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5 Things Capricorns Won’t Tell You About Sex (But You Need to Know)

by Mythili about a year ago in fact or fiction
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And unlike what is told by astrology gurus, Capricorns are not dull, robotic sex machines.

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It was past midnight and our girly talk, laced with bitching sessions about both sexes showed no signs of abating.

We had just finished a huge pizza dinner and were on our third bottle of Chianti between the two of us. The merry aftereffects of the wine, our pleasantly full stomachs, and the cozy rugs surrounding the crackling fire of the fireplace had further loosened our tongues as our conversations became raunchier, and merrier by the minute with all semblance of decency thrown out of the window.

Then the conversations drifted towards sex, our sexual personalities as per our Astro signs to be precise.

You know something, capris are known for dull, robotic, methodical sex. They are zero percent adventurous when it comes to sex, “my BFF announced, taking a large swig out of the rapidly diminishing contents of the third bottle of Chianti.

That set me thinking. I am a full-blooded, proud Capricorn and I cannot believe even in my wildest dreams that I have a dull, robotic sexual personality. Astrologers be damned, Capricorns are far more vibrant and adventurous than they are given credit for in every aspect and sex is no exception.

And here are my two cents in believing the same.

Capricorns know what they want

Capricorns are supposed to be determined folks and they brim with confidence which stems from the fact that they know everything possible in whatever thing they attempt, including sex.

Well, this is woefully wrong in my case. In my 10 years of sexual life, I have never been comfortable taking charge in the bedroom and direct my partner in the intricacies of sex. For me, sex has always been an avenue to try new things, conquer new frontiers and learn together, instead of being the dominating, all-knowing partner.

Great sex is all about being good and giving and enjoying the flow. So, if you are a Capricorn, just cut yourself some slack and have fun. Perfection be damned!!

Capricorns play safe

The common myth is that if you're lucky enough to have hot sex with a Capricorn, you can rest assured that nothing will come outside the syllabus. Everything would be textbook executed to perfection.

Wrong, completely wrong.

Yes, we Capricorns have a cool, calm, cucumber-like exterior, but we are not afraid to take sex to a whole new level. Take my case, for example, I am never shy of trying BDSM, blindfolds, bondages but even some new kinkier variety of sex that takes my sexual ecstasies to unconquered heights. Of course, safe sex is important and vital. Any activity that hurts physically cannot be called sex.

So please surprise us !! throw us off guard and show us something that knocks the ground away from our feet. We would love it and wholeheartedly embrace it.

Capricorns are silent and serious

Again, this is utterly wrong at least in my case.

For me, good sex is all about great communication. I believe both partners should continuously talk to each other, whisper sweet nothings with each other, open up their hearts to convey their deepest emotions, and finally spice up the sex with dollops of dirty talk.

Yes, dirty talk, because our mind is a more powerful sexual organ than the male or female genitalia. The brain is where the desires of sex stem from. And the right amount of dirty talk and excite the mind, which finally flows on to our sexual actions.

So, don’t be serious with us. Indulge us with humor, wisecracks, and unrestrained fun and experience a whole new different side of us.

Capricorns hate being rushed

100% True. No doubt about it.

A humble request to all other Astro signs, don’t rush us. Don’t put time constraints on us. Don’t expect us to indulge in two-minute quickie sex. We hate it.

Remember having sex with a Capricorn is very similar to having sex on your 1st date. There is always fear, suspicion, uncertainty, and a tingling sense of guilt associated with the move. Treat her as you are treating your 1st date. Take time to know her body, her desires (yes, desires also change like people), and the way she responds to your movements.

Take it one step at a time and have the confidence to take things slower, enjoy foreplay and allow things to build up to an enjoyable climax. Just focus on giving her pleasure while making this moment a memorable one for both of you in the times to come.

Capricorns don’t need anything fancy to arouse them

Yes, this is true. We Capricorns don’t need candle-lit dinners, romantic rendezvous, or a bucketful of flowers to arouse the passions within us. We are mostly no-frills, no-nonsense people which just crave a bit of respect, appreciation, and lots of kind words.

Having said that, this does not mean that you can execute your ‘tried and tested’ script on us and expect to wow us. So, the point is, if you are a born Casanova with a solid script working for you so far, chances are very bright that it might fail miserably this time. Why? Because we are unique, and it is going to take something drastically different to kindle the fire within us.

Remember, we take time to express ourselves sexually but once you manage to arouse it, our intense sexual energy is mind-blowing. We don’t believe in lying or faking it out just to make to happy. If we like what you are doing to us, we will let you know in all its glory. But you need to know how to press the right buttons within us.

As J.D Sallinger has rightly said.

“A woman’s body is like a violin and all, and that it takes a terrific musician to play it right”

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Mythili is a programmer by passion and a connoisseur of fine arts like painting, calligraphy, and pottery. She writes in the twilight between relationships, creativity, and human behavior.

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