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A Gentleman… Mostly

by Terry L. Cooper about a year ago in relationships
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Duncan Slater and Lizzy Myers

Image by Andrea Altini from Pixabay

Being the fantastic Dom that he is, not to mention gentleman, Duncan recalls Lizzy had once mentioned in passing that she was curious about sushi having never tried it but didn't trust herself to try it alone. Now that he has finally asked her out, he has her meet him where else but Chinatown. Lizzy easily recognizes those dashing good looks that cause her heart to skip beats and their eye lock instantly. He gazes down at her with such intensity that her entire body shivers.

"Cold my pet?"

"No, Sir. Just a little shall we say, tingly."

Duncan can't keep himself from grinning as he grabs her hand. They're off and running. A few twists and turns and they find themselves at a little out-of-the-way place. He holds the door open for her. As they enter, he takes her coat for her and has their coats checked. They are greeted and shown to their table. He pulls out her chair for her and she can't help but smile. "Ah, the seducing has begun already." she thinks. Now seated and wine ordered the intense gazing picks up where it left off. She gets so lost looking into his eyes. It's as if she can read the universe in them and then again know nothing at all but weightlessness. And feeling free. Feeling released. Feeling protected. 

The wine comes, and he pours. He raises his glass. "To a very interesting evening." as they touch glasses. She sips and licks her lips. "Ah, very good," she says. He's watching her tongue as it moves slowly around her lips. While she loves the way he looks at her, it always makes her shiver. She knows that with him she is safe, so she has no reason to fear. But he intimidates her, so she is always on the quiet and shy side when in his presence. Nonetheless, she does so adore having his undivided attention.

Finally, a waiter comes to the table and runs down a host of suggested items from the dinner menu. Duncan places an order of which Lizzy is familiar with none of it and hands the menus back. "In case you haven't guessed, I've taken the liberty to order for the both of us. We're having sushi."

"Oh!" she exclaims. "I've always wanted to try it but was too chicken."

"Tonight is all about trying new things, my dearest pet, and learning new things. Experiencing new things…" he says in that deep voice that causes her soul to sigh.

He refills their wine glasses and they have some small talk. "How was your day? How's your writing coming along? When does school start for you again?" Typical dinner date conversations.

When the food arrives, Duncan stands up and moves over to her side of the booth. Without a word, she slides over and lets him in.

"Now lean your head back against the back of the booth and close your eyes," he says.

Without a moment's hesitation, she does as he says. She can feel the heat radiating from his smile. He moves in close to her ear and plants a soft kiss on the side of her neck.

He whispers, "You do me proud and turn me on more than you know when you are obedient without questioning me." She sighs and smiles.

"If you only knew how much I love pleasing you, Dom," she thinks to herself. "And how much more pleasure I wish I could give you if I only knew what and if only you permitted me." she thinks but she shakes her head and reminds herself to stay in the moment and just savor it all.

She feels something foreign touching her lips.

"Open your mouth for me."

She drops her mouth open a little and feels something strange on her tongue.


As she does, she feels something cold and raw on her tongue. She chews and then swallows with a satisfied "Mmmmmm". 

"Like that my pet?"

"Oh yes, Sir!"

"Very good. Another bite."

Their dinner continues like this. He is feeding her with her eyes closed. He knows that with this simple gesture they will enjoy each other immensely as the night progresses.

"She's so willing and so compliant." he thinks with a sigh and a soft smile on his lips. "She's totally willing to allow me to feed her something she's never had before and to do it all with her eyes closed. She's not just pumping sunshine; she really trusts me. I wonder how far that will go."

He is so turned on by this notion that he has to remind himself where they are in order to keep certain parts of his anatomy under control.

With dinner complete and wine consumed, Duncan kisses Lizzy softly on the lips.

"You now may open your eyes, my pet."

She blinks a few times as she does. She surveys the table with the empty plates and empty wine glasses.

"Wow. We ate and drank all of that?!"

"Yes, we certainly did."

She turns to him with a look of concern. "But Sir did you eat anything?"

Touched, he strokes her cheek. "Yes, my pet. I am well satisfied."

She sighs as she smiles. She begins to say something but stops herself.

"What is it my pet?"

"I was going to ask you a question Sir but then thought better of it."

"Tell me."

Feeling suddenly bashful, she lowers her eyes. "I was just wondering if I may touch you."

He places his hand under her chin and lifts her head so that they are eye to eye.

"Yes, you may but mind you, we are in a public place."

She blushes at the statement, as there is no way that she could ever be comfortable enough to do anything more than what she is about to do. Lizzy leans into him and lightly places one hand on his chest. She looks up into his eyes and brushes her lips across his as she does. She sees the flicker of something cross his face, flash through his eyes.

"Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Sir."

He does a slow stroke of her long blonde locks, admiring the feel of her long silky hair to his touch.

"You are most welcome, my pet. The pleasure I assure you is all mine."

With a stroke of a pen, they settle their tab. He scoots out of the booth and puts out his hand. She places her hand in his and he pulls her from the booth. With his hand firmly on the small of her back, he guides her to the door. He helps her put her coat on. He even bundles her up. Satisfied that she is now warm, he takes her by the hand, and out into the cold D.C. night, they go. He strides to the edge of the walk and throws up his hand to hail a cab. In typical D.C. fashion, one almost immediately appears and pulls in to pick them up. He opens the door and once again extends his hand to her. She takes his hand as he guides her into the back seat. Once inside and snuggled in the seat next to her, he, with great military precision that is distinctly a style of his own, barks out the address to his place.

She has her head on his chest as the streets whiz by. She loves the look of D.C. So many lights, people, things to do. Never a dull moment. She sighs.

"Is everything okay with you, my pet?"

"Oh, yes, Sir. I am quite content." She purrs.

He kisses her on top of her head as the cab pulls up to the curb. Duncan tosses a wad of cash towards the front seat with a "Thank you" as he swings up the door and slides out. He extends his hand to her; she can never get enough of that! And then they are on their way up to his condo. She snuggles into him as they ride up in the elevator. No typical elevator music. Just the sound of her heart thudding, for she knows what's in store tonight. The door pops open with a 'ding' and they step off. Before she knows what happens, Duncan scoops Lizzy up into his arms. She squeals.

"Sir, what are you doing?!" she asks wide-eyed.

"Treating you like the princess that you are", he says with his face as serious as she's seen it in a while.

He dips down, and without missing a beat pops the door open. Good thing he had gotten his keys out while they were still in the cab. He whirls around and with a foot shuts the door. Now his face is nearly touching hers. She can feel his breath on her. She gets a little light-headed. He ever so slowly allows her body to slide down his until her feet touch the floor. Without a word, he slips her coat off and then his own. Neatly situated on the pegs, he leads her to the living room and to an oversized chair.

"Have a seat, my darling pet," he says over his shoulder as he heads for the bedroom.

He strips down to briefs and a t-shirt. He turns the blankets down on the bed. Turns on some slow jazz low. Then lights some candles. "That should do the trick," he thinks with a sly grin.

He returns to where he left her and then scoops her up again. He now carries her to the bedroom. He gently places her on the side of the bed. He kneels before her and slips her shoes off and neatly places them in the closet. She stands her up and reaches up under her skirt and tugs at her thigh highs and removes them as well. He carries them to the closet and hangs them over a hook. He turns her around, unfastens her skirt, and lets it drop to the floor.

"Very sexy, my pet," he says, and his mouth waters at the sight of her lacy black panties.

She blushes, "Why thank you kindly, Sir. I aim to please."

"And you do it well" she states as he's scooping up her skirt from the floor and hanging it neatly in the closet. Returning her now unbuttons her blouse. Slowly. He can see how she's struggling to keep her breath even. The heavy rise and fall of her bosom give her away. He hangs it in the closet and returns and stands in the middle of the room. He's looking her up and down. Admiring.

Feeling self-conscious, she drops her head and blushes.

He walks over and cups her chin and raises her head so he can look her in the eyes. "Don't get shy on me now, darling. We're just getting started."

He slowly eases her back on the bed. He lies next to her.

"Kiss me" he whispers.

She snuggles into him and brushes her lips over his. Then she presses her lips to his and slips just a little tip of her tongue into his mouth. He groans. Now he's slipping her some tongue, and he feels himself rise. She flattens her body next to his, her hands in his hair. He grabs a handful of hair and flips her over. Now he's lying flat, and she's straddling him. They're both huffing and puffing and panting already from the frenzy that is whipping up between them. She pulls her cami off and tosses it to the side, allowing her ample breasts to fall free. Duncan reaches up and grabs them, one in each hand. Lizzy tosses her head back and moans.

Unable to wait another minute, Duncan sits up and rips his t-shirt off, and then snatches at Lizzy's lacey underwear. It rips into shreds and he throws it on the floor. Now he's quickly scooting out of his briefs. Lizzy is soaking wet and Duncan is as hard as steel. He flips back onto his back again.

"Ride me, Lizzy. Ride me." he gasps.

She grabs his cock and aims it for her hot and hungry hole. She gets the head in and then BAM. She slams her pussy down, taking his entire length. She shrieks and sits perfectly still as the first orgasm rips through her. Out of his mind with heat, he grabs her hips and starts thrusting his cock up into her. POP POP POP POP POP

"Oh my God, Lizzy! I'm going to cum!"

"Come on, baby. Cum deep inside of me! Give me all of your cum!"

A very loud AGH escapes his lips and the thrusts are coming faster and faster until they are both perfectly still. Her chest on his chest as they both pant for air. He grabs her ass cheeks and tries to steady his breathing. Both of them are drenched in sweat. As their bodies cool and the breathing levels off, she flips over on her back.

She catches her breath long enough to say "Shew". And then takes a deep sigh. He blows out a breath and behind that comes an apology.

"I'm sorry I didn't hold on longer. I hadn't planned on this being a quickie!"

She pats his thigh as she says, "Me either. I had planned on riding you for a while, but the lead-up to this got me so hot I couldn't hold on!"

He chuckled, "Yeah, me too."

She rolls over into him and places her head on his chest. "Well, we do have all night, ya know." As she yawns and settles in.

"Indeed, we do," he says as he drifts off. His breathing is deep now, she notices as she quickly follows him off the cliff once more. There's always the middle of the night, she thinks as she lets go and sinks into a deep sleep.


Copyright © 2019 by Purity Pierce. All rights reserved.

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