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7 Sexy Jokes To Seduce A Woman Effectively

by Mister Walley about a month ago in comedy
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To conquer a woman, it is better to make her laugh. This is well known.

7 Sexy Jokes To Seduce A Woman Effectively
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In fact, don't people say "woman who laughs, woman half in my bed?"

Laughter is an excellent seduction tactic and it works very well.

Humor has several virtues because not only will it help you get closer to the girl, but it will also release feel-good hormones and pleasure and therefore considerably reduce your stress, which is perfect especially for a first date.

The behavior to make a girl laugh

To seduce a girl every time, laughter is an infallible weapon.

But not everyone is able to make a girl laugh, not everyone has the right word to laugh at the right moment.

However, it is possible to put in place a behavior and certain attitudes that will make the charming lady in front of you laugh.

First of all, you have to have a positive attitude, look on the bright side and even be a little playful.

Funny people always have that teasing feeling towards others that helps them break the ice and make others smile or even laugh.

Maybe you don't know it, but you can learn to be funny: it starts with having a sense of humor about yourself, seeing the funny side of things that happen to you. By seeing that you have some distance on yourself, people in front of you will understand that you have a sense of humor and that there is no malice or pretension.

It is possible to learn a few jokes that correspond to your taste and to seduce, it is a considerable asset (a small selection of 7 jokes to read later).

Whatever happens, never force yourself, stay natural.

Trust your sense of humor to shine in front of the woman you want to seduce.

And for that, there are not only words but also body language: facial expressions, grimaces, your gestures, the way you move, the tone you use are all clues that you are funny and very good company (just look at the success met by actors like ben Stiller or Jim Carrey, right?)

Here is for you, 7 jokes to seduce effectively!

Joke 1

They are 3 friends who are captured by a tribe of Amazons.

After hours of captivity, the leader of the tribe comes to them and announces:

- You will have sex destroyed the way you earn your living!

And addressing the first one:

- You! What is your job?

- Well, I... I am a lumberjack.

And then, suddenly, seizing an axe, the leader of the Amazons cuts off his penis.

The two other captives look on in horror I'm sure they'll burn my sex... But you, why are you smiling? Aren't you afraid?

- Me? I'm a lollipop salesman…

Joke 2

A very classy man enters a bar and orders 10 pastis.

The owner, a little surprised, asks him :

- Are you celebrating something, sir? Is everything all right?

- If you want, my first pipe...

- Oh yes! I understand, it is indeed a drink. Would you like an 11th glass, on me?

- No, thank you. You know, if the first 10 didn't get rid of the taste, nothing will.

Joke 3

A man is sitting at the counter of a hotel bar next to a woman when his elbow unexpectedly hits her chest.

Quickly realizing this, somewhat ashamed, he turns to her in confusion and says:

- Madam, if your heart is as soft as your chest, I know you will forgive me.

- Sir, if your sex is as hard as your elbow, I am in room 221.

Joke 4

A teacher reminds all of her first-year students that there is a mechanics exam the next day.

She takes the opportunity to specify that no absence will be tolerated, without a serious reason such as serious illness, accident, death of a relative, etc.

At the back of the amphitheater, a student smiles and exclaims:

- And in case of very great fatigue due to overflowing sexual activity?

The whole audience bursts into a fit of laughter. Then, when silence is finally restored, the teacher smiles at the student and answers serenely:

- You will write with the other hand…

Joke 5

This is a blonde who walks into a library and starts yelling at the front desk:


The librarian, a bit taken aback, replies:

- But ma'am, this is a library.

Then the blonde approaches the man and whispers in his ear:

- Oh sorry: hello, I would like a double hamburger, a Diet Coke and a small French fry, please!

Joke 6

During his rounds, a policeman sees a man walking a penguin.

- Mister, I advise you to take him to the zoo.

- Of course, officer, what a great idea!

Then, two days later, at the same place, the policeman meets the same man again.

- Good morning, sir. Didn't you take him to the zoo?

- Yes, we did! And he liked it. So now I'm taking him to the movies.

Joke 7

2 mini-jokes for the blow.

1/ Two clitorises meet when the first one asks the other one:

- So I hear you are frigid?

The other one, a little shocked, answers immediately:

- Forget it, it's the bad tongues that say that.

2/ This is the story of a blind man who enters a bar.

Then in a table, then in a chair...

As you can see, funny stories can be about anything.

The important thing is that it makes you laugh, so you can put your own intonation, make mimicry with your face, mime the scene to make it your own.

The more convincing you are, the more the woman in front of you will laugh out loud.

However, beware: expect to be judged harshly at times because jokes do not work on everyone with the same effect.

Even the great comedians fail sometimes.

One last tip: to make the joke funnier and the woman you are telling it to will be laughing out loud, don't hesitate to tell it in the first person, it will show that you have a sense of humor about yourself and women love that.



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