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by Sassy 5 days ago in fiction

Good things come to those who wait....

Sup on her sweet, golden nectar

Smiling shyly she opens the door, biting her lip in anticipation of what is to come.... 

They had been conversing for a while now and their exchanges had become increasingly suggestive. The build-up, the expectation, was delicious, and upon seeing him for the first time, standing in the moonlight on her front porch, she was not disappointed.

She invites him inside, asking him to remove his shoes, flirtatiously telling him she likes to start undressing a man at the door. 

He kneels directly in front of her in order to take them off, brushing himself ever so slightly against her on the way down, his face inches away from her, feeling the warmth radiating from her already hot and throbbing pussy. He stands, and upon kissing her, parting her lips as he thrust his tongue deeply into her mouth, he pulls the strings of her dress, allowing it to slip open, revealing her nakedness beneath. 

'Ladies first,' he states, slipping the straps from her shoulders, as he gazes upon her, wanting more than anything to slide his fingers between her lips, to feel her wetness, to taste her sweet juices. 

At the hunger in his eyes, she frantically reaches to unbuckle his belt, tearing down his trousers in desperation, clawing at his erect member. 

They barely have a chance to pool at his ankles before he lifts her to spear his hardness inside her, her legs wrapping firmly around his waist as he fucks her hard against the wall, the primal urges just too strong, pounding into her and they both climax screaming each other's name.

Enjoying the feeling of his cock inside her as they slowly catch their breath, each tiny movement still bringing immense pleasure, until he gently raises her to pull out.

Slowly, softly, sensually, she assists him in removing the remainder of his clothes, savouring each moment in glorious appreciation of his godlike body. 

In all her vulnerable nakedness she remembers her hostessly duties and invites him to the kitchen for a drink.

As she reaches into the cupboard to get some glasses she feels his hands reach to stroke her breasts and his eagerness pressed against her from behind. Her soft moans only encourage him as he gently lifts and squeezes them, his thumbs tracing circles around her areola, her nipples growing hard as he begins to tweak and flick them between his fingers.

Easily lifting her to seated on the kitchen bench, nipples raised now to the perfect height for sucking, spreading her legs before him, his fingers running up and down her inner thighs, each time getting closer and closer to her inner centre of desire, and as his teeth graze her nipple, his fingers reach their destination, gently stroking her clit, driving her crazy as she moans in ecstasy.

Laying her back, he slides his fingers deep inside her wetness as she widens her legs begging him to taste her.

As he lowers his lips toward her, he notices the bottle of liquor left as yet undrunk on the bench. His breath hot on her wet pussy, his tongue teasingly laps once, twice, three times before grabbing the bottle.

Removing the lid, he takes a gulp, leaning down to kiss her, his tongue tasting a mixture of the liquor and her juices. After pouring a generous offering into her mouth, he continues to pour down over her breasts and stomach, his tongue eagerly lapping up each drop.

He slowly parts her lower lips with his fingers, and drizzling the golden liquor over her wetness, inserts his probing tongue within and proceeds to drink deeply from her cup....



Prim and proper primary school teacher and mother of two by day,

sometimes Sassy just likes to get a little, well, sassy....

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