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An Opinion Piece on The Fetishization of Minorities in Pornography, along with an Allegorical Short Story

by The Untitled Man 6 months ago in taboo
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The Untitled Man

The Untitled Man offers his opinion on fetishization in pornography and constructs an allegorical tale concerning it.

I recall watching a Caucasian woman fellate an African-American man and say to him, “That’s a good n-word dick.” I was fully expecting the man to lose his erection or blurt out, “What did you just call me?” Neither occurred. The woman continued and the man did not object. It put me in an interesting moral dilemma where I imagined what I would do if a gorgeous, Rubenesque goddess said to me, while I was being fellated, “That’s a good spic dick…” or something to that effect.

Admittedly, I would climax, but I wonder why that is? It it a form of masochism? Sexually speaking, am I, a Mexican man, considered to be an exotic delight or a forbidden lover by way of fetishization? I imagine a scenario where I’m making love and a woman says to me, “Tell me how much you like taquitos and stealing jobs from Americans.” The same question arises. How would I respond? The idea is comical, but these monikers are, inexplicably, associated with minorities—sexually speaking.

Historically, minorities have a complex relationship with The United States and even more so with themselves. Encapsulating such a relationship is difficult… African-Americans were enslaved, literally speaking, a mere 150 years ago, Asian-Americans were put in interment camps 100 years ago, Mexican-Americans have remained the largest immigrant group in The United States and continue to fight for workers rights, immigration reform, and against issues of social class and elitism.

As to what this has to do with fetishization in pornography, I theorize that pornography captures us at our worst moments in history and creates a charicature; we masturbate to such a charicature because sex is devious. It laughs and scurries away… returns and beckons… begs and whispers… sex appeals to the imagination of the mind.

I’d like to sit down and speak with Sex and ask many questions. I imagine our conversation going like this:

The Untitled Man: “So, cumming… yeah?”

Sex: Yeah, what? What about cumming? Is that how you start a conversation… you so-called Untitled Man? That’s not even your name. I know who you are.

The Untitled Man: You know who I am?

Sex: Oh, yes I do. Many people have spoken about you… you’re quite the pervert.

The Untitled Man: What have they said?

Sex: (Laughs) You love when I speak to you— don’t you?… about these things. Where should I begin Untitled Man? I know what you do with Tabitha.

The Untitled Man: Stop. Just stop. We’re not gonna go there.

Sex: I knew you would like Tabitha when I sent her to you… soft, jiggly, Rubensque ass… big titties… velvet lips… you were in heaven that day you saw her.

The Untitled Man: I’m warning you Sex. I will speak about anything else, but leave my love out of this.

Sex: Yeah? (Sex reaches for The Untitled Man’s penis and begins fellating him… she stops suddenly.)

Sex: Look at that dick… dripping. I want you to tell me what you do with Tabitha. Tell me Untitled Man.

The Untitled Man: She calls me a dirty spic. She’s a fierce republican woman… from upstate New York… that cracked down on immigration during debates at NYU. We met, during a debate, and naturally we attacked each other verbally. I don’t know what it was… we exchanged numbers and we saw each other again.

Sex: (Sex lazily lifted her index finger slowly upwards as if amplifying the orgasm of The Untitled Man.)

The Untitled Man: I’m going! Im going to tell you the rest… you dastardly scoundrel.

Sex: Tell me, then.

The Untitled Man: (The Untitled Man with every ounce effort drew his weapon. Sex screeched and flew towards The Untitled Man and was impaled by a knife. Sex collapsed to the floor and bled, while the penis of The Untitled Man detached from his body and sprouted the most adorable of wings. The penis flew into the heavens and The Untitled Man watched with horror.)

I have nothing else to say.

- The Untitled Man


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The Untitled Man

This man has no title… why should he be admitted?

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