Birthday Girl (Part Three)

by Shayna Boyd 2 years ago in fiction

Part Three

Birthday Girl (Part Three)

The end was put to my suspense when he slowly entered inside me. Once he was fully inside, we simultaneously moaned and I deepened the arch in my back. He placed his hands on my lower back and began stroking me aggressively. As he got rougher, I gripped the headboard to steady myself. Between my many moans of passion and his grunts of desire the intensity continued to build. “Your pussy is so wet,” he said through heavy breaths. I moved my hips back in response causing him to go even deeper. He gripped his left hand tight around my waist and with his right hand let his thumb play around my other hole. He slowed his stroke while his thumb went deeper.

“Oh shit! Yes!” I moaned in deep satisfaction.

Before I could fully enjoy the sensation, he forced my body to lay flat on my stomach. His body laid right on top of mine allowing me to feel his full weight. He stroked me slow as he breathed heavily in my ear. I grabbed his left hand with mine and with the other I gripped the headboard tighter. His right hand pulled my hair as he whispered in my ear, “You like that, don’t you?” I could only manage to bite my lip, nod and moan in response. With each stroke he went deeper. He pulled my hair harder and asked, “Yes baby, just like that right?”

I almost lost my breath as I let out a weak “Yes.”

He continued this method as my eyes started to roll back. Suddenly he stopped mid-stroke and whispered softly, “Let me put it in the back.” I turned my head just enough to look at him and asked why. “Just let me do it. I’ll promise to go slow,” he said reassuringly. He took my hesitation to answer as his golden opportunity. He raised his body and pulled out of me. He placed his left hand on my lower back to hold me in place as he slowly entered my other hole. What was briefly discomfort turned into a strange sense of pleasure.

As he slowly worked his way in he lowered his body back on top me. He reached his hand around my waist and started to rub on my clit. “Yes I’m working it in there slow,” he said sweetly into my ear. He went deeper and started to stroke faster while he continued rubbing my clit. “How you like that?” he asked as he kissed my ear. I lifted my hips to force him deeper inside me.

I smirk and slightly turned my head towards him, “You still ain’t shit.”

He was intrigued by my physical and verbal response. “Oh I ain’t shit?” he said as he no longer showed me mercy. The strokes got intense and faster in pace as I buried my face into the pillow to muffle my noises.

I was in pure bliss. I indulged in every sensation: the warmth of his skin, his lips brushing against my neck, the sound of his breathing in my ear, and his strength holding me in position. He forced his full size inside of me and I yelled out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He nestled his face close to mine and kissed my cheek lovingly. He pulled out of me and made his way over to the sink and washed his hands. Just like that it all stopped.

We both dressed and watched each other’s bodies. “Have fun fixing your friend’s car,” I said sarcastically as we hugged and headed towards the door.

“Yeah right. Get home safe tonight,” he said.

“You be safe as well.”

I turned to walk to my car and he shouted after me, “Text me! And actually talk to me. Don’t be all distant like you have been lately.” I smiled and promised that I would. When I arrived home I took a long, hot shower. I thought over the events that had just taken place as the steam filled the bathroom. Why do I not feel bad for what just happened? Do I actually want to be with Jaden? Should I feel bad at all? Does Cameron want anything more besides sex? But why did he stop when neither of us climaxed?

All those questions bounced around in my head as I prepared for bed. I called Jaden to say goodnight but the rest of the night I tossed and turned to thoughts of Cameron.

Shayna Boyd
Shayna Boyd
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