Balewood Hospital

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Ch 5 Aria's Test

Balewood Hospital

Vrain leaped to his feet as the impatient knocking started up again. Getting to the door in record time, Vrain paused when he saw who was on the other side. “Darren. What has you encroaching on my office today?”

Darren smirked and leaned in “grow up, Baron. I may swing both ways. I’m not interested in you.” Vrain narrowed his eyes. That would change in a month or two. “That female Aria. Shall I take her off your hands?”

“Only if you don’t sleep with her.” Darren grinned as Vrain turned to retrieve her chart. Darren’s grin grew as he skimmed over her test results. Looking in at Aria, Darren felt his heart begin to pound.

What was this woman? An athlete or a supermodel could pass for both, and Darren was glad Vrain passed her up. “Hello, Aria. I’m Dr. Mayra. You can call me Darren.” Aria smiles slightly as she shook his hand. “So to get started, I’m going to examine you a bit, then we will start the next part,” Darren noted how Aria was already in a hospital gown.

Not saying another word, Darren placed the ends in his ears and placed the scope on Aria’s chest. Listening to Aria’s heart racing in his ears, Darren then noticed her unease. Moving the scope to another spot on her chest, Darren watched her take a deep breath. Aria’s little heart slowed up slightly as she exhaled. Darren heard her heart pause, then let out a loud skip and continue pounding steadily.

Finishing his exam, Darren stepped back as he placed his stethoscope around his neck. Not having to say anything, Darren watched as a tech moved to start connecting Aria to the EKG machine. Soon as she got into position, the tech started taking images of her heart. Darren watched Aria’s little heart race. Watching her valves snap shut and seeing her chambers contracting with a great force, Darren continued to watch eagerly.

The next thing he knew, Aria was walking over to the treadmill. Darren quietly placed the buds into his ears. A few of the EKG leads were also microphones. Hearing Aria’s reactive heart, Darren watched as she started at a fast walk. Within a few minutes, Aria was at a full run.

Adjusting the earbuds, Darren listened to Aria’s heart pounding away as he carefully examined her EKG. With her heart rate at 140 and climbing, Darren was impressed by how healthy her little heart was. She’s definitely perfect for Vrain’s research. Darren knew he wasn’t going to choose a woman.

Darren didn’t know how much time had passed when Aria hit the stop switch on the treadmill. She raced over to the table as the tech pressed a probe to her chest. Removing the earbuds, Darren reached for his stethoscope. Placing the scope against her heaving chest, Darren’s gaze moved to the screen.

Aria took a hurried breath then held it. In that instant, Darren saw a near-perfect image of her racing heart. Darren watched as Aria’s heart began to skip. Feeling the uneven beating beneath the chest piece, Darren pressed the scope further against her chest.

Wincing, Aria was already getting tired of her heart skipping in her chest. “Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.” Darren calmly told her as the tech continued to get the images they needed. Aria nodded and took as deep of a breath as she could. Darren watched as her fast heart slowed up.

Aria slowly let out her breath as Darren moved the scope to another location. Darren glanced over at the EKG as Area’s heart returned to a normal rhythm. By then, the tech had finished gathering images.

Darren placed the stethoscope around his neck and stepped back as Aria moved to sit up. The test was over, and now it was time for Darren to report to Vrain about Aria’s test.

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