A Toy Story!

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Cumming in a Sex Toy Store

A Toy Story!

If you're reading my blogs and asking yourself if I have a dirty, filthy, sex crazed mind, then the answer is....well...not really. While I see you giving me the meanest side eye after reading that, I say hold your horses as I have a perfectly sane explanation. I'm an artist and while being sensitive about my shit like Erykha Badu, I write stories that just happen to show up in the imagination section of my brain. I see it then I write it and honestly, this particular one I've been meaning to write for a long time, so it's due. Let me give you a little background on it before I go in and, as always, I ask that you walk with me.

Here in Seattle, WA where I now reside, there's a particular store that I keep noticing called Love Zone. I've been in maybe three times since I moved here, never been moved to purchase anything, but still interested in its brands and products. At first, I wanted to make the subject of this blog to involve a recent visit to one of the store locations, but time, logistics, and not having available babysitting has kept me from seeing that through.....BUT GUESS WHAT?! You have got yourself an experienced woman with a wild imagination, therefore I can give you an intense and sexual visual AKA a fictional story!

Yes! I love, you love, and we all share the love, so like Tammy Roman says, "get into it!"

Sunday night. Coming out of the West 4th train station, New York City's humidity hit me harder than the heat I felt while walking through the station. My bra top and mini skirt were already sticking to me, I needed something cool to drink ASAP, plus I knew the AC would be blasting in McDonald's, so I crossed the street on West 4th and headed in there to buy a mango-banana smoothie. Moisture dripping from my hardly there string thong panties wasn't just from the heat...it was also from the thoughts that brought me out in the first place...my plan for tonight was to have random and wanton type sex with whoever I meet and like! A pussy popping night of adventure and Greenwich Village, AKA the free love LGBT neighborhood, on a hot summer night is the perfect place to do just that. I got my drink and before I could even get back across West 4th, I finished it. It was that hot and I was that thirsty! The bright lights of the store in front of me sort of beckoned me in; I looked up and saw it said EVERYTHING SEXY 4 PLAY . COM and thought to myself, I wonder who's hanging out in there. I go in and find no customers and the cashier is so busy staring at her cell phone that she hardly notices me, barely looked up to greet me. I roam the store, check out the movie section for a couple of minutes, but what got my attention was that beyond the movie section was a black velvet curtain, and above it said THE PLEASURE SECTION. Immediately intrigued, I walked toward it and apparently this got the attention of the cashier, because she immediately stopped what she was doing to say "that's the demonstration room. The fee to enter is $40 and you'll get a thirty percent discount on whatever you use as part of your demonstration, so if you're going in there, you have to pick a toy and then pay me. After that, you're free to go and have fun!" I didn't give it a second thought. I looked around the toy section and found what I thought would be an interesting pleasure seeker. You see, I didn't want just a dildo or a vibrator, I wanted something that when I looked at it, I couldn't tell what pleasures it could give me or how it would actually get me. I WANTED TO BE SURPRISED! So I got an Avery 30 function egg vibrator, paid the entrance fee, and walked into the pleasure section with my hot n' horny ass!

Once I pulled the curtain back and walked in, I heard Ginuwine's song 'Pony' playing, which got me to swaying my hips as I walked in. There was a long, dark hallway in front of me, limited lighting from candles hanging above me looked like they were burning out soon. Confident that something was going to happen soon, I clutched the egg while I swayed to the music...then suddenly...strong hands grabbed me from the back...wet, hot kisses laid on the back of my neck stimulated my skin and sent electric shocks to my clit...hands massaging my erect nipples...dirty whispers in my ears as someone slipped the egg out of my hand...hands were undressing me...hands were cupping and being drenched by the waterfalls...my pussy had no shame in showing how much it needed attention tonight! I heard the quiet buzz of the egg as someone turned it on and as soon as it connected with my clit, a fierce and intense orgasm comes over me...my moans were loud and animal like...uncaring of who could hear me I ground my hips as a sign that I'm not only begging for more, I'm also not going to walk away with just one! The music, the hands all over me, the darkness of the room....it all had me turned on and turned out so another nut was sure to come soon...I bent over, put my ass in the air, and the buzz from the egg penetrated so deep....so deep....orgasm overflow! Better believe I purchased that egg!

Was that a good one for you as it was for me?!

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