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Balewood Hospital

by Unlikely Red 3 months ago in fetishes

CH 7 Shane's Second Test

Hearing his phone ping, Vrain looked up to see Margo had texted. Reading the text a few more times, Vrain's heart stilled. Nervousness mixed with excitement soared through him. Shane was back already for more testing. Margo had already gone ahead and had him burn off a chunk of his energy. He was in room four.

Grabbing his stethoscope, Vrain walked out of the room and off to the exam room. When Shane walked into the room, the last few EKG leads were being snapped into place. Vrain looked at Shane's elevated heart rate. "I couldn't sleep. Did an extended working earlier."

"That's fine," Vrain placed the scope against Shane's chest. Deep, forceful beats thudded in Vrain's ears as he listened to Shane's heart. Moving the scope over, Vrain noticed how loud Shane's murmur was.

Watching Vrain for a moment. Shane picked up on the subtle cues of how nervous Vrain was acting. Seeing the rapid pulsing of Vrain carotid confirmed Shane's suspicion. It was then that Shane noticed the tech had stepped out of the room. Meeting Vrain's gaze. "I know you're hiding something."

Vrain paused at what Shane said. His heart continued to beat away as it had been. Vrain's on the other end started hammering like crazy against his sternum. Pulling the ends from his ears, Vrain sighed and quietly said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Shane stepped forward and pressed his hand over Vrain's racing heart. "I've been trained to know what people's subtle cues mean. You can't hide anything from me." Vrain stiffened up "plus, I can feel your heart racing. I like it." At that moment, Vrain's heart skipped a few beats.

Vrain sighed. "I love hearts, okay. Yours has to be one of the most impressive that I've ever seen or heard."

"I love how it sounds, as well." In that instance, the tech walked back into the room. Shane mentally swore. Stepping onto the treadmill, Shane started the machine and steadily increase the speed and incline. It didn't take long, and Shane could feel his heart pounding against his ribs as he continued to push himself even further.

Looking over at the tech Vrain immediately noticed that it wasn't the same chick as before. Margo had switched with the other woman. "I had a fascinating chat with Shane earlier. Don't worry, I've known for a while. Do what you want long as it isn't invasive." With a smile, Margo placed the buds into her ears.

Shane stepped off the treadmill, sweat poured down his chest. Margo pressed the probe to Shane's heaving chest soon as he laid down. Vrain's eyes locked on the screen as he pressed the scope to Shane's chest. Feeling Shane's heart pounding against the scope, Vrain was amazed by how loud his murmur was.

Even after Margo had finished getting images, Shane's heart was still beating fast. When Shane rolled onto his back, Vrain placed his palm over Shane's heart. That heart of his didn't miss a beat. Shane laid there like he didn't notice what Vrain was doing.

Vrain looked up to find out Margo had left. Placing his stethoscope around his neck, "next, I'm going to have you try controlling your breath after this next run."

Shane had that look on his face again. "Can I listen to my heart first?" Vrain uttered a reply. The next thing Vrain knew, Shane had a hold of his stethoscope. Watching Vrain, Shane placed the scope against his chest. "He is strong."

Watching Vrain's neck pulsing rapidly, Shane smirked and pressed the scope to Vrain's chest. Mentally shaking himself, Vrain stepped forward. "You'll hear it better this way." Vrain undid a few buttons of his shirt. Then guided the scope to his chest.

Either way, Vrain's heart was racing, and Shane liked it. He found it odd that he liked Vrain's heartbeat.

Unlikely Red
Unlikely Red
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