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5 Great Tips for Adding Some Spice to Your Lingerie Drawer This Spring

by Chris Dee 8 months ago in buyers guide
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Whether you’re talking about building the perfect foundation for a killer new outfit or making your lover’s eyes pop the next time you stroll into the bedroom dressed for action, spring is as good a reason as any to add a little spice to your lingerie drawer.

Spring Lingerie

Many people like to welcome spring by diving full force into updating various things about their lives. They may even get around to cleaning out their closet and updating their wardrobe with some snazzy new staples as a reward. But far too many people don’t even think about their lingerie drawer, and that’s a shame. Fabulous lingerie is so much fun and can really put some pep in your step.

Whether you’re talking about building the perfect foundation for a killer new outfit or making your lover’s eyes pop the next time you stroll into the bedroom dressed for action, spring is as good a reason as any to add a little spice to your lingerie drawer. Here are some terrific tips to get you started.

1. Make room for the new by tossing the old.

If you’re like most lingerie lovers, you’ve accumulated a lot of different pieces over the years. Some of it you love and wear often. Maybe you have a few pieces that you save for special occasions. Then there are all the things you no longer wear because they don’t really fit or simply aren’t your style anymore.

Start your revamp by tossing everything you’re not into anymore to make room for better, more exciting additions. Yes, get rid of anything old, tattered, or ill-fitting. But you should toss anything that simply isn’t your thing anymore, as well. Not really liking something anymore is reason enough to get rid of it.

2. Consider your own preferences and not just your partner’s.

Although there’s nothing wrong with updating your lingerie collection with your spouse in mind, don’t lose sight of the fact that your preferences matter, too. The lingerie that will look sexiest on you is the same lingerie that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and alluring.

So, yes, it’s crucial that you genuinely love the new goodies you’re adding to your collection. Buy plenty of colors, styles, and materials that make you feel gorgeous. Then add some variety to the mix by choosing a few options that you know will drive your spouse wild and wearing them when you’re in the mood to dole out a sexy surprise.

3. Have your spouse pick out a few items for you.

Maybe you’re on a mission to add at least a few choice items that your partner will love but aren’t quite sure if their tastes have changed since the last time, you bought something new for that purpose. Or perhaps you just like the idea of giving them a mission and letting them dress you up in something they’re dying to see you in.

Whatever the case may be, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t relish a chance to dress their partner up in any type of sexy attire they like. So, remind your partner of your sizes and perhaps suggest a few favorite shops to check out. Then relax and start getting excited to see what they pick out.

4. Add a piece for every aspect of your personal style.

A genuinely excellent lingerie collection is well-rounded, so ideally, you’ll have at least one option to fit every outfit, style concept, and mood you have. So, make a list of items you need for pairing with certain clothing pieces or occasions. You’ll get more use out of beautiful clothing you rarely wear because you don’t have the proper undergarments to go with it. Plus, the more comprehensive your lingerie collection becomes, the more options you’ll have for expressing yourself in the future.

And don’t forget to ask yourself if there’s anything entirely new you’ve been wanting to try style-wise. For example, maybe you’ve been wishing you owned more bright-colored pieces or more items that are satiny, silky, or velvety. Whatever your collection’s been missing – whether that’s a specific functional item or something just for fun – now’s your chance to add it.

5. Don’t shy away from fantasy items.

And, of course, who says every single item in your lingerie drawer has to double as practical underwear for everyday life? Lingerie is about more than just useful foundation garments. It’s also a chance to treat yourself to something just a little bit extraordinary. It can even be an opportunity to explore some fun fantasies, either on your own or with your partner along for the ride.

So don’t be afraid to add a couple of new items to your collection just to try something indulgent. Think themed costume-style lingerie for roleplaying or special occasions. Some items – like corsets and garter belts with stockings or fetish wear – are perfect for days you want to feel a little elegant or perhaps simply find yourself in the mood to snap a few sex selfies. Share them with your partner or keep them just for you. You’re the boss!

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