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An Allegorical Tale Showcasing A World without Sex

by The Untitled Man 8 months ago in fiction
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The Untitled Man

The Untitled Man offers a grand tale about two lovers that broke a cardinal rule: you must never have sex.

What would it be like to never cum again? I imagine such a thing and I see burning buildings. My desire for women and men is a bottomless ravine and yet I must mask it. I must pretend that I feel nothing. I lead a life of pretending. I wonder if sweet Tabitha knows what I feel?

My pussy is so wet. I think about Stanley a lot. He looks like what you’d expect a Stanley look like… a chiseled jaw, powerful arms, and a big cock are things that Stanley has. I want him so badly, but the carnival rule shines on the glimmering screen always:

“You must never have sex.”

I meditate and focus on my work. The urge has subsided. I’m a photographer and I take pictures so beautiful that people have displayed them in exhibits. I’m very proud of my work and I think if Man Ray saw me he’d be proud. He is my idol and the reason I pursued art.

“Hey Stanley.”

“Tabitha. Hey. I didn’t see you.”

“Yeah, you did. Don’t lie to me.”

Tabitha giggled and blushed crimson as did the photographer Stanley. They began to talk about idiotic things and their lust for each other was ever present. Stanley showed Tabitha a new collection of photographs. Theirs bodies were close together. Stanley smelled of cigarettes and cologne and Tabitha of pomegranates.

“You see… these cars are all driving towards their death. You see that?”

“No, I don’t. What do you mean?”

“We’ll we’re all being controlled by somebody right? We gotta go and do stuff or else we can’t pay our rent or buy food. All these people you see in their cars, driving on this highway, are all driving to their death. I took the picture in way where the sun looks like hell.”

Tabitha looked with wide naive eyes at the introspective, confused soul that Stanley was. Stanley touched Tabitha’s hand and said emphatically,

“This world is just rotting and my photographs capture that… I wanted to ask you Tabby, can I photograph you?”

Tabitha orgasmed instantly and aruptly walked out of the So-Ho art studio. She awkwardly thanked Stanley and said she would call him. Stanley was embarrassed. He was afraid to ask sweet Tabitha such a thing because he was going to ask that she pose naked for him. He waited for her call that day.

Tabitha leaned over her stomach and rolled around her apartment floor. She thought that such stupid movements would calm her sexual angst. She could not touch herself because of fear. She had heard of the great wars and she knew what sex was. She knew what it caused and she valued her friendship with Stanley as the most beautiful thing in the world. She did not want to sully such a thing. Invariably, the blaring ring of her phone stopped her rolling. She stood upright. The goddess known as Tabitha was naked. She saw who it was—it was Stanley.

“Stanley, I’m so sorry. I got diarrhea.”

“What? Are you okay Tabby? What did you eat?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I come over? I know just the thing to make. With diarrhea, you need good, solid food to stick to your stomach.”

“Okay, you can come if you want.”

Stanley arrived and was prepared to deal with diarrhea. For Tabitha, these things did not bother him. He brought special ingredients to make an old recipe of Spaghetti Carbonara that was taught to him by an Italian woman named Carmen. He also brought a bottle of his favorite wine. Stanley entered the apartment of Tabitha and was confused as he did feel the ambiance of diarrhea. Tabitha was dressed in comfortable, green tights and the familiar smell of fresh pomegranates filled her apartment.

“I feel way better thank you so much for coming.”

“What do you mean you feel way better? I’ve done nothing. I was gonna make spaghetti carbonara.”

Disgusted and appalled of what she was about to do, Tabitha went to her knees and looked absentmindedly into a void of blue paint that covered her living room walls. Stanley walked over to her and whispered,


“I can’t take it Stanley. I can’t take it.”

“What do you mean darling?”

“I know we’re not supposed to do it… but it’s too much for me dear…. I love you so much and I can’t do anything about it. Look.”

Tabitha pulled the artists hands towards her pussy and Stanley’s cock nearly came.

“Tabby we can’t. They’ll find us.”

Stanley said these things but his hands began to undress Tabitha. He pulled her to her feet and undressed her. They hungrily drunk from their aching souls and made love that night. They were murdered the next day by the police. They had broken the cardinal rule:

“You must never have sex.”

I have nothing else to say.

- The Untitled Man


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The Untitled Man

This man has no title… why should he be admitted?

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