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Balewood Hospital

by Unlikely Red 3 months ago in fetishes

Ch 4 Shane's Test

Glancing up from his endless paperwork, Vrain swore when he saw the clock. Shane’s stress test had started ten minutes ago. There was no time for Vrain to get to the room and participate. Clenching his fist, Vrain sighed when he saw the monitor with three separate EKGs running across it.

Seeing Shane’s pop up, Vrain leaped to his feet and locked the door to his office. Shutting off the lights, Vrain smiled as to be settled into his desk chair. Slipping on his headphones, Vrain enlarged Shane’s EKG strip. Moving to a different monitor Vrain pulled up the security footage. Shane was smiling as someone placed the leads across his defined chest. Vrain paused the footage, the site of a healed bullet wound caught Vrain’s attention.

Hearing the bass of Shane’s heartbeat, Vrain refocused. He was laid out across a table as the tech pressed an ultrasound probe to his chest. Vrain adjusted his headphones as the tech moved into a perfect four-chamber view. Vrain wanted to curse at his own far from the perfect view, though he could still make out many of the structures of Shane’s heart.

His heart looked as beautiful as it sounded. Vrain was instantly lost in the sight and sound. Only when Vrain heard Shane’s heart speed up slightly did Vrain open his eyes. Not even realizing he’d closed them, Vrain’s email pinged. He’d already gotten the results from Shane’s echo. “Thank you, Margo,” Vrain muttered under his breath as he pulled up the report while Shane’s powerful heartbeat sang in his ears.

Skimming through the report, everything looked perfect. Margo even left a comment on Shane’s EKG’s. “Strong indeed, Margo. Perfect as well.” Shane’s heart was on the bigger side of things but was still normal. Vrain couldn’t wait to see Shane’s heart post-exercise. Taking a slow deep breath, it was only then that Vrain noticed his own heart racing.

Another ping sounded. Margo had granted Vrain live access to Shane’s power exercise echo. Shane’s heart rate was already up to 120 and slowly rising. Vrain’s colleges knew what to do in some instances like this. It didn’t take long as Shane ran up a slowly growing incline, forcing his heart to beat even faster.

Vrain closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t take it anymore. Undoing the top few buttons of his shirt, Vrain’s other hand did quick work at releasing his restricted boner. Pressing one hand against his pounding heart, Vrain took hold of his enlarged shaft. Focusing on Shane’s pounding heart, Vrain steadily stroked himself.

With each stroke, Vrain sped up, moving faster and faster. Feeling his own heart hammering against his palm, Vrain bit his lip to suppress a groan as he came. Sinking back against his chair, Vrain watched Shane lay across the table. His heart beating like a rapid base drum in Vrain’s ears.

Vrain’s curiosity perked when the probe was pressed against Shane’s heaving chest. “So beautiful,” Vrain whispered as he watched Shane’s pounding heart come into view. Shane’s heart was truthfully amazing. Vrain watched intently as blood flowed through Shane’s leaky mitral valve. The force of Shane’s left ventricle was mesmerizing. It had been a long time since Vrain had seen a heart with such a high outflow volume.

Letting out a hefty sigh, Vrain wished he was the one examining Shane as he recovered. All Vrain wanted to do was feel Shane’s heart pounding against his palm as he listened to it recover. Shane’s heart recovered in record time. Vrain knew there had just been enough time to get the images he needed. “Next time, we’re doing things my way,” Vrain purred as he closed his eyes once more.

Unlikely Red
Unlikely Red
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