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3 Types Of Backyard Sex Toys

Anal Toy Tips

By DingfooPublished 16 days ago โ€ข 4 min read
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Some folks have reservations about backyard pleasure gadgets. They might believe these toys are only for a specific group, but guess what? backyard toys could offer you more joy than you think!

Types Of Backyard Toys

Backyard pleasure toys come in different types, including anal plugs, beads, and prostate massagers. Unlike prostate massagers, anal plugs and beads are not gender-specific.

Traditional anal plugs typically have a round base and a tapered top. Some come with a tail plug for added features. While basic models don't vibrate, newer anal plugs often include a vibration function, enhancing the experience for all.

Beads, also known as chain beads, resemble a string of beads, offering varying levels of stimulation through different sizes. Experienced users often prefer vibrating beads for added pleasure, making them a basic health and wellness product for intimate areas.

Prostate massagers differ from anal plugs and beads with a distinctive "pistol" shape. Designed for adult males, these curved devices provide unique prostate pleasure. Nowadays, many prostate massagers come with vibration functions for an enhanced experience.

Anal plug expansion

The anal plug is user-friendly, simply insert it into the back passage for a pleasurable experience. There's no need for constant movement; just having the anal plug in place can bring satisfaction. Initially, there might be a sensation of needing to defecate, but with time and familiarity, the feeling of fullness and the vibrations from the anal plug can become enjoyable.

dingfoo tail anal plug

For beginners, it's advisable to start with the smallest anal plug. Using lubricant is crucial for these backyard health products since natural lubrication is lacking in that area.

Anal plugs come in various materials, including hard and cool metal or glass, as well as soft and warm rubber. Some even have plush tails, allowing for playful dressing up as cute animals to spice things up and ignite your partner's desire and curiosity.

Anal plugs are excellent for sphincter expansion and preparing for future movements. While some have vibrating features, the pleasure derived from anal plugs alone can be quite satisfying.

Pull the beads back and forth

Gently insert the beads one by one into the back passage, gradually enriching the experience, then slowly pull them out. Feel the sensations as they move in and out, evoking an uncontrollable sense of pleasure.

dingfoo anal bead

For casual play, it's best to choose round beads with a consistent thickness. However, there are advanced options with beads that vary in thickness from top to bottom or have unique shapes. Each bead insertion provides a stimulating experience for the back passage.

Materials for beads range from soft rubber and silicone to metal, with increasing hardness for a fuller sensation and stronger stimulation upon removal. Beads are also available in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties. Similar to anal plugs and prostate massagers, it's important for adults to take it slow when selecting these health products. Start with a gentle vibration after insertion and gradually experiment with back-and-forth movements.

Prostate massager

Wondering where a grown man's prostate is? Insert a finger into the back passage until the second knuckle, gently bend the finger toward the penis, and you'll feel a firm object across the intestinal wallโ€”that's the prostate.

prostate massager

The elbow of the prostate massager is designed to stimulate the prostate in the direction of the penis. Unlike the anal plug, the prostate massager requires adjusting the angle as it enters the back passage, allowing it to gradually adapt. Initially, manual insertion is not necessary; instead, slowly retract and release the back passage. Avoid rapid movements, and let the body naturally draw the stick into the passage. The elbow part will firmly squeeze the prostate, creating a delightful sensation. Once adapted, switch to manual or vibration for a lively experience with adult health products.

For beginners, it's normal not to immediately adapt. Relax the back passage, and the massager will draw out a part on its own. After getting used to this sensation, tightening and relaxing will bring considerable stimulation and pleasure. Focus on the back passage, pay attention to the sensations in the area, and over time, discomfort will gradually transform into pleasure. Prostate toys are advanced and should be used with care.

Most prostate toys are made of silicone, available in vibrating and non-vibrating options, with some advanced models featuring a heating function.


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