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A strip tease tipping dance

by Fingal Welles 12 days ago in art

(Fiction, adult content)

Photo by H Soons

It used to be that, nakedness was something that one engages only in specific areas in ones house. This is because nakedness is a type of sanctity. It evokes a part of you that is utterly vulnerable and in that extreme vulnerability germinates the seed of utter power. The power to invoke life itself, to awaken it at its most primal root, the devastating energy of sex. And in order to evoke that wild Goddess, SEX, FUCK, is to stand naked in front of Her and the more valuable your nakedness the more attention she will give you, the more attention she gives you the more pleasure you feel. One way to preserve the asset that is your nakedness is to veil it to the outside world. To create an altar for it, a temple, a most intimate circle…which ended up to become “the bedroom” in your house. So, can you imagine, where it is I am writing you from right now and more specifically what my attire is? Yes, you are correct, I am in my bedroom and I am naked. I look down at my cock, my dick, my penis, my PHALLUS it is Hard. Really hard. Fully erect, powerfully erect as I am imagining YOU reading this. Listening to the sound that it makes in your mind. And the more I listen to the sound it makes in your mind the harder my cock becomes. You are making my rock hard cock…even harder. I travel with the words that I invoke in you inside your body as I start to fondle and fuck your body. I feel your wet pussy and I give it a little gentle blow of air. A sweet gentle blow as I exhale within you the words that I am writing that you are reading that you are feeling that you are seeing as it blows inside your increasingly wet pussy. I marvel at your beautiful body, as it lies there, looking at me like a deer caught in the headlight. You had no idea how close I am to you, yet one quick glance at my throbbing hard cock is all the convincing it takes. I undress you with my eyes that are pure fire. I burn with a cool blue flame all of your clothes until you yourself are naked, only veiled with a thing gently playing blue flame that stay on your skin. They prickle your senses an tickle your sex, your wet moist lips as you lick them, becoming warmer and warmer. As the fire becomes warmer, becoming more and more yellowy red. until they become red, hard red, sex red, like the colour of your lips that you wet. You are thirsty as you feel yourself being burnt by my gaze. My hard throbbing cock is now in my hand as I jerk it while I imagine you reading my words. Slowly I fuck my cock as I watch you going down on your knees. Enslaved by my hard cock, entranced by its beauty, enraptured by the sensation that you see it clearly as an extension of…YOU that you need to feel inside. Inside you. You want to take it in your swollen hot lustful mouth. You want to slurp it down, gargle on it, suck all life off it, take that which is yours. That which is YOURS. Your COCK. AS I am crashed by wave after wave of nerve shattering pleasure as I feel your mouth wildly sucking my cock, your cock. I am jerking now, jerking really hard, fucking fucking my cock with my hand, thrusting wildly my hips because I want to come, I want to ejaculate on your mouth, on your tits, on your body, I want to cover your GODDESS-like beautiful body with my essence and watch you slurp it off my COCK, suck it off your COCK. Oh I am about to fucking cum. I am cumming, I am fucking cumming on this slut bitch. ahahahahah Did you really believe that bitch? Fucking know who you think is in front of you bitch! My fire goes deeper. Much much deeper than that and I want to fucking take you there. Now turn around slut, go in doggy style that I can mount you fucking you like a bitch while slapping your ass. You see me mount you while I howl like a dog. You want to be fucked by a wild animal. You want the beast to take you, you want it to fucking devour you. Turn around bitch. Feel my hard cock enter you slowly, but very very very deep. I go really deep. I touch you in your core. Where you are all alone, afraid, helpless…naked. You are with me now in my bedroom. We are fucking. The beast and the slut are paying tribute to their gods and goddesses. We are going at it really hard. We are at the centre of the universe that is erect and wet from only one word: FUCK! Holy FUCK! We are naked, our naked bodies are making love, rippling, rippling past everything, going beyond existence itself. I am fucking you, you are fucking me. I am yours, you are mine. We are utterly locked, enslaved, imprisoned by each other yet in each other we are utterly free. Beyond SEX there is only FUCK. WE FUCK! WE FUCK ourselves into eternity…

Oh baby, you made a mess. You came too quickly too much.

#Striptease #Tipsplease

Fingal Welles
Fingal Welles
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Fingal Welles

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