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Balewood Hospital

by Unlikely Red 3 months ago in fetishes

Ch 8 Vrain's Personal Trip

Vrain didn’t feel like he was able to breathe until after Shane had left. Even then, it was still difficult, enough so that Vrain sat in the ultrasound techs chair. Looking up, Vrain watched Margo race into the room. Concern filled her face. Vrain instantly knew that she’d seen everything from the comfort of his office.

Later that night

Setting his bags down, Vrain sighed as he looked at the treadmill. It had been a while since he last had a good run. An idea popped into his head. Vrain moved across the house and into his bedroom. Vrain quickly slipped out of his work clothes and into a pair of loose fitting sweat pants. Walking to his dresser, Vrain paused as he looked at his brand new and unused stethoscope.

Taking out the beautiful cardiology stethoscope, Vrain smiled. A gift he would never use at work. Slipping the ends into his ears, Vrain closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he pressed the scope to his chest. Solid excited beats filled Vrain’s ears. Moving the scope, Vrain watched his heartbeat against it.

Walking towards the treadmill, Vrain set down the stethoscope as he moved to grab the chest strap. Securing the strap around his chest, Vrain looked at the machine. 110 even said the heart rate display. Feeling his heart jumping against the strap, Vrain closed his eyes briefly. Shane’s comments on both of their hearts ran through his mind.

Putting the ends into his ears, Vrain secured the scope under the strap. Feeling his heart kicking against the scope, Vrain’s heart pounded in his ears. The treadmill display showed a rate of 125. Stepping onto the treadmill, Vrain immediately set a pace.

Hearing his heart steadily speeding up, Vrain continued to increase the pace. Gently holding the tubing against his chest, Vrain loved how fast his heart was pounding. Reaching a steady 170, Vrain added an incline. Almost instantly, his heart shot up to 195. Feeling the incline stop rising beneath him, Vrain knew from the sound that his heart rate was pasted 210.

Feeling his heart hammering against his ribs, Vrain loved the force of every racing beat. Fatigue began to settle in his legs. Vrain pushed himself further, wanting his heart to go just a bit faster. Reaching a rate of 230, Vrain stepped off the treadmill.

Settling into the chair next to the treadmill, Vrain’s chest heaved. His whole body shook to his hammering beats. Taking a few breaths, Vrain filled his lungs and held his breath. Fast hammering beats slowed up slightly as the force of each beat increased. Vrain clenched his stomach hard.

Feeling his heart skip hard in his chest, Vrain exhaled and arched his back. Vrain looked down at his chest in time to see his heart gallop in his chest. Hearing the irregular beats, Vrain straightened his posture out. Galloping beats returned to normal racing beats as Vrain drew a deep breath. Right then, Vrain felt his heart skip a beat.

Pressing a palm against his chest, Vrain felt his heart pause as it started to skip beneath his hand. Each beat was like a kick to the chest. Vrain watched his heart continue to pause and skip in his chest.

Leaping onto his feet, Vrain felt his heart pause before it started to pound steadily. Undoing the chest strap, Vrain held the scope in place. Feeling his heart pushing against it. Walking into his bedroom, Vrain sprawled out across the bed on his left side. Securing the scope in place, Vrain continued to listen to his heart for the longest time as it continued to thump against the chest piece.

After a long while, Vrain set his stethoscope aside. Vrain moved to get comfortable as he pressed his fingers against his PMI. Feeling his mostly recovered heart thump against his finger’s Vrain closed his eyes. It didn’t take long for his mind to drift towards Shane. Vrain wanted to see the look on Shane’s face when he felt his heartbeat.

Unlikely Red
Unlikely Red
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