Best Laid Plans (Ch. 3)

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Chapter Three

Best Laid Plans (Ch. 3)

Richie and Barbara started seeing each after that New Year's Eve night. They would occasionally go to an art house movie theater in Manlius or go to a pub in Armory Square. They looked like a typical college couple in blue jeans, hiking boots, and Shetland wool sweaters. It was pleasant, comfortable, and unusual to Richie. Unusual in that he had a friend that was a young woman. Now, when he visited his home, he wasn’t so mopey and morose. He actually smiled around the house and his mother was concerned that his studies might suffer. They didn’t. Still, there was a nagging feeling that since he had not initiated any of these events, he felt there were expectations being thrust upon him. When did he make these commitments, he wondered.

Richie learned from Jimmy to be more social with fellow students and especially with the professors to get a better insight on what was going to be on an exam. On this particular night, Jimmy was supposed to meet Richie at a study group with a graduate assistant. Richie was there, but Jimmy never showed. When the group broke up, Richie packed his backpack and headed back to the dorm suite he shared with Jimmy. As he approached the front door of the building, Linda pushed past Richie.

“That son of a bitch is cheating on me.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I got into his suite… your suite… and I could hear him making his usual grunts and groans. And I heard a girl screaming. Hell, I bet everyone heard her.”

Richie knew this day would arrive. Jimmy had stopped being discreet and became careless, leaving all the signs of intimacy like empty condom wrappers openly in the trash. He realized that Linda was too agitated to drive and Richie worried about her in her frantic state.

“Let’s go somewhere and talk. Okay?” Richie suggested as he tried to hold her arm. She pulled her arm away.

“Let go of me,” she said. “How long have you known that Jimmy’s been cheating on me?”

“I still don’t know if he is cheating on you.”

Linda stopped walking and gave Richie a frustrated look. “Richie, don’t be stupid. The one thing you’re not is stupid. You must think I’m stupid.”

Richie felt a sting when he heard the word stupid. “Look… I’m going to the campus pub to have a beer. Though I don’t think you should drink and drive, I wish you’d come with me and we’ll talk. Okay?”

Richie walked to the pub. Linda shoved her hands into her coat pockets and followed Richie. It was warm inside with just a few people. Richie chose a table away from everyone in case Linda raised her voice. Richie dumped his Carhartt jacket into an empty chair and sat down. He watched Linda take off her long stadium coat and was stunned to see Linda’s attire. Linda was wearing a short, red plaid skirt, white knee socks, a short cropped white blouse that showed her bare midriff and the tops of her breasts.

“Yeah. This was all for him,” she said. Linda had worn something sexy for Jimmy only once before. It was silky teddy in a deep, rich red color. The color stood out against her skin and she felt her crimson lipstick complemented it perfectly. She got excited buying it. She got excited trying it on at home. And she got excited when she finally showed herself to Jimmy in it. Jimmy liked it, of course. But Linda felt like he should have savored it more. Instead, he was too quick to take it off her. Although she liked that he was turned on by her. She could see his long cock spring up to attention when she made her appearance. His lovemaking was inspired that night. Nevertheless, she just felt a little under appreciated considering the effort she put into her appearance.

The waitress gave Linda a funny look as she took their order.

“Well, at least you know now, Linda,” Richie offered.

“You mean before I did something crazy like marry the bastard.”

“Did he ever mention wanting to marry you?”

“No, but it’s only natural to wonder.”

“Did he ever say the two of you were exclusive?”

“No. I just thought we were. I mean, look at me. Why would he want to be with anyone else?”

Richie considered what she was saying. She certainly was desirable, but Linda was always a little crazy. That’s what scared Richie about Linda at that moment. She’d try anything, which sounded great in a lover, but maybe not so much for a long-term relationship.

A simple question to judge her state of mind: “So what are you going to do?” Richie asked.

Linda paused and thought for a moment. “Wanna go with me to Geneva?” Geneva was another pretty little town on the northern end of Seneca Lake.

“Why Geneva?”

“I booked a suite in Geneva," she said, mentioning the name of an expensive resort. ”The reservation starts tonight. Goes to Sunday. Ever been there?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“It’s beautiful. We can have fun all weekend Richie. What do you say?”

“I don’t know. I was thinking of meeting Barbara this weekend.”

“Are you two exclusive?”

“We’ve never said anything like that.”

“What’s with you guys? Why is it so hard to say I don’t want to see anyone else and stick to that promise.”

“I can’t speak for Jimmy, but I don’t know if I don’t want to see anyone else. Why shouldn’t I see other women?”

“Maybe you should see other women.” Linda said before she stood up and gathered her coat. “Are you coming with me?” she asked.

“I gotta get a bag of clothes or something.”

“You’re coming with me right now or I’m leaving you behind, Mister Richie.”

Linda started walking out. Richie quickly gathered his jacket and backpack, tossed some bills on the table and hurriedly followed Linda out the door.

Linda was not exaggerating about the accommodations at the resort. The grounds were beautiful and their suite was a combination of old world elegance and sophistication. Richie felt out of place in his casual clothing but that was quickly forgotten once the bellhop left. Linda threw the coat on a chair and took her purse into the bathroom. In a few minutes, she re-entered the room, make up freshly reapplied and her hair in pig tails. She walked around the room in her school girl outfit, turning off some of the lights. She went to Richie who was sitting on the bed, nervously waiting and absently channel surfing. Linda took the remote from his hands, switched off the television, tossed the remote onto the bed and lifted one knee onto the bed. Her inner thigh was exposed for Richie to see.

“Don’t you want to play with your sexy school girl?”

Richie moved to get closer to Linda. He kissed her fully on the lips as his hands felt her sides, then moved up to feel her breasts through the thin blouse. Linda began to act coy with Richie, playing up the innocent school girl appearance. Richie thought it was bizarre but he could not help but be excited by her play acting. There was no mistaking her for a school girl. This was a young adult woman, dressed to excite. Richie never experienced anything like this before and he instantly knew he liked it.

“I think you should get the remote and bring it to me,” Richie suggested. Linda was puzzled, but caught on quickly. She crawled on top the bed and exaggeratedly stretched her lithe body towards the remote. Richie reached out and caressed her exposed legs above her knee socks. Linda sighed as she felt his hand massage her ass through the thin cotton panties. He kept feeling her ass and then rubbed his finger between her legs. Richie lifted the short skirt until it bunched around her waist. He slapped her ass, but not too hard.

“Oh! Why did you do that? Was I a bad girl?”

“Yes. You’re my bad girl.”

Linda shimmied her ass side to side, looking behind her to see Richie’s reaction. Richie knelt next to Linda’s side and simultaneously felt Linda’s breasts and ass. It seemed to her like he was using her, but she liked it, like it was a release for her to give in to Richie’s desires.

Richie got off the bed and took his clothes off. He saw Linda do the same.

“Keep the socks on,” he told her. And she did. Richie got on the bed again, laying on his back. Linda lay on top of him and they explored each other’s bodies. Richie felt he could have done this all night, but Linda had other plans. She raised herself up, swiveled herself around and lowered her pussy onto Richie’s face. Richie immediately started to lap at her wet crevice, separating her folds with his tongue, darting his tongue in and out of her pussy like he was fucking her with it. He felt her breasts pressed against his belly and then felt her warm mouth, lazily sucking his cock. He kept one hand on Linda’s behind, squeezing her cheeks and rubbing his thumb against her puckered hole. His other hand reached down and massaged Linda’s breast as best he could. Their pace was slow and deliberate, as if they were investigating each other’s pleasure zones. Linda thought Richie was more thoughtful in his lovemaking than she expected. Instead of a race, she realized that Richie was unhurried and she thought this might bode very well for the long weekend.

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Chapter 4 will be released December 6, 2018.

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Johnny Garcia
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