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You are the sun and I am the crutch

by Hanla.qiaozhi 2 months ago in Short Story
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He rescued her from a haystack 70 years ago, married her, had children, and lived a decent life.

The woman was three years older and a head taller than he was, a lady from a wealthy local family. He saved her that year because the Japanese had raided her home.

She despised him as poor and ugly. For her criticism and dissatisfaction, he always silently listen, and then smile to hold her: "Don't be angry, I can't change it?"

It was her who changed. Her young lady made the pie, which was slowly lost in his whisper. Like other peasant women, she shouldered the hoe, sunburned her face and roughened her fingers. When not busy, she would settle down to embroider carefully, two lifelike mandarin ducks, arouse the reverie of her daughter's home. But as time went on, her temper grew larger and larger with fatigue and imbalance. He, on the other hand, never talked back to her, never got angry with her. Sometimes, the children can not see past, secretly persuade their father. But he, always ha ha A smile: "She does not scold me, old in the heart, ill how to do?"

The days passed with her noise, and the children grew up, got married and had children. No matter how the population of the family changed, the old lady always had absolute authority. When the old lady is unreasonable, if there are children who refuse to accept, the old man will try his best to mediate until the old lady is satisfied.

When life was better, the old man saved the money given by his children and went to the city or the market one day to buy her a hairpin, a snack, or a dress. It's not expensive, but it will please the old lady. It was the old man who cooked at home. Every day when we ate, the old woman would shout out, "You've been cooking all your life. You used to run a salt farm." At night, before going to bed, the old man would heat up a large basin full of water, take her feet in his hands, and wash them carefully. This baptism is a lifetime.

She was too old to see clearly. When she went out, the old man was her walking stick, walking in front of her. There was a hole ahead and a tree on the left, the old man would whisper. "You're blind," the old lady would say loudly when she stumbled occasionally. The old man smiled and said nothing. Such a smile, he to her, bloom for a lifetime.

After the Spring Festival this year, the old woman is 93 years old, the old man is 90 years old. That day, the old lady narrowed her eyes, which she could no longer see clearly, and said, "Old man, it's sunny outside. Let's go for a walk. Don't call the children, just hold me." She put her hand in the palm of the old man's hand and walked solemnly forward. And the old man, trying to hold her body, as if the whole world.

The sun was warm and red, murmured the old lady, and slowly fell down. Before she left, she let go of the old man's hand. "I'm gone, and you're free."

Dealing with the old lady's affairs, the old man looked very perky. Her clothes, her bedding, her jewelry, and her favorite food, he had the children wrap them up into bundles and place them in his wife's coffin. After she was buried, he began to divide up the family's possessions: the house, the furniture, and eventually all his pocket money.

That night the old man, who had never been sick in his life, left. When the children wanted to take him to the hospital, he stopped them. "Don't bother." He held in his hand an embroidered mandarin duck with a scarlet background. He said, "Let me take it on my way to your mother."

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