9 Sizzling Sexual Fantasies Just About Every Man Has

by Chris Dee 7 months ago in relationships

How common are yours?

9 Sizzling Sexual Fantasies Just About Every Man Has

Sexual fantasies are like dreams and wishes. Absolutely everyone has at least a few and they can vary greatly from person to person. However, some fantasies are definitely more common than others, and this is certainly the case for men. It’s also the only natural to wonder just how common your pet fantasies (or your partner’s) really are in the grand scheme of things.

The following examples are such common male fantasies, that just about every man has at least a handful of them. Some cover things they like in real life and have no trouble asking for in the bedroom. Others may just be fantasies they like to revisit when they masturbate or otherwise have sex on the brain. Did yours make the list?

1. Oral Sex

When it comes to widespread male fantasies, it doesn’t get much more popular than oral sex. Most men don’t really have to stop at fantasizing about it, as oral is part of many couples’ regular bedroom routines, but it’s definitely a common fantasy among men whose partners aren’t into playing blowjob games. The ones that do fantasize about oral because they’re not actually getting it in real life say they’re as turned on by the idea of getting their partner to do something they normally wouldn’t as they are the idea of the oral experience itself.

2. Anal Sex

Although people, in general, are a lot more comfortable with anal sex than they once were, it’s still extra titillating as a fantasy because it’s not necessarily something everyone does. Some women either don’t like it or are turned off by the idea of it. Others do like it, but don’t necessarily do it with every partner. As men really do tend to fantasize about what they aren’t getting (or don’t get very often), having anal sex with someone who doesn’t do it, as a rule, ranks pretty high on the fantasy list.

3. Partner Taking the Lead

In most male/female relationships, it’s still relatively common for the man to be the one that takes the lead between the sheets, so it makes sense that a change of pace would be something worth fantasizing about from time to time. Many men are extremely aroused by the idea of being with a confident, self-assured woman that not only knows what she wants in bed, but isn’t afraid to take the reins and make it happen. It’s also nice to enjoy the feeling of being wanted, desired, and lusted after by a partner for a change, especially when you’re usually the one doing the initiating.

4. Sex in Public

Many people have an inner exhibitionist inside them just waiting for a chance to break out, but exhibitionism is an especially common fantasy among men. Having sex in public or anywhere else you’re not “supposed to” is one way to satisfy that desire, as even a slim possibility of getting caught makes it ultra-hot. However, getting down and dirty someplace risqué is not the only way to explore this fantasy further in real life. Try setting up a video camera or webcam in the privacy of your own home, grabbing your partner, and making a homemade porn video to look back on later instead if you want to enjoy the same rush without risking the legal consequences.

5. Role-Playing

Most people enjoy the idea of role-playing to at least some extent, but the form the desired role-playing might take can vary drastically from couple to couple. Some men long to see their partners dress (and act) the part of a sexy dominatrix, a schoolgirl, or a stranger. Others fantasize about being the one playing a role instead. Whatever the case may be, playing dress-up and giving one’s self-permission to act a little out of character for the night is a fun and rewarding way to keep things spicy in the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

6. Three-Ways

Although not every man would necessarily want to have a three-way in real life, the great majority of men have definitely fantasized about it a time or two and with good reason. Although there’s a lot of proof out there that group sex is a natural human behavior, society tells us something different—that we shouldn’t want it and definitely shouldn’t be doing it, and anything taboo is often also something widely fantasized about. Plus, what man doesn’t daydream about being so virile, he can satisfy not one, but two partners at once?

7. Voyeurism

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems as if every guy absolutely loves porn, this very common male fantasy could be the reason. Although many women enjoy watching porn and viewing the sexual activity of others as well, men form many of the other fantasies and kinks they have by doing so. Men also commonly fantasize about scenarios that involve catching their partner masturbating and being allowed to watch, watching a partner be intimate with someone else, or even accidentally discovering strangers having sex somewhere they shouldn’t be.

8. Domination

While there are plenty of men who fantasize about having their partner play the dominant role, sometimes within actual BDSM-esque scenarios, just as many want the opposite—to find out what it’s like to have complete control over their partner. Common scenarios include but are not limited to bondage, breath play, or experimenting with pain. Many men who fantasize about dominating their partners also like to blend those fantasies with others they might have (e.g. exhibitionism or voyeurism). If you’d like to try it as you haven’t done it yet then you’d better check out these awesome domination sex tips first!

9. Various Fetishes

It’s not uncommon for a man’s fantasies to sometimes revolve around objects, behaviors, or body parts that aren’t usually considered sexual in and of themselves. Although just about any fetish might be the star of the show, some choices are more common than others. Some men go bananas for non-sexual body parts like feet, hands, or body hair. Others can’t stop thinking about the underwear a partner might potentially have on or find smoking to be unbearably sexy. Some men eventually decide they’d like to experiment with their fetishes in real life, but many prefer simply enjoying them as fantasies as well.

Whether the fantasies you or your partner have made the list or not, know that they’re not only perfectly normal, but can be beneficial as well. Sharing, discussing, or acting out fantasies together can make couple’s closer and boost intimacy. Indulging in fantasies on your own is great for your mind and your overall sense of well-being as well, so don’t be afraid to indulge yours to the fullest.

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