3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to a Woman's Boobs

You're a boor if you don't know how to handle her boobs

3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to a Woman's Boobs
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Ta-tas. Boobies. Chi-chis. Gazoongas. Sweater Puppies. If there's one thing that guys love almost as much as the clit, it's boobs.

And I can safely say that there will not be any man in this world who will not be affected seeing a woman’s boobs. Throughout the centuries, men have praised women's breasts, played with them, sucked on them, and just ogled them.

Whether they're big or small, perky or slightly saggy, or real or surgically enhanced, boobs are incredibly awesome, and they're a lot of fun to play with. You can say that men are biologically enslaved to its mesmerizing power. And like the bull’s eye of a target, they aim for boobs play, the moment a girl takes her top off.

But that brings us to a question. How well do you know her boobs? Do you know how to handle her boobs the right way?

The short answer is no.

Yes, despite the attention men give to it, most men still fail to grasp the intricacies of a woman’s boobs. There are certain things which are an absolute no-no for her. And most men fail to understand her wishes and end up rubbing her boobs (also her feelings) the wrong way causing a lot of pain in the process.

You need to remember that boobs and nipples are finely tuned natural works of art and they require precision handling. And when you are handling them, you need to make sure that every touch counts so that she gets her juices flowing and she enjoys the experience along with you. By taking care of her wishes and performing skilful boob play, you can not only help her to give a full-body sexual experience but also adds one more skill to your sex repertoire.

And here are some things you need to stop doing to a woman’s boobs to make the sexual experience immensely pleasurable for her.

Be sensitive to timing.

It is sad but true. Not all women get turned on by touching their boobs. You can suck on them all you want, but if it doesn't get her aroused. then you need to focus on other areas.

Sometimes the timing also matters. Breast sensitivity changes throughout the month. There will certain points in her cycle where she’s much more sensitive than usual. There may even be times when she’s too sensitive for any sort of breast play. Don’t be surprised if she expects other things from you (maybe a good session of cunnilingus?).

Sometimes you may also find that, despite your best efforts, her nipples don't get erect. Also, don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t moan as you caress her. This does always not mean she is not enjoying what you are doing. It is just that her nipples don’t show her inner excitement.

Ask her how she feels and continue on. Besides the timing, consent is also important. Some women may not want you to play with their boobs. It is a personal preference and as a man, you need to respect it.

Feedback is important. Ask her what she feels comfortable with, or you can try slowly tracing your hand across her shoulders and collarbone area. If she moves your hand away, move on to other parts of the body. Don’t persist; give her the comfort she deserves.

Use your mouth but be gentle

The golden mantra is to start slow. Remember, nipples are filled with nerves sending signals to the brain at the slightest touch or caress. Yes, she can get an orgasm from nipple play itself (called a “nipplegasm”) but if you overstimulate, it can be painful for her.

And if her nipple is erect, gently flick it with your tongue all over before slowly taking her nipple into your mouth. By alternating between licking and sucking on her nipple, you can lure them out to stand out erect. Again it varies from woman to woman, so be prepared to devote a lot of the time in while doing so.

The same goes for biting also. A woman’s breasts are sensitive. Some of them like a little biting and some don’t. Don’t pressurize and spoil the experience. There is a wrong concept which says that large-chested women like biting more than sucking. This is all bullshit. The size of her boobs does not determine her sensitivity. Some flat-chested women like biting more than cunnilingus and some large-chested ones don’t like their boobs touched at all. So if you are not sure, ask her and go as per how she wishes it.

Communication is the best way to ensure she enjoys what you're doing. A simple, “Does this feel OK?” should be more than enough.

Lastly, don’t get aggressive

Getting too aggressive often just makes the entire thing painful.

In a study conducted at the University of Vienna, researchers found that large breasts were about 24% less sensitive than small ones. “This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched,” says Alan Matarasso, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City. So if your girl is having larger boobs, you need to spend more time stimulating the outer sides of her breasts, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips.

That said, breast sensitivity comes from the skin and not from the fat of the breast. So bouncing, honking, kneading and juggling acts are despised by most women. Yes, I agree some women like their boobs to be honked and kneaded hard during sex but they are far and few in between. Please don’t treat her breasts like old-fashioned horns. it's usually a better idea to be gentle and work your way up if it seems like she wants it rougher. "Slow and steady wins the race" is a good rule of thumb to follow here.

Finally, while nipples get most of the attention, the underboob and sideboob can both be exquisitely sensitive. As the names imply, the underboob is the lower part of the breast, and the side boob is the outer edge (the side near her armpit). These areas respond best to delicate touch. You can even try exploring these areas with your tongue, coupled with light kisses along the curvilinear path right up to her rib cage.

Remember, the whole act of satisfying sex is giving and taking pleasure and bringing you both closer to each other. Remind yourself of this simple fact and just live the moment and enjoy the motion.

As Mae West has rightly said.

“Sex is an emotion in motion.”

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Ravi Shankar Rajan is a program director working in Mumbai, India..He writes on a variety of subjects ranging from programming,leadership, creativity and even dabbles a bit in poetry.

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