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Ya'aburnee Returns

by Epic Writer Inbound, L.J. 10 months ago in Excerpt
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Another Glimpse Into My Death Note Fan-Fiction Writing

Ya'aburnee Returns
Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

Light returns home late within the night. After a cold supper, he's informed by his mother that Sakae is waiting upstairs. Taking his time, he heads up the staircase with a cruel smile; it vanishes, however, when he enters the upstairs hallway. Sakae is standing outside his bedroom door, which is cracked open, looking quite guilty; without a word, she sits aside, head hanging low. Reluctantly, Light opens the door to his bedroom fully, sighing.

As expected, Kohaku is there; she's sitting in his desk chair, turned towards him, and she's glaring fiercely. Sakae must've told her everything he'd planned. Huffing, he steps into his room, closing the door only after Sakae entered, too. Immediately, Kohaku jumps out of the chair; she doesn't yell, not wanting to disturb the Yagami family downstairs, but she really wants to. "Twelve. FBI. Agents," she speaks slowly, adding more aggression with each passing word. "Twelve." She pinches her nose in frustration. "Did you seriously have to go and kill them all?"

"...Kohaku..." Sakae utters, looking grim, arms crossed.

"No," Kohaku says, pointing at her, eyes narrow. "You don't get to talk. You've known all week what his plans were and you waited until it was too late for me to try preventing it." She puts her hands on her hips. "Imagine my surprise, and immediate anger, when I suddenly received a text message from you, saying the FBI agents were about to die." She grunts. "If you'd been anyone else, I'd say you delayed the information out of spite, but you're not just anyone, so I assume it's because of your indecisiveness."

Close to tears, Sakae averts her gaze, keeping silent as she continuously feels guilty for multiple reasons. Kohaku looks at Light, full of rage. Light stares back, expression blank. "I assume you came in through the window?" he questions, glancing towards it. Indeed, the window's wide open. He sighs, gazing back at her. "I told you; I will get rid of anyone who will stop me from achieving my goals."

"Except for me," Kohaku smugly points out.

Light quickly becomes grumpy. "You know why that is."

Kohaku's smugness dissolves as she frowns and nods. "Sakae," she states, matter-of-factly. She glances towards the female in question before looking back at Light. She takes a deep breath; calm yourself, Kohaku. Don't alert his family. ...Family... "...Those innocent people had families, Light." Glaring, she approaches and pushes him harshly, nearly knocking him into the door; he staggers and glares back, clenching his fists. "Go-" She stops herself from completing the word; he's no God. "You're such a fucking bastard. What the hell were you thinking?" She scoffs, shaking her head. "Eh, you probably weren't, actually; L isn't just gonna let this slide, you know. He's probably right on your ass at this very moment because of what you did."

Light doesn't care. "They shouldn't have meddled in things they don't understand."

"Fuck you," Kohaku growls. "How could they have known they'd die by your hands when the possibility was so low? How could they have known they'd be risking their lives by coming here when they didn't believe you'd know about them?"

Light shrugs nonchalantly. "Tell that to Raye when you see him in Hell."

"Thanks to you, he probably won't be going there, or to Heaven for that matter, since you tricked him into writing on a page from the Death Note. Like Ryuk said, anyone who writes in it or, in this situation, from it goes to neither," Kohaku states, clenching her fists. Poor Raye...

Sakae suddenly starts openly sobbing, dropping onto the bed in a slump. "No..." I should've done something... Why didn't I stop this...?

Glancing towards Sakae for a second, Kohaku briefly feels bad; she looks back at Light and no longer does. "You are going way too far, Light. Only criminals were supposed to die; this was never the plan."

Light stands his ground. "To protect what I have, extreme measures are required sometimes."

"None..." Kohaku is suddenly choking on her words, genuinely surprising Light. "None of this should've happened. And you know what? It's all my fucking fault; I started this mess in the first place." Angry tears spill down her cheeks as she clenches her fists again. I'd been so stupid...

Sniffling, Sakae speaks quietly. "It's not your fault..."

Kohaku disagrees. "Yes, it is. And I'm gonna pay the price for it every damn day until this all ends." My bad karma will make my life a bitch...

"You do that," Light says, uncaring.

Fury; fury forms within Kohaku's heart. Screw it, she thinks; who the fuck cares if his family hears? "I fucking hate you, Light Yagami." She picks up his desk chair. "Motherfucker!" Without another moment of waiting, she throws it directly at him, hoping to cause him harm.

Unfortunately for her, Light dodges; the chair hits the door harshly, crashing onto its side on the floor. "Would you stop overreacting for once in your pathetic life, Kohaku?" He looks at the door, listening closely for his family; no one comes rushing to investigate. He sighs in relief. He turns his head and, at the last second, quickly dodges the punch Kohaku sends his way. "I said stop, damn it!"

"Fuck. You." Kohaku is huffing and puffing; she is absolutely furious with him now. There's no going back after tonight. She moves to throw another punch but finds herself restricted; Sakae has gotten off the bed and is holding onto her tightly. "Let me go, goddamn it. I'm gonna beat his ass into the floor; I want his children's children to feel the pain I'll bring."

Tears still streaming down her cheeks, Sakae keeps her hold on Kohaku, who's still crying herself. "Kohaku, please, stop this. Fighting won't change anything that's happened."

Kohaku roughly pushes her away as she breaks free from her grasp. Briefly, she glares at her before glaring at Light again. "Actually, I think it most certainly will change something; this friendship."

"You... You don't mean..." Sakae whispers, distraught.

"Yes, I do mean," Kohaku states. She quickly grips Light's hoodie before he can dodge her reach again; she holds onto it tightly. "Light Yagami, you will rue this day that you've made an enemy of me." Releasing her hold on his clothing, she turns and approaches the opened window; stepping onto the small balcony, she reaches out, places her palms against the railing, and hops over, landing on the ground below with a thud, unharmed from the drop. Without glancing back, she runs away from the Yagami household.

Sakae slowly approaches the window and looks out without stepping onto the balcony. "...Oh, Kohaku..." She puts a hand to her mouth, uncertain of what to do or say about the situation.

"I told you she'd be a problem," Light comments.

Sighing, Sakae sniffles, wiping away her tears. "Not now, Light..."

Light continues. "If you'd just let me kill her-" Sakae glaring at him makes him pause his speaking. "Nevermind, then." He sighs and finally picks up his desk chair, putting it back where it belongs.


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