And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 1

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Settling the Score

And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 1

Training started early the next morning.

Women lined the lush fields with weapons or Imprints — if you were able to conjure a demon, these "Imprints" fed on your will and battled alongside you.

Madeline hung off my shoulder as a ferret, watching the lines.

"You walk through the villagers only to show off," Madeline whispered. "And to see John. I know your game."

"Maybe," I flashed my teeth at her.

At a young age, I was trained with my younger sisters — all six of them. My father was lucky enough to have only girls. I haven't had to train with the villagers in years. I was the best of my sisters. I am the best, still.

My eyes combed the grass until the men appeared.

What meek creatures.

No man has ever been able to summon a demon, and Madeline grinned a warning in their presence.

John was nowhere to be found.

"Must he never attend?" I was searching angrily now.

I saw John's father, Kyle Ryan, training off the path, stick in hand next to his gaunt body.

"Is your son attending training?" He stopped training immediately and bowed to me.

"No ma'am..." He looked as if he were trying to find the right words. "He left this morning before me, and said something about Lynda Strom."

I nodded. "Thank you. I have business with him." His father smiled and nodded, then resumed training.

"That shit fighter, skipping class," I hissed to Madeline as we walked into the village of Igniose.

She gave me a knowing smile, no doubt using her eyes in a way I couldn't understand to find John. She stiffened suddenly as we approached Lynda Strom's household.

I stopped as well, feeling uneasy. Before I could knock on the door, it was swung open and John was thrown to my feet.

I stood gawking. His pants were nearly falling off!

I blushed heavily, staring intently at the happy trail of dark hair leading to his pubic hair.

Jennifer was running to the door behind him, wearing only a blanket. Lynda was nearly irate. I wasn't listening to what she was saying until "had to pull him out of you."

He had been fucking her.

Jennifer had no idea of my fondness, but I still felt betrayed.

Her mother had had to pull his cock out of her fucking womb.

Madeline coiled around me, a boa constrictor now, hugging tightly.

"Echo!" Lynda finally realized. She got on one knee, and Jennifer, scowling, followed suit.

John looked up at my eyes, already on him.

"Hey, princess."

I thought about his position, his clothing nearly falling off in front of me as he was sprawled across the ground. He was probably still wet with her.

"What is going on, John?"

He got up, hardly minding his pants, and used that time to pull them up.

"You look nervous. Is this the closest you've come to seeing a cock?" he bantered.

I felt arousal travel up my back, but it extinguished when Jennifer gave him a small giggle. I didn't say anything.

"Hm," he let out a hum, "I was just doing my job."

"Of what profession?"

"Of a man with aching balls, looking to help repopulate."

I could feel my loins nearly throbbing.

"R-really?" I stammered. He smirked, thinking my nervousness was from discomfort. I let my eyes grow dark at him.

"Lynda had to pull me off before I planted my seed, however," he looked at me very directly. "I was poised at the door to her cervix."

I glanced at Jennifer for any sign of remorse.

She was smiling at him.

"Enough!" Lynda jumped in finally. "We will have this handled immediately, My Lady. Sorry for any inconvenience to you."

I nodded.

John was still smirking. Wipe that smirk off your face, before I do it for you.

I turned on my heel to walk back to the castle. I could hear Lynda chiding Jennifer, and John started to follow me.

Some mix of anger and arousal was buried in my guts.

"Is it now your profession to follow me?"

"Yes. I have business with the King."

"Planting seed?"

He scoffed. "There are many women in the castle, yes, but none I am allowed to plant my seed in."

I smiled, though he couldn't see it while walking behind me.

Madeline still hung from my shoulders as a boa constrictor. If she could, in that form, I know she would be smiling.

"Hey, permission to — I don't know, walk beside you?"

I nearly froze. Only Madeline formally asked me for permission, and it was normally of sexual nature.

I turned and nodded. I know my face was covered in blush.

"Man, you really don't have much interaction with people, do you?"

"I have plenty," I rolled my eyes.

"I only ever see you out on training days. Plus, you seem as though you would rather die than walk beside me."

I looked at him, appalled.

"No, I do not mind walking with you. It is nice, in fact."

"I was just thrown from a house and chastised in front of you. Are you sure?" He laughed at me.

"Yes." We were at the castle gates. The guards let me in and then attempted to stop John. "You can let him in," I called out.

He was nervous all of the sudden and I kept a close watch over him. I walked him to the front room where my father was as if to show him the way. It was truly more out of curiosity.

He stepped into the room where my father sat, and I stayed near the door outside so my father wouldn't see me. John looked around nervously before approaching my father. He really did have business with the King, I guess.

"My Lord," he dropped to a knee, and I nearly gasped at the sight. He had never dropped to a knee in front of me. No one had ever dropped to a knee in front of my father, only for mother — when she was alive.

"John," my father looked up in surprise. "John, you know what I am going to say."

I was confused. Madeline wove herself closer to my face.

"You cannot stay with your father. No matter how he trains, no matter what meager money he makes, he cannot feed you. Your sisters are grown, let it be. You must be removed from his household."

I suddenly heard a sputter from John. "I have nowhere else to live."

I walked away from the door for moment, taking it all in.

"Madeline..." I felt weak, and she coiled closer. "Can I make him stay?" She looked and me with glassy eyes, then gave me a small nod.

I walked back with authority, about to breach the threshold.

"We have to take your house. I am sure we will find a better-suited place for you soon."

"I do not want to live in the next town over! It is terrible there. And they are closer to the Milletts."

A new war was beginning to the East of our village. The Millett village was close to the action of the battles. Mainly poor. I felt my heart in my throat.

"No!" I screamed suddenly.

Everything was quiet. I walked into the room. "I am sorry, father.... I heard and I cannot allow you to move him!"

John was gawking at me. Father looked shocked but settled for confusion.

"What are you suggesting?" Father stared me down.

"That he lives here." I didn't know what I was saying. I couldn't think of another way. "He bred?"

Sex is a commodity in our town. Women can have many lovers and it is looked at in a way of prestige.

Father raised an eyebrow at me. "You want to keep this man in our castle?"

"Yes," Father stared at me.

"Is that really what you want?"


"Then it shall be," he drew himself up out of his seat and over to the window across the room. "Who shall he breed?"

I could feel John staring at me, that needy peasant.

I breathed in deeply. "Me."

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