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Balewood Hospital

by Unlikely Red 3 months ago in fetishes

Ch 10 One Last go Part 2

Shane's breathing was loud, not nearly as loud as his pounding heart. Vrain's gaze moved to the EKG monitor as Shane's heart rate continued to increase. A fast drum in Vrain's ears. Shane's heart was perfectly steady, as always. Vrain wanted to hear Shane's heart skip, just once. To feel the powerful muscle shudder under his palm was a dream that Vrain desperately wanted to come true.

Adjusting his grip on the bike, Shane pressed on. Now that he heard his own heart racing, Shane could already pick out the differences. Feeling the tension increase on the bike, Shane refused to slow down. Glancing at the EKG monitor, Shane's heart rate was close to 160. Shane was fascinated by how fast and robust his heart was. The extra sound of his murmur added to Shane's fascination.

Vrain adjusted his hold on the scope as he placed it over Shane's tricuspid valve. Pressing the scope further against Shane's chest. His heartbeat sounded deeper in Vrain's ears. The power of each beat was incredible. Vrain couldn't get enough. Moving over to mitral, Vrain immediately noticed how Shane's murmur was louder.

Shane's heart was still speeding up. Vrain's gaze went the monitor for a moment, 180. "Keep going until you can't continue." Vrain bit his tongue. He wanted to push Shane to his limit. To make Shane's recovery as long as possible. The bikes tension increased once again, Shane began to peddle even harder.

Feeling a burn begin to set into his legs, Shane nodded to Vrain. He wasn't ready to be done. It was incredible feeling his heart pounding against his ribs. Finally, getting he hear his own heart hammering in his ears took it to a new level. Shane noticed how much louder his breathing was as Vrain placed to scope against a different spot on his chest. Shane's heart didn't sound as deep and strong from where the scope previously was.

Vrain knew from the look on Shane's face that he wasn't going to last much longer. Looking at the EKG monitor once more, Shane's heart was pushing 190. Meeting Shane's gaze, Vrain nodded. Removing the scope from Shane's chest, Shane got up and sprawled out onto the table.

Watching Shane move, Vrain realized how hard his heart was pounding. Placing the scope over Shane's apex. Vrain could feel Shane's heart hammering through the scope. Staring at Shane's sweat covered chest, Vrain watched the leads jumping to his heartbeat.

Moving the scope over, Vrain pressed his fingers against Shane's PMI. It barely took two seconds for Vrain to find it. Feeling a rapid solid drumming against his fingers, Vrain didn't know how much more he would be able to take. Most of Vrain's blood had long since moved south. Vrain's control was slipping.

Shane rolled onto his back. Vrain's hand sprawled across his chest. Watching the scope leap to his heartbeat, Shane exhaled slowly. The scope jumped even higher as his lungs deflated. Vrain's eyes blazed for a second just when Shane took a sharp inhale. Shane's heartbeat with a force that Vrain hadn't heard in a while.

Seeing that look in Vrain's eyes made Shane freeze. There was no mistaking the look. Vrain was about to lose his composure. Catching a glance of a bulge in Vrain's pants, Shane only hopped that Vrain didn't notice that he was in a similar predicament.

It had been a long time since Shane had a man look at him that way. This was the last place that he was expecting to find it. Vrain was a good looking male, and Shane wanted to know what else Vrain wanted to do to him.

To be continued...

Unlikely Red
Unlikely Red
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