A 'Nut' Out of the Blue!

Accidental Orgasms!

A 'Nut' Out of the Blue!

Accidental orgasms. I know... those two words being used together in a sentence is probably perplexing you right now. You're probably thinking that I might be talking about wet dreams or you directly SEE something that turns you on so badly that you have an orgasm, but no, nothing of the sort. I'm talking about when you are doing something completely innocent, absolutely unrelated to anything sexual or erotic and all of a sudden... you have an orgasm.

Has this ever happened to you?! Apparently, it happens a lot among women. Honestly, I thought this was a "just me" kind of thing... because when it happens to me, I kind of just smile it off and go about my life. Lately, it dawned on me to look it up and yes, Google once again proves itself to be the best snitch... I mean... assistant, ever. I typed in "weird orgasms" and the first link that came up was 16 Women Explain Just How Weird It Is To Have An Accidental Orgasm and I have to say, all sixteen stories had me chuckling but at the same time I said to myself, "I could see that happening." My next stop was at 5 Weird Things That Shouldn't Cause Orgasms, But Do and when I saw that childbirth was one of the causes, I called bullshit because that sure didn't happen to me. The beginning of this article had my mouth dropping to the floor when they discussed rasagiline, a Parkinson's Disease drug that had a woman spontaneously cumming three to five times a day... like really?! Three to five times a day?!

Child, let me clutch my pearls and gather myself!

As I surfed the net, I found more and more articles discussing this very same phenomenon that I seriously thought only happened to me.

Go figure!

So now... it's confession time. Time to fess up. I mean... if I'm going to bring up the subject, I have to be able to put something in. I have to be the sacrificial lamb that goes first and tells the world, a.k.a. whoever is reading this, what makes me spontaneously orgasm. Sounds simple? Yes... but as I type this I ask my inner crazy... you sure?


I used to have a boyfriend long ago that I would have the fiercest arguments with. I mean the level of anger would go so high, the slew of vulgarity that I would sling his way, the veracity of every word used would get me so worked up that I literally would cum when I argued with him. Not all the time, mind you... but certain arguments would just bring it out of me and no matter how pissed off I was... I absolutely liked that part!

Crazy, right?! I'll be like Redman what said in that song.

For me, I think (here I go trying to analyze myself like I'm a doctor) it's the feeling of being anxious that drives that particular orgasm. In the argument, I was always doing my best to not only get my point across but also to get the last/best word in. Like anybody else in an argument, you want to come off as the most clever when it comes to insults but you also want to win with what you believe to be proven facts. The boyfriend (is what he will be called in this context) had this particular section on lock but there were times I rose as the winner and during those times, it would always be an anxious fight to the finish. Those nuts would make me feel extra crazy (as if I needed any more "crazy" added to my plate) because I would always be like "why the fuck am I so pissed off yet so wet?!" It was an unexplained phenomenon until I searched the net and found out that I'm not the only one.


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