5 Minute Love Story

Fantasies with Familiar Strangers: The Why's and How's Explained

5 Minute Love Story

You probably know who I'm talking about. That guy you saw today at the red-light. Or the one you ALWAYS bump into at the gas station in the morning.


We all know that guy.

The Love Story game has always been my favorite; truth be told it's probably the favorite past time of our gender. All you really need is some eye contact, a strong jaw, and a few minutes of downtime and you're off to la-la land getting banged out by a 10... who knows EXACTLY how rough to be.

It's okay, don't play coy. All women play this game it's how we cope with our vulnerability. The few minutes we have to ourselves, we spend them, without even realizing it, empowering ourselves through sexual fantasy.

What does that say about us as individuals? What compels us to visualize ourselves into the arms and beds of sexy strangers? Even more, why are we so nasty when we're with them, but so timid with our partners?

I've done some digging over the years, what I've found is that women have a compulsive desire to be desired constantly encoded in our DNA. We have a biological, chemical need to be touched by a man. Our gender NEEDS twenty seconds of physical contact from a man we trust, at least twice a day in order to be mentally and physically healthy. Our bodies release healing, comforting, and bonding chemicals through our blood-stream in every instance of intimacy no matter how minor. And when we're not getting that chemical exchange, our minds create scenarios almost as a survival instinct to keep us from self-destructing.

Now, I could break it down into scientific lingo, but there really aren't a lot of people keen on deciphering big words continuously. Your brain would get bored. So, what I'll do is keep it plain, and brutal, just like your reflection. (AH. I had to sneak in some shade.) Part of the reason for the extreme nature of your five minute love stories is exactly what I just mentioned: you're bored. Your body needs stimulation, your mind needs serotonin, thus dirty daydreams are born.


The most dominant, overpowering, and obvious reason you need to get kinky throughout the day is that your mind is the safest place to explore. Females are prey in nearly every corner of the animal kingdom, and the human realm is no different.

But curiosity is good for the kitty cat from time to time. There was evidence found in a recent study proving a lack of sexual stimulation can make your vagina DEPRESSED! I'm talking dry between the thighs DEVASTATION.

Your brain knows this!

Since it is the brain's job to tell the body not to shut-down, the brain creates pictures that keep you juicy, keep you healthy.

There is literally no risk when nothing permanent or even tangible is actually happening. Maybe you watched a little porno, and it made you feel like a prude, a bad shag. You owe it to yourself, on your drive to work, to show the world (in your head) that you sexy girl, is a freak nasty b-word.

And you are.

The reason I compiled this list of seemingly random thoughts is that not all women realize this behavior is both healthy and normal. You are allowed to explore not just your sexuality, but your interests, beliefs, and senses too.

Go for it, girl, get your hands and knees dirty!

I won't tell.

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