. If anything will turn me on it’s him in this state. “I’m sorry.” I whimper. “Oh Em. You will be.” He smacks the paddle against my ass once more.

-to be continued-

Please let me know if you enjoyed part one.


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"You're very sexual". I believe it was meant to be an insult. I had grown up in a very conservative Christian home and anything with women and sex was frowned upon. However, I took it as a complimented.

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