And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 2

by Echo Olivia 2 years ago in fiction

The Settle In

And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 2

I could hardly breathe as I walked back to my room. I could hear John walking behind me, mumbling.

Madeline was sitting strangely still on my shoulder.

I turned the corner to the sleeping quarter and stared at the floor for a moment. When I turned, John was standing still in the doorway with blankets and a pillow in hand.

He looked defeated.

This was not how I imagined our first night together.

“There is plenty of space for you here. A bed and a bath.”

He was staring into the distance. “So, you wish to keep me here?”

“Yes,” I breathed.


There was a thickness in the air. Reds and yellows filled the room through the window.

“I couldn’t bear to see you go.”

He scoffed.

“You felt bad for the poor kid—the dropout, the failure, and the worthless son? I don’t need your pity.”

“I do not pity you!” I snapped. I simply yearn for you. Live my daily life around where you may exist. “Do you find me so simple?”

“Then what are you?”

“Your master—now.”

His eyebrows jumped upward. “My master, huh?”

My heart started to pound in my chest. I wanted his cock now. Madeline uncoiled from my neck and transformed into a woman next to me. Her eyes were sharp.

“Echo is my master. I serve her—as you will.” John stared at her, obviously aroused by her body.

She was something to look at. Full hips and thick breasts and legs that stretched very long. She had formed a dress around her body, thin and beige. I hadn’t seen her clothed in so long I had forgotten she could form anything but her perfect, naked body.

Suddenly I felt possessive of her.

John’s cock was hard, pulling his pants away from his body. He seemed to not be ashamed of the reaction.

I walked behind Madeline, lifting the back of her dress to find she had no underwear.

“Master…” she purred. Her bare ass was beautiful. I nearly forgot that John was present. I was absorbed in having her. “Master, do you need me?” I ran my fingers between her legs for a moment before realizing I was not alone with her.

I looked up to find John’s mouth hanging open in shock.

“Madeline is mine,” I never knew I felt this way. “Do not touch her. You can have all of the holes in the kingdom, but hers is mine.”

Madeline smiled. “I shall prepare our beds and draw a bath. John, you will bathe after the master. She always bathes first.”

I just looked at the floor again.

“I hope you will feel welcome here,” I said nervously toward John.

John gave me a slow-forming smirk.

“Wait just a moment—Master. May I ask you some questions? I beg your honesty.”

“What are your inquiries?”

He looked from Madzy to me—assessing our bodies, I suppose. I started to feel self-conscious.

“Madeline is yours. A demon you were able to summon five years ago. What is her contract with you?”

I nodded. “Imprints are contracted through a ceremony when the owner turns 18. I performed the ceremony, spoke the ritual and at first, nothing came to me—or so I thought. Madeline appeared in the form of a snake around my shoulders. She was the first demon the village had seen that could transform into more than four forms. We sign what I assume is our soul to them,” I glanced at Madeline. “In all technicality, she could kill me at any time. But, for some reason, she doesn't.”

“I love you, Master,” she said warmly to me. I smiled.

“I bet she does,” John smirked. I jolted at John’s comment.

“Why do you bet?”

“She loves you—the way you touched her, the way she reveres you. Have you guys become physical?”


“Have you fucked each other.”

I stared at him.

“You have,” his smile became wide. “You probably get off with each other often. I truly did not pin Echo the type to like women.”

“In technicality,” Madeline cut in. “I can change genders at any time. My forms are easily manipulated.”

John looked appalled. “Really?”

“Yes. Master loves my cock.”

John was nearly drooling. He now put a hand over the tent in his pants in an attempt to hide it.


“Yes, Master?”

“Holy shit,” John stared at me.

“What?” I was appalled that Madzy had released that information, but was happy to have John’s interest.

“You take a fucking demon cock every day?”

“Actually,” again Madeline jumped in. “Usually it is much more like three to five times a day.”

“Hey! Madeline!” I was nearly blushing out of control now.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” John was beyond tenting his pants now, his hand could not hide it.

Madeline was smiling triumphantly, her eyes were dark. “Does that arouse you, human?”

“Human...” John narrowed his eyes at her.

“Echo is my master, you are a mere human. But she will dictate how I feel. Boy.”

“Oh ho ho, no. I am hardly a boy. My cock has dipped into many women.”

“Proud human. My cock is for only Echo.”

I couldn’t help it. I laughed aloud.

“Wow, such taste, you two.”

“Your demon needs a shorter leash.”

“You need a longer cock.”

John stared her down.

“I want you to look after John, Madeline.”

“Yes, Master. I will look after him. May I suggest something?”

“Yes, granted.”

“Please do not use the word ‘granted,’ Master. It gives permission before it is needed.”

I blushed, and Madeline smirked. John looked confused.

“May I ask that you wait to breed John?”

I could hardly breathe suddenly. “Oh.. um. I—yes. I wanted to save him and um—breeding. Yeah.”

“Oh, so the Queen brings me in and her demon pet won’t allow me to take a ride?”

“You will not be taking rides on anyone just yet,” Madeline growled. “It is time for your bath my queen, may I draw it?”

“Yes… Madeline.”

She waltzed out of the room.

“So. You have hired my cock?”

I was so nervous suddenly, but also headstrong.

“I did hire your cock,” I thought about Madeline’s request. “But for now, I need you to be getting comfortable.” I could hardly look him in the eye. “I must go bathe now.”

John was smirking. “Yes, Master.” He started to make up his bed. I nearly ran to my bath.

“Madeline!” I called out to her. She gave no answer. I suddenly walked slower, rounding the corner before the water came into view. Madeline’s smooth shoulders caught my eye, her long hair laid wet on her back. I had to stop in my tracks.

She turned to me languidly. “Master. I am sorry, I had to test the water. I did not hear you at first.”

“Ah—yes.” She must have heard me—many a time I found she could hear everything. But I was affixed on her beauty. Her wet skin glistening in the remaining daylight through the windows. She crawled up out of the water, walking to me and reaching out to run her fingers under my dress.

Her body was dangerously bare after being so clothed. I let my eyes wander to the place between her legs.

"You left the room with John to pursue me?" she whispered in my ear.

Her fingers ran the lines around each side of my underwear before one slipped under. I nearly jumped when it ran between my slit. It slid easily, past my clit, to my opening. I closed my eyes.

God, she was so skilled with her fingers. I had to focus to keep my breathing steady.

She pulled her finger back to my clit, gently flicking with an upward motion. I could feel her breath wash over my face, so close to my lips. Her mouth was on mine then and I froze.

My eyes shot open, greeted by her gaze.

“My master, I will have you without my cock tonight.”

She leaned in and I met her mouth. She was gentle and sweet, her passion led her teeth to gently nibble my lip. I moaned into her mouth.

“Get into the bath, onto your knees.”

I nodded, undressing and sank into the water, leaning over the side of the tub. I found myself shaking with anticipation.

Madeline floated into the water gracefully, positioning herself behind me.

Her hands moved over my body, lithe and working towards my ass. Her fingers quickly rubbed from my hips to my thighs, down to my clit and stroked back and forth from my opening. I could feel my heart rate increasing.

“John is in your room,” Madeline cooed. I was suddenly very attentive. My body physically shook. “I gave him the hints, I wrangled him in. Tales of your taking cock.”

I nodded, hardly able to function. Her fingers became slick from me, even underwater.

“His cock stood for you,” suddenly her fingers paused outside of my hole. “What would you have done had it stood outside of you here?” Her fingers started to push into me. My mouth started gaping, the pressure intensifying inside of me. “What would you do had he asked to bury himself?” Her fingers suddenly became deep, pushing downwards to my g-spot until my vision nearly went white.

“Oh, fuck…” I started to move, riding her until I felt Madeline’s free hand grab my hips and pull me back further onto her fingers.

“Stay still,” she breathed into my ear. “I want you to imagine John’s cock.”

I opened my legs wider and felt her sink back in. “His cock will breed you, Master, do you feel it?”

I breathed out harshly. “Madeline…”

“Master, he cannot handle you. His hips will drive him to finish quickly.” Fuck, those wonderful hips of his. That happy trail… to his pubic hair. His cock is probably magnificent.

“His cock will spread your walls open wide,” I felt the first wave of arousal. Her hand was pumping me. “You crave him now. And what of your mouth? Will you prepare him with your tongue? Will you take him into your throat before he receives you? How long must his cock wait for his goddess to allow his release into her?”

I was panting. Her hand wrapped around me to flick my clit, the other still keeping a languid motion in and out between my legs. I was trying not to buck.

"He is touching himself, Echo."

I felt my body freeze up. Madeline's hands still worked me over.

"He... is pleasuring himself? Do you mean—at this very moment?"

A phantom hand wrapped around my torso, pulling me back against her chest. Her lips touched my ear.

"At this very moment, his hand is traveling up and down his shaft."

My loins tightened. Madeline's hand moved faster, driving into me quickly. I couldn't muster the competence to speak.

"His balls ache, Echo. He is laid on his back in his new bed, pumping himself to the thought of your sweet slit."

"No, Madeline..." I choked out. She inserted another finger. "You are lying." Three fingers stretched me. "He is not..."

"His cock is being tugged with quickening gestures," suddenly she was fucking me harshly. My g-spot had swollen, and every stroke meant I was closer to rapture. "His jerking is getting erratic. He needs a place to bury his cock, lest he wastes his cum." My legs were shaking under the water, Madeline used a free hand to tug on my clit. She pulled it back and forth, exposing the soft bud underneath to the pad of her finger.

Must he be jerking quickly for my inside? Is that what he imagines to release himself? Madeline's fingers... they are drawing me close.

I thought I may cry with jubilance. "He is close, Master. He is jerking from the base of the shaft to just under the head. Long strokes as his balls tighten. He will bust himself on the sheets." I bucked forward, my clit finally pooling heat in a warning for orgasm.

"Oh! His shaft releases harshly," Madeline purred. My mouth flung open. I pressed my breasts onto the cool tile, hardening my nipples. I couldn’t control myself—I screamed for her. "It is thick. Long ropes burst from him. He is whining, Master. Throwing his head back in ecstasy." A wail erupted from my throat, a sort of lamentation. My hips bucked wildly on her hand. She held her grip steady behind me, letting me ride it out. "He can hear you, Master. Your screams make his cock suffer immensely." I could not scream anymore. A silent prayer lurched from my throat. Madeline spent me further until my hips ceased to buck.

Madeline removed her fingers. She started to wash me.

“You yelled loudly, Master.” I groaned in upset understanding.

"Did you know he would be able to hear me?" I mumbled to the stone I was sunken onto.



"Yes. The moment you left the room he grasped his cock, pulling desperately. He needed to hear you to empty his balls properly."

I shook with her words.

I sat in detriment for a bit.

“Hey… Madeline? You never asked me for permission tonight?”

Madeline stared at me. “Master, you gave me permission early today.”

I pondered. “Oh! Yes.. I guess I did.” I felt very lost today.

We returned to the room freshly clean and ready for bed. John lay in bed, looking worn.

“Have a good bath—Master?”

I nearly caught fire. Madeline worked me over… and your seed lays on you this very moment.

“I shall bathe as well,” he looked serious suddenly. “Tomorrow we must talk about what my duties are, and how I shall repay you for letting me stay here.”

I nodded, appalled. He got up to walk to the bathroom.

Madeline tucked into bed with me, holding me very close. Her knee worked up between my legs, pressing my clit. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan.


"Yes, Madeline?"

"John's cock is bared in your bath."

"Madeline.... please. I cannot handle it."

"He is contemplating his stamina. Whether or not he may shed another load."

My eyes flew open.

"If you wish, I may bring him to the bedroom and milk him on his knees for you."

"Madeline! Let him bathe."

"His balls are full yet again."

"Madeline. Go to sleep."

The room was quiet. I started to doze off.

"Master," something was building between my hips.

I woke slightly. "Yes, Madeline?" Suddenly I could feel it fully. Madeline had procured a tendril, and it sucked my clit gently. I couldn't move for a moment. I was going to come.

"John is releasing another load."

I bucked my hips. "Madeline, god. Fucking. Yes." I bit my pillow. The suction was going to topple me over the edge.

I couldn't see Madeline, but I knew she was smiling. The suction sped up and suddenly sweet orgasm filled my stomach. "His hand pulls the final spurts, he is groaning through the last strokes." I could hear the moaning from the bathroom. Sweet, and full groans as he came. My back was arching still, frozen in the release.

I finally relaxed, breathing hard. "Madzy..." The tendril pulled away from my clit.

"Good night, Master," Madeline cooed in my ear.

I could feel the slickness—the aftermath of my orgasm. "Good night, Miss Madzy."

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