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A few tips to make you more perfect women Reveal a few scenes that make women perfect

A few tips to make you more perfect women Reveal a few scenes that make women perfect

A few tips to make you more perfect women Reveal a few scenes that make women perfect

Experts on women’s sexuality surveyed 10,000 young women and asked them to answer a few questions sincerely to know what kind of environment and what moments of time make women’s inner sexual desires move around, and the scenes that most make women’s sexual impulses are revealed. Knowing where a woman is impatient and when she is ambiguous makes it easier for you to get into her heart and into her delicate body, so women themselves say that as long as a man knows how to flirt, a woman can easily dedicate everything she has, including her body.

do you understand? If you don't understand, just look at the following scenes that make a woman's heart and sex arouse.

Scene 1: Adult games in the park

That is the springtime under the shade of the bushes, the excitement that is almost to be discovered, and the calmness of taking the sky as the quilt, how can it not make the lady's Huarong "lost".

A lady’s dream: The forest park on the outskirts is the place where he and I often date, first because it is clean and second because we want to breathe fresh air after work.

Unexpectedly, during a picnic, he saw that no one was around and he played an adult game with me. I really don’t know if anyone noticed that, anyway, the feeling of curiosity made me uncontrollably excited, even though there was something afterward. So scared.

One piece of advice: Go to the forest park is a good idea, of course, other parks with high privacy are also ok. Bring more clothes, or go on a picnic, otherwise, you won’t even have anything to cover once someone approaches.

Scene 2: Crazy space in the car

Cars are related to life, but they have not yet been connected to the point where even sex is also considered. How about imagining what happens when you cross the thunder pool in a car?

Scene 3: Be tied to him

In the eyes of a serious woman, is bound to make love is like a crime. In fact, it is precisely this kind of complex that makes ladies feel afraid and love to be bound, even though they will never say it.

Lady’s Dream: Bondage is still restricted sex for me, but it cannot be called a fetish. I was always curious about it, but I never asked him.

However, one night, he asked whether he could tie my hand with his tie, I agreed without thinking, and then he simply tied me up. A feeling of humiliation flooded my heart, but I really liked the feeling of being bound, and the humiliation at this time was nothing. I think I finally waited for excitement.

One piece of advice: If you really want to try it, start with soft clothes, such as his tie is a good choice. If you use handcuffs, be careful not to hurt your wrists. The binding does not have to be in the bedroom, there is a lot of space in the room where you can play.

Scene 4: Water and tenderness in the swimming pool

The swimming pool is used for swimming, but why can't you have sex in it? But I can't think about it, the ladies start to blush when they think of this, even though they want to refuse.

A lady’s dream: When we travel to Hainan, we have everything in the resort, especially the swimming pool whose color is the same as the seawater.

One night, he invited me to go swimming, saying that there were few people at that time. Sure enough, there are very few, as few like me and him. We kissed, and we were in a state, the surface of the water was sparkling, and we were already "lawless" underwater. It is also because of the buoyancy of the water, I enjoy the dreamlike feeling, I see his face is very beautiful with the afterglow of moonlight.

One piece of advice: If there is really such a chance, it is best to bring a few clothes, so as not to hide anything from others suddenly breaking into you. Do more pre-preparation, like foreplay, and don’t make love dying when the conditions are insufficient; also make more use of the buoyancy of the water, you can try many new positions.

Scene 5: A short joy in the fitting room

Let sex happen in front of the glass mirror. The lady can not only see herself, she can also see what he is doing. The multiple angles and multiple feelings will arouse countless ripples. Of course, so is he.

A lady’s dream: I like to go to the elegant shopping mall to choose clothes. The fitting room over there will never feel cramped, especially when I want him to advise me.

Once, he accompanied me shopping for a day, and I could see his tiredness on his face, so when I was fitting clothes, I asked him to come in and sit down. I didn’t expect him to see me wearing a sexy dress. The pretense was immediately "on fire", and we went "crazy" in the fitting room. Fortunately, there was no one waiting outside.

One piece of advice: Bring more clothes into the fitting room, and give yourself more time, even if you just caress. When the passion comes, please pay more attention to your voices, and would rather make a show of comments on the clothing than leak Fengyue.

Scene 6: Passion overflows in the elevator

The reason why the elevator was chosen as the object of the scene is that it has the dual nature of privacy and publicity, and this duality is also the driving force that makes ladies extremely excited.

A lady’s dream: It was a bit hot on a Sunday last summer. He and I went to a newly opened decoration store to buy things.

The store was rebuilt from a granary, so it is very tall and very large, and because it is new, businesses and customers are in twos and threes. After a round trip, we went down from the top floor. We were on a spare freight elevator. I didn’t think it only opened from the basement to the 10th floor.

As soon as we entered, it felt like it was a small car prepared for us. He who was "sexy" pestering me before coming out actually kissed me, and then the elevator ran between the upper and the lower under his control, even though we Inside it is as hot as outside.

One piece of advice: It’s best to pick those old-fashioned elevators that few people care about. From top to bottom, it’s a good thing for you to be slow, and it’s a good thing not to have a probe. It’s better for women to wear long skirts because the elevator suddenly stops on a certain floor, and you can restore your previous calmness in a short period of time.

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