And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 7

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And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 7

John and I laid on my bed for an eternity, quietly. I looked over to see Madeline perched as a bird, looking out the window.

“What can you do with Madeline?” I turned to him, confused at the question.

“What can I do?”

“I mean, like fighting-wise.” Madeline perked up on the window sill.

“She can transform into a multitude of weapons. Though, I think her favorite is the spear. It offers a lot of attack range and defense against swords.” I stared at her thoughtfully. “Only once have I ever had to take someone’s life.”

John jumped. “You killed someone?”

“Yeah.” I felt pained thinking of it. I don’t know why I brought it up. I felt like I owed him an explanation now.

I took a deep breath.

“Melissa had this guy she liked—Gawain. She and I went through a rough period before she met Gawain. But there was something off about him when she introduced us, making our relationship worsen. One day, we were battling in the courtyard and Gawain sat aside watching. I won—I tripped her and she landed on her face. She started crying. Gawain was angry at me, saying that I always tried to overshadow Melissa. I never saw much of Melissa after that for a month.”

I stopped. I didn’t know how to explain it.

“Did he try to attack you?” John pressed.

“No. He tried to attack Melissa.” I thought of the blood on the floor. “Gawain came from a rich family of the Toomay Priesthood. He said that he was destined to be with my sister. Melissa got tired of hearing him speak of destiny. She always wanted to be queen. She tried to break up with him and he went crazy.”

He slit her wrist with a knife.

“I heard screaming from downstairs and leaped from the balcony to the first floor. I saw him standing there, covered in my sister's blood when he tried to kill her. I called Madeline, he pulled a sword on me and I reacted by, well…”

I pierced him with a spear.

“Melissa was never happy after that. She thought I lost her a chance at love and glory. She told me I had overreacted. Sometimes I think I did. Father came in and tried to spin it further in my favor.” I felt like I had taken life for nothing.

“I never knew. No one in the city heard anything.”

“If anyone asks, we say Gawain ran away. I remember what that moment felt like. Anyway, training has been such an adamant part of my life for so long. I don’t think I had another setting on how to react to people treating me wrong.”

“I used to look at the six sisters—before Jesse—and feel so envious. You had a path to live by, something to keep working on. My two older sisters turned out to be terrible people. My sister once tried to blame her thieving on me. I think that is when I felt everything didn’t matter anymore. My word meant nothing. Everyone thought I was terrible, so I became terrible.”

I watched his hands dig into the sheets.

“Wait. You had Madzy, so you had to at least be 18 when Gawain died?” John mused.


“How long ago… was it?”

“Two years ago.”

He looked frightened for a moment. I put my hand over his.

“I hated you for so long,” I tried to change the subject. He took the bait. “I thought you were a joke. Like you just never cared. Then, the day after I got Madeline, she took my virginity against my bedroom wall. No one had ever made me feel dominated before. I was shaken - and rather boldly aroused. The next day I saw you training with your father. You gave me a snide look, and said… that first thing you had ever said to me. I did go home. I barely made it to my room before cum had dripped down my leg. Madeline threw me over the side of my balcony railing and filled me. I saw you walking with Jennifer, not even a hundred feet away. The trees were blocking me, but I could just make out your voice. I was heartbroken. You have been fucking her on and off for five years, haven’t you?”

“No.” I jumped at his response.


“She told me I was a piece of shit, but the way I got her off made her want to pay me for it. She has given me enough to feed my family a few weeks. I have gone to her house seven times. Of course, the last time I never got paid for. And who should I see but the princess herself waltzing around? I hoped that maybe you could get me into the castle again, so that I may talk to your father before any decisions were made about my family.”

A wicked smirk took over my face.

“What?” He glared at me.

“Jenny’s mom fucking yanked your cock right out of her womb,” I laughed. “I was pissed at you. I had yearned for you five years and there you are fucking a girl that used to be my friend. I wanted to drag you into my room, wash your cock in milk and honey and dirty you with me instead.”

He smiled. “You felt possessive?”

“I did. And you aren’t even mine.”

“I wasn’t even yours. I am yours now.”

“No. You don’t want to be mine.”


“No. And I didn’t just save you for my sake. I was truly scared of you being killed by the war.” I felt pain in my stomach. “I want you safe. I want you to live on.”

His eyes were gentle towards me. “Thank you. There is a lot I don’t know about you.”


“At least you didn’t make me cry.”

“I did.”

“The tears I cried on top of you were for the way you felt wrapped around my dick.”

“Were not, bitch.”

He growled at me. “Don’t get shitty with me.”

“I’ll try, but only because I’m yearning for more of that horse cock you’ve got stuffed in your pants.”

He laughed aloud and it brightened his eyes. “Horse cock? I guess that was the only blessing I got. My sisters always tried to make small dick jokes. They never did offend me.”

“You could have been any size and I would have damn near cried just at the thought of you paying attention to me.”

“Attention? You’re the queen. Everyone pays attention to you.”

“Not because they actually know me and like me. I am a trophy in a cabinet.”

“But what a trophy you are.”

I glared at him.

“That fucking body you have is so milky white and tight. I am sunburnt.”

“I think darker skin is much sexier.”

“Hmm. Well, you’re definitely looking for a hard working man then.”

“Or woman.”

“God, I love that you appreciate women.”

“Everyone is so beautiful. How could I resist?”

“Do you do Madeline as a girl often?”

“I used to. I especially enjoy eating her out. She looks…. Fuck. I don’t even know. I love bending her over. She’s just so small and pink. It’s like her insides are perfect.”

I saw John shake a bit in arousal.

“You want my Madeline, don’t you?”

“I shouldn’t have her. She hates me and it would make you jealous.”

I smiled. "We are pretty much the same soul. But no, you couldn’t handle her. You’d come in a matter of seconds.”

“Really, now?”

“Yeah. I once asked her to suck a guy’s cock in the middle of his family dinner. He was stealing from companies and kept saying he would never break the image his mother had of him. Madeline wasn’t even subtle. She flew up under the table, yanked his pants down and sucked him off so loudly and boldly his father could see her deep throating him. Half of his body was under the table. His mother was screaming. Madzy was ungodly, taking his length to his balls so fast it was inhuman. He yelled loud enough in orgasm to wake a neighborhood. I didn’t know a man’s balls could be emptied so quickly.”

“Holy fucking shit. She sucked me off…”

“Not like this. I told her not to be gentle with the other guy. If she was trying… like really on a mission to empty your nuts as fast as possible, they’d be empty in the blink of an eye.”

Madeline apparated just in front of John. She was on her hands and knees in front of him while he sat on the bed. Her body was bared.

“Do you doubt my power?” she breathed into his neck. He was frozen. “I’ll make you both come so hard you won’t be able to make a sound.” John shuddered, his cock standing up.

“I shouldn’t come anymore, I’ll get sore,” he breathed into her shoulder.

“Madeline. Start at his hips and lick your way up his body slowly.”

She dropped her head to the side of his cock and gave it a lick. She moved hypnotically, from the side of his cock, up his hips, stomach, chest, neck. She moved herself to slide John between the lips of her pussy. He was shaking.

“Madeline, please. My balls are aching.”

“Please what?”

“I just came twice.”


He was breathing hard, waiting for my response.

“What do you want John?” I looked at him seriously.

“Fuck… make me come.”

“Permission for being rough?”


She dropped down and engulfed his cock with her throat. His spine bent and he slammed down against the bed.

“FUUUUCK!” His yelling was nearly a garble. I thought his eyes might roll back into his head.

There was so little sound. Madeline was a blur, John’s back bent upwards and was frozen in place.

“Aaa-!” The sound started to come out of John’s mouth but cut off. Suddenly his cum was everywhere. Thick ropes shot up his stomach, Madeline was now holding the base of his cock. He was silent, shaking. His leg muscles spasmed. I could swear I saw his balls squeeze tightly.

Suddenly, I heard him gulp in air. It was as if he had been underwater.

“Oh… please. Oh my fucking god,” he nearly cried out. His chest was heaving.

“Madeline is capable of wonderful things.”


“Clean him with your tongue, my love.”

“Yes, master.”

“Please keep calling me master.” My insides were throbbing at the word.

“Yes, Master.” She leaned down, her breasts pressing against John’s leg and licked the cum off of him. He nearly jumped as she licked the side of his cock again.

“Madeline, may I please ask you for something?” John was shaking.

“I will consider it.”

“Could you put my whole cock down your throat, and give it very gentle suction? There is still a bit more cum.”

She stared at him a moment, then looked at me.

“Master wants me to. She is getting wet.” I went bright red.

Her mouth engulfed his cock again and I watched his toes curl. She pushed his legs open further, her mouth finally reaching the base of his shaft. He was bucking, it looked like he couldn't control himself.

“Oh fuck. Madzy, I was wrong. I can't fucking sit still. Please stop.”

She hollowed her cheeks out and moved along his cock.

“No! No, Madeline,” He bucked erratically. “Oh fuck, she's not gonna stop.” His back arched off the bed. “I feel like she's pulling everything out of the tip of my cock.” She removed her mouth from him with a soft pop. His legs still shook.

“You asked for it,” Madeline cooed.

John's chest was heaving. “One day I'll have you, Madeline.” She cocked her head. “I'm gonna fuck you so hard. I'll hold you by the throat, your back against my chest.” She stared at him.

Madeline grinned. “We'll see if you can perform,” She turned back into a bird to perch at the window.

“We need to go eat, John.” He nodded quickly, his eyes wide open in shock of what had just transpired.

Echo Olivia
Echo Olivia
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