Balewood Hospital

Ch 6 Damion's Test

Balewood Hospital

Vrain looked over his shoulder as the sound of clicking caught his attention. Meeting Damion's gaze, he gave Vrain a forced smile as he made his way into the room. "I had an incident at work yesterday, and now I'm out for the next six to eight weeks." Vrain looked at Damion's casted leg. Mouth working, Vrain couldn't get his voice to work.

Right behind him came Margo, "relax, Vrain. I already permitted you to do Damion's test differently due to his injury. That being said, I'm joining you."

Vrain relaxed slightly "alright. Then that means we will get started." Damion smiled politely and sat. Setting his crutches on the floor beside the table, Damion made quick work of getting his shirt off.

Margo stepped forward got an IV started in Damion's arm as the last few EKG leads were snapped into place. Damion glanced at his lead-covered chest. A couple of the leads danced to his heartbeat. Looking up at the tech, Damion rolled onto his side.

Vrain studied Damion's EKG and echo carefully. Damion's youthful heart was a site to see. He'd just barely met the minimum age requirement. Stepping forward, Vrain reached for his stethoscope and pressed the scope to Damion's thin chest. Taking a quick listen to each of Damion's valves, Vrain stepped back as the tech moved to finish getting images. Vrain's gaze moved over to Margo. It was apparent she agreed.

"Alright, Damion, here comes the dobutamine. You let me know if you have any chest pain or trouble breathing." Damion nodded as Margo started medicine. Closing his eyes, Damion took slow deep breaths. Feeling his heart begin to speed up, Damion glanced down at his lead-covered chest. Damion watched the leads dance as he exhaled. He could physically see his heart speeding up as it beat forcefully against his ribs.

Margo stepped forward and placed the scope against Damion's apex. Damion's heartbeat was fast and strong in Margo's ears as it was pushing against the scope. Glancing down at Damion's chest, Margo could see the leads moving steadily.

Moving the scope across Damion's chest, Margo peered over the tech's shoulder as the next dose of dobutamine hit Damion's heart. Watching Damion's heart speed up, Margo watched Damion's heart pause then skip loudly. Hearing the hitch in Damion's breathing, Margo knew that one had hurt. Looking up at the EKG machine Margo, stepped back, and placed her stethoscope around her neck.

Vrain stepped forward and carefully watched Damion's echo. Damion's heart rate went from 170 to 190 as the final dose of dobutamine started to kick in. Closing his eyes briefly, Damion felt his heart take off.

Vrain noticed an offbeat as the tech moved the probe across Damion's chest. Watching Damion's EKG, Vrain watched as his heart began to skip. Reaching for his stethoscope, Vrain placed the scope over Damion's skipping heart. Hearing the force in each skip, Vrain watched as Damion's heart came into view. Watching Damion's valves slam shut as his heart continued to skip and pause.

Margo met Vrain's gaze as she placed her scope near Vrain's on Damion's chest. Vrain couldn't take his eyes off the screen. Damion's ventricles contracted with a great. Vrain motioned for Damion to roll onto his back as the tech finished cleaning off his chest. Once Damion was settled, Vrain watched Damion's heart racing unevenly in his chest.

"Damion takes a deep breath and holds it for a few seconds," Margo pressed her fingers against the visible pulse. Hearing Damion's skipping heart right, it's self as he took a deep breath. Margo noticed how much more it slowed up. Very slowly, Damion exhaled. Damion's heart kicked hard against the chest pieces as it threw one more skip.

Feeling Damion's heart even out beneath the chest piece, Vrain watched the scope jump to Damion's heartbeat. Seeing Damion's heart return to a normal rhythm on the heart monitor, Vrain watched Damion's EKG. When Damion's heart dropped to a steady seventy, Vrain stepped back and placed the stethoscope around his neck.

"We will use what we can of your test Damion." Vrain stated calmly, "however we'll probably have to repeat this once your leg is healed or with a different drug."

Damion scratched the back of his neck as he sat up, "my heart usually does that after intense exercise." Looking down at his chest, Damion watched as the tech began to remove the leads from his chest. "I'd be willing to do this again."

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