A Student and Me

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A Student and Me

Many years ago, I was working as a teacher for nursing students. As a nurse, it was hard to find a job in a hospital so the other only choice was to join the academe and teach. The only problem was I was still inexperienced as a nurse so I can only teach 1st year and 2nd year nursing students where it is only all about theories rather than practical things.

Another draw back of being young was that your students don’t really treat you like their teacher because some of them are the same age as I was. It was cool though as I was able to use it as a strategy in teaching and I was able to become friends with some of them.

One semester I was appointed to handle 12 students on my own, take them to a community, stay there for a couple of weeks and learn about the health problems that the community may havr and find a way to solve it.

I never done anything like tht before but the money that comes with it was incredible so I just didn’t say no.

In order for us to get to the community, we had to travel by bus for over an hour. It was a one of a kind experience I got to say as I never really knew that side of nursing before. I used to only know how it is to work in the wards because that’s the experience we had when I was a student.

We got there and we immediately connected with the locals. We started going from one house to another, asking health related issues and taking obs.

One girl stood out in this group of 12 students and her name was Annie. She was pretty, clever and easy to talk to because we were the same age. Apparently she used to work in a factory before deciding to learn about nursing. She was really good and pretty much became my partner in managing the younger students.

What really amazed me as well was because we were in the more rural part of the country, the people there spoke a different dialect and she was able to speak their dialect as well. Watching her speaking words I have no clue about while smiling at the locals just made her prettier and sexier.

Later that night when all the students are in their beds, I saw Annie sat outside one of the cabins where she was staying in. She looks sad and waiting for someone to speak to so I approached her just to see if she was okay.

She showed me a picture of a baby wrapped in a blue blanket on her phone. It was her son and she said she was worried about him. I tried to comfort her by saying my mum had the exact same picture of me when I was a baby on her phone. I said perhaps mums are always worried about their sons. It made her smile and we just chatted for hours.

The next day was quite the same. I discussed our plans for the community and what we might be able to do to her. I was hoping no one would notice I was trying to finish all the jobs for the day early so I can chat with Annie again at the end of the day but when I went to her cabin, she wasn’t out there.

Feeling disappointed, I went back to my own cabin to try and get some rest. She’s probably tired too I thought so I just went to my little cabin. Before I could open the door I smelled something similar to a stew. When I went to open my door, Annie was in my cabin with a small plastic container on her lap. Apparently she was able to help one of the locals cook a dish for their family and they gave her some. She wanted both of us to try it.

I must look like an idiot because I was simply smiling all the while she was there. I’ve been single for some time and it was nice to do stuff with someone again. After eating, we had a great chat again just like last night. Her brown eyes where just gorgeous. They shine when she talks smiling. I only noticed I was staring at her when she looked away.

She was about to leave my cabin but my hand just sort of moved on its own to hold hers. I didn’t want her to leave just yet. She was looking away, But she sat down next to me. I could feel my heart just racing and my muscles trembling. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. All I know was, I didn’t want her to leave my cabin.

She sat there for a second still holding my hand and not moving. Looking away. I moved closer and touched her lightly on her chin to face me. I can smell her breath, her perfume and her hair. It was heavenly. I moved in to kiss her but had to stop just before touching her lip. She’s my student. This might be a mistake for both of us and I should be the one to control myself. Our lips were just an inch away from each other. I could feel her strong breathing hitting my lip. I was going to pull away but she came in closer. We kissed for a long time. It felt like we were breathing at the same time. She started to hug me closer. I feel like I was floating.

Our clothes fell on the floor and we were in my small bed. Her moans still drive me crazy when I remember how it sounded. She locked her legs on my hips. She moaned most when I kissed her chest. I was sucking so hard I left a hicky. I just couldn’t control myself anymore. I could feel myself about to reach climax and I tried to pull away but she locked her legs harder.

She told me its okay. She was on the pill. When it happened I could feel her trembling like she was electrified. We both just lied there, me still on top of her our sweats mixing together. I asked her what was on that stew and she just laughed madly. Our laughter was silenced when we heard a knock on my cabin door.

I forgot we were still in that community. One of the students wanted something from me. Annie had to hide behind the door.

After that night, whenever we had eye contact, you could just tell something was going on. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other. I know it was wrong. She is my student. But I guess when you like someone and they like you back, it just doesn’t matter anymore.

After the day’s talk with the students, she pulled me away. When no one was looking, she took me to the toilet room and started kissing me. She said she couldn’t stop thinking about last night. She started kissing my neck as she unbuttoned my shirt. She went straight to touching me down there. I was just in a trance. She was amazing.

She knelt down and I just felt her soft lips. My eyes just went straight up. It was insane how good she was. I had to keep telling myself not to get there yet because I want it to last as long as I can hold. She got up and faced the door behind me. She wants me from the back. I lifted up her white skirt and took her undies down fast. It was soaked. While I was coming from behind her, she twisted over to kiss me. I grabbed her breast and I could just feel her reaching climax before I did. Her mouth was just opened as she trembled and I just couldn’t help myself as well. When I pulled out, lots of it just came out of her. I looked at her blushed red face and gave her a kiss. It was amazing. When we left the toilet room, we were looking around. No one was around.

We did it again the next evening. We were just in my cabin, lying in my bed. She was looking at her phone again and I asked what happened with her baby’s dad. Apparently he was her old boyfriend but he left months before her son was born. She hasn’t been with anyone since.

When we finished our two week exposure to the community ( if kinda felt weird saying exposure at this point), we promised to still see each other when we got back. We dated for another three weeks after that. I got to meet her adorable little kid. After that though she came to me saying that her ex boyfriend, the father of her child wants to try their relationship again. She wasn’t sure what to do which to me meant that she still have feelings for the guy. They have a child so I decided to step back.

I later left the school I was working in to work somewhere away from all that but, I will never ever forget the time I spent with Annie. Her voice, her eyes. They’ll live fresh in my memories: the days I had with my student.

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