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10 Signs You're Great in Bed

Are you really great in bed, or is your partner just flattering you? Here are some telltale signs you're great in bed.

By Skunk UzekiPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

There's something to be said about being a great lover.

Having the right skills in the sack can easily change your love life for the better and even make it possible to date people who are way out of your league on a regular basis. It's a trait that, once word gets around, can change your life in truly amazing ways.

Everyone wants to believe they're good in bed, but the truth is that very few are actually amazing at sex. That being said, no one wants to insult their partner by saying they're bad in bed. So, how can one tell if they're actually as good as people say they are?

Simple. Look for these signs you're great in bed below!

Your partners come back to you, begging for sex—even years after you two have split up.

Good sex is hard to find, and if you're the best lay someone's ever had, they won't forget that easily. A lot of people tend to get "stuck" on people who are great in bed, and it's easy to understand why.

Once you have great sex, it's really hard to go back to normal sex. If you have a very high "rebound" rate on your exes, then chances are that you're great in bed.

You've never had complaints.

This isn't a surefire sign that you're great in bed, but it is a promising indicator that you might be pretty decent. You should take this indicator with a grain of salt.

People generally won't complain about sex unless you're really not good in bed, or if they are actively trying to hurt you. That being said, if you have been getting complaints, it could be a sign that you might need to improve your game.

You're very experimental and open to trying out new things.

Believe it or not, a little kink is normal. Even the most vanilla individuals like to spice things up once in a while, and if you're already a bit kinky, that's a great thing. A person who is experimental in bed is a person who will help avoid boredom in the bedroom.

It's also worth pointing out that being open to peoples' fetishes means that you could be the one to make their fantasy come true. When you make someone's fantasy come to life, they'll automatically see you as better in bed than most. It's just that simple.

You regularly read up on sex tips and try to educate yourself.

When it comes to sex, knowledge really is power. The more you learn about sex techniques, the human body, and how to work your groove, the better in bed you'll be. Sex education is crucial.

No one can become a legendary lover on their own—at least, not entirely. A little sex ed can offer up tons of new techniques to use, and change the way you practice your sex life as a whole.

When you're getting it on, you communicate.

Being vocal and being willing to talk about what you're into is one of the cornerstones of being a great lover. Communication is key here—and that means both talking and listening to your partner intensely.

If you're the type who will talk about sex before you get it on, find out your lover's boundaries and interests, and also guide your partner on how to be a better lover for you, you're probably phenomenal in bed.

Of course, being great in bed also means that you will vocalize your appreciation for the work your partner is putting in. So, if you moan a bit, you probably are doing things right on behalf of your partner, too.

You're not the type to have hangups, and can laugh stuff off.

Have you ever had a fling with a person who's grossly insecure? It's not very fun, especially if you have to constantly praise them or deal with them getting awkward over something as simple as not looking good in bed.

That's why having enough confidence to do it with the lights on and being able to laugh off the awkwardness that can happen is so important. Sex should be a fun, carefree experience. If you take yourself too seriously, you're basically robbing yourself (and your partner) of that enjoyable aspect.

You take care of your body and work out.

As much as people can try to say otherwise, it's hard to deny the importance of keeping in shape when it comes to things involving sex. Sex is a form of a workout, after all.

Though this isn't a guaranteed sign that you're great in bed, it is a good indicator that you have what it takes to be an excellent lover. By taking care of your body, you're able to do more in bed to please your partner—and yourself.

You put your partner first, but aren't afraid to ask for what you want, either.

You can't be good in bed if you're a selfish lover, and sadly, there's a lot of people out there who don't realize that. On the flip side, you also can't be a good lover if you forget about your own pleasure.

Most people want to please their partner, and also be pleased. If you are able to communicate with your partner and focus on their pleasure, you're going to have a great time. Striking that careful balance is one of the surer signs that you're great in bed.

People ask where you learned your moves.

This is one of the most reliable signs you're great in bed. When people just want to know how you were able to learn your bedroom skills, it's a sign that they are seriously impressed with your ability to please and tease.

If people weren't impressed with what you're doing, then they wouldn't ask. The fact that they're asking says volumes about how well you're able to pleasure people.

When it comes to foreplay, you're a huge fan.

Most people can't just get into sex right off the bat; they need a warm-up. Foreplay is that warm-up, and really is a necessary part of a good sex session. If you're great in bed, you will always take time to help your partner get in the mood.

Long massage sessions, sensual kisses, and a little oral sex can transform any regular quickie into a toe-curling sensation. If you don't skimp on foreplay, chances are you have a very happy partner.

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