And Yet, There Was a Man: Prologue

by Echo Olivia 2 years ago in fiction

The Queen and Her Demon Pet

And Yet, There Was a Man: Prologue

Soaking in milk and honey, I watched as the room grew dark with the sun setting.

Madeline piped up from her spot on my shoulder, a small demon in the form of an outstretched frog.

“Did you see him today?”

I nodded angrily. I almost only prefer women, and any kind of attraction to a man only makes me angry. Within a matrilineal society, one man should not be able to sway me.

“He makes the the worst marks in his class. He is not good at a damn thing. Well, except for breeding. He apparently plows through women in droves.”

“Except you,” Madeline sank into the milk and turned herself into the form of a woman.

“He would be blessed to find the heat between my legs!” I scowled. “He doesn’t deserve such a drink.”

Madeline was pooling the milk in her hands and letting it run over my breasts.

“Then why are you wet?” She was attuned to me.

“His sad mouth popped into my head.”

“Really?” She lowered her hands into the liquid. “What about his mouth?”

“He must know how to use it. He is a lowlife, only used for breeding.”

“He mustn’t only use his mouth, I am sure?” She was coaxing me to admit what I really wanted. “You know, he must be quite the one to breed.”

“You are quite the one to breed.”

Madeline grinned. “You always say that.” I could feel her body pressing against mine, her loins turning from female to male. Her mouth was against my ear. “That lowlife…that sorry, dirtied man. When will you have him?”

“I can’t — yet. He must yearn before he can receive.”

She was curling around me gently, trying to persuade me.

“Really?” Madeline’s cock was making her breathless, pressed against my leg. I reached into the milk to massage her balls. “Is it that he is so helpless that you like him?” I shook my head. She started to groan. “May-maybe because he is normally the one that d-dominates?” I shook my head.

I started to work down to the shaft with my hand, tugging her foreskin back and forth. She bucked into my hand.

“What a soft demon you are,” I smiled at her face. Anger ran through her eyes. “You get so desperate, even trying to play off of my need for a peasant-man.” Her cock twitched in my hand.

“Permission for dominance, my Master,” she spit the words at me.

I waited a moment, tugging her faster.


I felt her hands underneath me in the water before being spun onto the rock around the tub. She opened my lips wide, looking between my legs and positioning her cock at my entrance.

My heart was throbbing. “Sometimes I wish to surprise him. Beg him for his seed.”

“Did you just say you’d beg him, Master?” She started to breach, pushing through me.

I quivered. Madeline fed my desires, as it always had the last five years. I named my demon to be female, but lately it has had to take on the bottom half of a man more often than not.

“I will admit, this form gets to reach much deeper parts of you. I can’t say that I do not like to claim your cervix.” Her cock reformed inside of me to fit the space.

I could feel the throbbing begin, a pulse from my g-spot that butterflied out to my hips. I had to keep from crying out.

“Do you wish to wrap around his cock? Is that what you imagine?” Her pace quickened and I couldn’t breathe. Bliss sparked behind my eyes.

I cried out, large phantom hands wrapped around me. I was being lifted from the rock into the air, her hips meeting mine, wider and wider — my lungs couldn’t fill fast enough.

Her cock met my g-spot harder this time, and I knew was done.

I silently screamed, her phantom hands covered my mouth. She lowered me but continued thrusting.

I laid limp. She was still pounding me.

I finally heard her groan and my insides were bursting with cum — I watched it spill onto the stone beneath me.

She put me back into the milk and honey bath.

“Tomorrow, we must go find this John,” she cooed. I was breathing heavily in the middle of the bath.

I nodded.

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