A Thousand Words

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A stroke of eroticism

A Thousand Words

There I was listening to the hypnotic clicking of the keyboard. My fingers dance across the keys pressing down at various places. Each letter entered combining together into a word flowing out of my head followed by the seductive clap of my thumb smacking the space bar. Another word down. My word count continues to grow. That magical number that brings immense pleasure. It is the number that shows progress. It is the number that causes you to swell with pride.

I continue to watch as the words flow across the screen until the number one appears on another tab. I reach over grabbing hold of the mouse. The cursor glides across the screen as my hand moves. Landing on the notification I give the mouse a click. The window changes to an app’s message center and a few words from her.

“Hey you,” the screen read.

Such simple words that put a smile on my face. She was a daily companion appearing at random times throughout the day with simple little messages. Messages that had a flirtatious vibe to them.

I clicked the keys responding, “Why do I feel you’re up to no good?”

“Me? I’m always good.” Mock innocence oozing across the words.


“What? I am. It’s not like I’m laying here naked after my shower. My thoughts wandering to our past conversations.”

“You don’t say. Sounds like a buffet laid out for a feast.”

There was a pause between messages. Next came an image. Her face, the round beauty framed in dark brown hair, a smile playing across her lips, was the first thing he saw, but his eyes couldn’t stay away from breasts. They were full and inviting. Her nipples pointing out in the wrinkled excitement of her dark areola.

All I could imagine was pressing my lips against hers. Our tongues would intertwine in an erotic dance between our mouths, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop there. I would leave her lips kissing along her jawline until I dipped down her neck. Kissing, nibbling, and enjoying the feel of her skin on my lips. I would go further. Along her chest to the swell of her breasts before eagerly reaching her nipples. I would worship each of them with tongue occasionally giving them a slight nibble.

My own thoughts were getting to me as I stared at her picture. I felt the stirring of arousal. It was thrilling how a picture and thoughts could provoke such a profound feeling. So much so that I had to grab hold of myself and adjust. My cock was making the first movements of an erection elongating every so slightly.

“Oh. I could definitely feast on you.” I typed.

Three dots moved as she typed her response, “You like?”

“Yes. More than like.”

“Oh? I’m glad. Want to see something else?”

“Hmm sounds interesting.”

A minute passed then another picture appeared. It was an image just as yummy as the first. Her pussy was so edible looking. Her lips and slit seemed to beg to be devoured by my tongue. I imagined how delicious she would taste as I scooped her essence out with my tongue.

“Oh my. Now that is very edible looking. I would love to lick and devour you.”


It was no longer a stirring of arousal, it was full on. My cock was hardening quickly straining at my boxer briefs. I couldn’t stand it. I had to set him free. I stood up and dropped my boxer briefs off. My cock stood hard and erect pointed away from my body. I grabbed my phone, snapped a picture, and sent it off to her.

Not long after she responded, “That looks yummy. Can I suck on it?”

“Definitely as long as you sit on my face while you do it. I want to eat you at the same time.”

My left hand had strayed away from the keyboard. It had found its way to my cock. My fingers were slowly caressing up and down the shaft. Precum leaked out the head. I took a finger and swirled it around the head causing myself to moan. I needed more. I reached over to give my lotion bottle a few pumps into my hand. I wrapped my lotion filled hand around my shaft. A shaft that started thinner at the base before growing fatter until there was a point in the six inch length that my thumb barely touched my pointer finger.

I lotioned up my cock bringing my hand up over the mushroomed head. It felt exquisite. My mind was playing the idea of her sucking my cock while I savour her pussy. My tongue would be running along her lips dipping in occasionally to lick up her flavor before I brush across her pearl.

My left hand stayed on my shaft while my right caressed my balls with light touches. I would start at the base, the pinky side of my hand pressed firmly against me. My hand would slide up along my cock to the thicker part then up over my head with a slight twist. It would be a process that started slow. My hand would slide back down about halfway then come back up. This repeated a few times followed by my hand plunging all the way down. My excitement grew with each stroke. I could feel myself progressing towards an orgasm causing me to quicken my speed.

The intensity grew and grew. It was a heady feeling. My strokes were becoming more urgent. They moved up and down quicker. My hand swirled around the head then dove down the shaft with a firm grip. I was getting so close. I could feel my hips thrusting as I stroked. I closed my eyes, my head falling back against the chair. My breathing was rapid with an occasional moan then finally a loud groan as the swelling in my balls reached a crescendo pumping cum through my cock where it spurt out of the head. The first rope launching up onto my belly. The rest oozed out over my hand with it’s warm gooeyness. I felt spent and relaxed. My eyes still fixated on her smile, breasts, and pussy.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words well they definitely can invoke some great thoughts and give intense pleasure. Get carried away by the next picture you get and enjoy yourself. Be sure to thank the sender. Give them a tribute.

Draconis Lit
Draconis Lit
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