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7 Indications You've Met The Right Person

She is unquestionably a woman worth clinging to. And you must battle tooth and nail for your connection. Don't ever let her go.

By The Lost GirlPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Every man has an ideal woman in his head that he fantasises about. They will imagine her to be the most beautiful female being on the planet. She is someone who will be out of the usual in terms of both her physical characteristics and her demeanour.

We live in a world that is riddled with defects, flaws, blemishes, and wrongdoings. Is it really feasible to find a perfect woman in such a world?

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect woman. That doesn't mean you'll never be able to find the perfect woman for you to be in a relationship with. Certainly, you would never settle for someone who does not deserve your affection. There are simply too many girls out there who lack the characteristics or temperance required to maintain a long-term relationship. That's why you should always be on the lookout for the unusual ones.

You also can't dispute that there are a lot of foolish males out there who don't realise a good thing when it's right in front of their face. You could be dating the perfect girl without even realising it. When that happens, it's always sad because you wind up taking a woman like her for granted. Instead of making her feel truly valued and appreciated, you wind up dismissing her wants and worth.

What happens if you take her for granted? You've lost her. You pass up the chance to spend the rest of your life with the perfect woman.

But how do you know how wonderful your connection is? All of this demands self-awareness and attentiveness in your connection. Even the smallest nuances must constantly be appreciated. And you must understand the many components that comprise the ideal woman in a relationship. But it's a major issue if you don't know what you're looking for.

If you find that many of these traits apply to the lady you're dating, then you should make it a point to retain her in your life. She is unquestionably a woman worth clinging to. And you must battle tooth and nail for your connection. Don't ever let her go.

1. She has lofty ambitions.

You know she's not going to be content with coasting through life. She has many hopes and goals for herself, you, and your prospective future family.

2. She is always forthright and honest.

She will always be truthful and transparent with you about everything. She always speaks her mind and never leaves you in any doubt about how she feels or what she thinks about things.

3. She is self-sufficient.

She will always be self-sufficient. She never truly looks to you to solve all of her problems for her. She is not dependent on you for survival. She is capable of doing so on her own. But she still chooses to spend her time with you.

4. She looks after you.

She constantly goes out of her way to look after you. She realises that you are in this together and that you must have each other's backs as you navigate life together.

5. She believes in maturity and depth.

She is quite mature. You know she's the type of lady you can talk to about anything since she's great at keeping things in perspective.

6. She makes an effort in your relationship.

You are aware that you are not required to do the majority of the heavy lifting in this relationship. You know she'll put in just as much effort as you do.

7. She adores you wholeheartedly.

And, of course, the ideal lady for you is one who will love you with all of her heart. In your relationship, she may not always make the best judgements. She may not be immune to errors. But you know that her affection for you is always sincere and pure.

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