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Wraith on the Umbra Throne

Oblivion's Heir Ch.3

By Brin J.Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 25 min read
*Kieran from Purple Hyacinth by Sophism*

*Zaxel* Ch. 3

My fingers drum on the mahogany wood of my armchair, impatiently waiting in my temporary chambers for the Oblivion Court’s levee to begin. While I wait, my mind replays my unceremonious arrival to the Court of Horrors throne room. A fitting epithet for its fearsomely-seeming attributes.

I never act brashly, and I’ll admit, I could have approached this better. My anger got the best of me. However, I’m not delving into the Umbra Eternal unwarranted; I have good reason to be suspicious of him. Aside from the attacks of the insidious garoles, he’s been exhibiting shady behaviors for centuries. The biggest one being he’s never sired an Heir, yet he remains in power.

Impossible. Oblivion wouldn’t care if his firstborn perished. The Divinities aren’t evil, but they aren’t good either. And they certainly aren’t sympathetic. They just are. We’re made as servants to hold their essence. That’s it. There’s nothing grand about being an Heir or an Eternal. In fact, it’s a punishment, a sentencing of perpetual servitude. People blow the position out of proportion, praising it as though it were an honor. What a farcical notion. All the Divinities care about is maintaining balance through us- we’re all inessential. If given the choice, I’d gladly forfeit my doom.

Something else stirring my misgivings is that Raydon frequented my realm often when he was an Heir a century and a half ago. His motives were unspecified until he finally claimed one of our females- who just so happens to be a descendant of the Light Court’s first Eternal. Powerful. The Original bloodline Lumin has always held the potential for phenomenal abilities since they were the first to harness Core’s essence. She might not have been the first born, but I heard her unique abilities exceeded her older brother’s. It’s not surprising that Raydon pursued the female Lumin descendant to sire his Heir. Males, especially Eternals, are very cunning and ambitious when seeking a mating partner. We can’t help it; perseverance is in our nature. Survival of the fittest guides our instincts and strengthening our genetics is a key element for that. Females too, seek resilient suitors, guaranteeing their children’s chances of survival. Our biggest threat are the garoles that target the weak. Primordials are vulnerable until the age of 18 when our powers mature, which is another reason why females desire capable males- to help protect their offspring until adulthood.

It’s been over fifty years since the Lumin female’s whereabouts have been known. Word is she’s locked herself away unable to cope with the loss of her child, infertility, and being replaced by Raydon’s soulblessed.

I don’t buy it.

I believe her disappearance was a result of foul play. There’s no evidence, of course. He’s the Umbra Eternal, the expert on criminal plotting; his Court bleeds sin and deceit. For that, I’m not surprised he successfully concealed his dirty deeds. His motive? Birthing an Heir that turned out to be weak and died is a good enough reason for me. I imagine he wasn't pleased.

But something that further reinforces my suspicions is that a female’s ability to reproduce says a lot about a relationship. Primordial females only go into heat when they feel safe. Their hormones are sensitive to their environments. We're creatures designed for war. Therefore, the female body won’t proliferate unless it’s safe to do so. Meaning, when she became infertile, it’s evident she was stressed and possibly in an unsafe environment. I surmise; instead of allowing her to leave his clutches, he murdered her so she couldn’t sire a child with another, resentful that she didn’t deliver him a powerful Heir. So, he decided if his offspring wasn’t the strongest, he’d eliminate the competition.

The Umbra Eternal’s alarming activities have only increased since her disappearance. My presentiments have me speculating he’s thirsting for more power, which would lead to an imbalance between the Kingdoms. None of us are entirely certain what would come of the disturbance, but we predict the boundaries that confine Eternals to their Kingdoms would vanish. The result of this could also lead to another infestation of garoles- or maybe new creatures even more deadly since the scales would tip in Oblivion’s favor.

This brings me to why I’m here. I’m without doubt that he’s responsible for the attacks on my people. He knows, without the Revenants guarding us against the vicious demons that prey on Primordials, each Kingdom would be exposed. It’s unsettling that our fates rest entirely in his hands because garoles are the only things that can successfully kill us once we mature; them and beheading.

My gut churns as the vision of my people’s gruesome corpses cross my thoughts.

The Umbra Eternal was right earlier when he said no one’s ever seen remnants of a garole’s victim. They’re ambush predators, stalking their prey skillfully until an opportunity presents itself. Their dark, charcoal skin camouflages them with the night; they’re basically invisible until they attack, and by then it’s too late. It’s because of their sly and covert hunting tactics we’ve never been able to learn and document what happens once someone falls prey to one. Until now.

I’ve uncovered disturbing details through their attacks on my people. Things no one else knows about. Their saliva is paralytic to both body and powers. It’s how they’ve managed to successfully overcome us. The news was never unearthed before because no one has ever lived to share their experience. And studying garoles is impossible since they disintegrate instantly when they die.

The upsetting part about learning this vital information is I can’t share it with anyone because then I’d have to reveal how I discovered it. And I’m not about to give up my biggest secret for that.

I heave a heavy sigh, exhausted from spending the past week hunting the garole wreaking havoc on my Kingdom. Guilt torments me for not being able to protect them. How can I ascend one day and become Eternal when I can’t even prevent the brutal deaths of my citizens? I don’t deserve to lead them.

My spiraling thoughts lead me to Ophelia and my mood significantly darkens.

Her once beautiful body was drained into a cadaverous condition with only a drop of life left. She’s unrecognizable and barely hanging on, but she’s a fighter; I wouldn’t expect anything less of her. My lips twitch into a sad smile only to pull into a firm line as the event of her attack replays in my head.

I saw it. Not because I was there, but because of my dream-walking ability.

Having three abilities isn’t unheard of for an Heir. My ergokinesis (energy) and gyrokinesis (gravity) are what I’m known for I chose to keep my third one a secret. If people knew I could dream walk, I'd never be able to touch anyone again. It’s far more invasive than telepathy. At least with a telepath, people can keep their secrets hidden by storing them in the back of their minds or creating mental walls to block them out. As a dream-walker: I can see everything about someone’s life while they slumber defenselessly. The back of a person’s mind is where I thrive. The catch is, I have to touch someone to enter their subconscious, planting my tether to establish a link. It’s how I could see what was responsible for the attacks, by linking to Ophelia.

I had already guessed, but watching her tragic experience confirmed that a garole was the assailant.

The blood in my veins begins to simmer. My fingers cease drumming, and grip the armrest, making the wood groan. I’m going to mutilate that night-roaming demon, and then I’m coming after the Umbra Eternal. It’s the least I can do since I stood Ophelia up the night of her attack.

I rub my hand over my face while stopping my train of thoughts. Blaming myself won’t fix things- avenging her will.

A knock sounds at my door.

Thank Core. A distraction. “Enter.”

My best friend and trusted advisor peeks around the door. Upon seeing me his face grows concerned. “You good?”

I wave him in. “Fine. Just stuck in thought. Your timing is impeccable.” I flash a reassuring smile.

He smirks as he closes the door. “Let me guess, it was about your investigation on the Umbra Eternal?”

Trent never misses a beat. I point my finger at him and click my tongue. “Bullseye.”

In three long strides, Trent reaches the armchair across from mine and plops into it. “Will working with the Wraith impede that?”

At the mention of her, my attention- mercifully- averts to the ‘ferocious’ little white-haired female. I nearly laugh. Out of everything that should have stunned me upon my arrival, the most jarring moment was coming face to face with the Wraith. Not because I was repulsed like I thought I'd be. I’m not sure what to make of my impression, I should be hating her for what she represents. But, strangely, that was not the case.

She’s depicted as soulless, monstrous, ghostly. Therefore, the image painted in my mind portrayed her as creepy, old, and unsightly. My initial estimation of her was grossly inaccurate; she was normal-looking, young, and enigmatic. I felt dangerously entranced.

I've been both disturbed and curious since the moment I learned of her existence. So it’s unusual to me that I completely forgot about her when I portalled here, unannounced, to confront the Umbra Eternal. How could I fail to remember? She’s widely known for being the Umbra Eternal’s ruthless assassin. The rumors about her express; no one ever sees her- she hides in shadows that emanate from her. And if you do happen to encounter her, it's because she’s come to end your life. And I know from experience as a dream walker… all rumors stem from some truth.

“No.” I answer Trent, hiding my confliction over the fact that she’ll be accompanying me back to my Court. I’m not going to deny working closely with the mysterious Wraith has me burning with intrigue. Earlier, when the Umbra Eternal announced she’d be joining me, I was overcome with one hundred percent primal satisfaction but had to smother my elation in fear he’d change his mind. I know it’s the wrong response to have, given her terrible reputation, but I’ve always had a fascination with peculiar things. “At least not for hunting the garole,” I add. “The rest of my investigation will be withheld from her.”

He nods, a loose strand of chestnut hair falls into his eyes. “Probably for the best. What’d you think of her?”

I tilt my head, recalling our staring competition. Or, I’m hoping that’s what she thought it was when in actuality I felt slave to her silver eyes. “She’s not as intimidating as I pictured.”

Trent chuckles, raking back his hair. “Right? She’s the smallest female I’ve ever seen.”

“And thin,” I add, pretending to be put off by her physique.

His smile fades, replaced by a baffled expression. “The only thing true about what I’ve heard were those shadowy things glued to her.”

I mask my excitement over the topic by crossing my arms. If he knew how piqued my interest was in the Wraith and her… shadow creatures, he’d send me back to the Light Court to get my head examined. She’s considered abominable by Primordials everywhere because of her merciless killings. It’s not natural for us to thirst for the blood of our kind yet she never hesitates. If it weren’t for the Umbra Eternal’s protection, she would have been slewn a long time ago.

That brings up another issue that has me inspecting the Umbra Eternal. Why would he employ someone that violates what we indoctrinate? The only answer I can come up with is that she strengthens his power- especially since she’s imperceptible.

I've heard of the dark spirits bonded to her, or that’s what they're referred to as. They (also) were falsely described. Misrepresented as evil creatures, but I thought they were… friendly? I swear they danced at one point during our interaction. They were so animated. I’m curious about what they are and why they’re attached to her.

The gossip circulating about them says she’s been to the Divide, and they are the spirits of the garole's victims. She was supposed to die like all the other unfortunate souls, but they made a deal to protect her if she allowed her body to be a vessel for them to occupy. Those theories also speculate that's why her hair is white.

Most people say that sounds insane. Me, on the other hand, I’m itching to ascertain the truth, and as I said before; rumors stem from some form of validity.

After a moment, Trent visibly shivers. “I couldn’t imagine spirits attaching themselves to me like that.”

I pluck a lint from the sleeve of my tunic, feigning aloofness. “I thought they were interesting. Very coltish.”

They were lively. Her though,” he says, shaking his head. “Always glowering. Not a single emotion.”

“I had thought so, too, at first. It wasn’t until some girl said ‘kiss’. Then I saw the first reaction come to life across her face.” A chuckle runs through me as I recall her flushed cheeks. I found it so appealing the thought of kissing her actually entered my mind… Maybe I should get my head examined.

Trent barks a laugh. “That’s her nickname. Apparently only those closest to her call her that.”

I arch a brow at him. “Wraith has people close to her?”

He shrugs. “The person who called her that must be.”

I look heavenward, trying to remember the female who called her name. Only a face never comes. My attention was snared by Wraith and her very lively shadows. Strange little things. How could anyone think they’re creepy?

“This place isn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.” Trent muses as he looks around my chambers.

I followed his gaze, taking in the intricate dark details that have soft hues of blue to give some semblance of color. My eyes land on the fireplace. Even the flames are blue, creating a pleasant languid atmosphere. “I know. I was expecting it to be depressing.” Oddly, I feel calm and relaxed.

Trent sprawls out in his plush seat, getting comfortable. I snort. If it were anyone else here with me, they’d be sitting like a rod was jammed up their a**.

“So, now that you’ve met the Umbra Eternal, do you think he’s guilty?” He asks, diving right into the heavy topic.

I lean my head back onto the headrest and release a heavy breath. “If I allow my interactions to be what determines my judgment, I’d never solve anything. He’s putting up a good act.” My forehead creases. “I can’t shake this strange feeling that he’s hiding something, something big.”

Trent hums. “I’ve heard he’s a well-loved Eternal.”

“Me too.”

I turn to look at the fire again, and my eyes catch on the painting sitting above the mantle instead. It portrays the Umbra Palace at night surrounded by stars.

This place is always dark, manifesting the name Oblivion Court. Daytime is short, resembling long sunsets. Darkness takes up two-thirds of the day on this side of the planet. No wonder everyone is so pale.

Despite being from the Radiant Palace, I find myself admiring this painting. It truly captures the beauty of ruling the night. Not the devastation and corruption that this Court is known for.

My enchantment gets interrupted by a knock at the door. Trent rises from his seat to answer it.

Natheel, my personal guard, walks in. “The levee’s starting. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” I rush out, grabbing my dark green coat where I had deposited it on a settee earlier, putting it on as I hastily walk out the door.

I know I should tone down my excitement, but I’m looking forward to attending the Oblivion Court’s levee. People talk during festivities; eating and drinking to the point their inebriation gives them no control over their tongues and sharing things they won’t remember the next day. I’m preparing for all sorts of secrets to be spilled tonight.

A royal Umbra guard meets us in the hallway. He bows when he sees me. “Radiant Heir, if you’ll follow me.” He pivots and leads us to where I assume the levee is being held.

Natheel and Trent take up my left and right, while the rest of my personal guards take up the rear. They’ll be attending the celebration as well, all under orders to learn anything they can.

As I follow the guard, a thought occurs to me. The Umbra Eternal might’ve invited me tonight with the expectation I’d pry around with confidence I won’t discover anything incriminating. He’s either being honest when he says his Revenants were deceived or he’s trying to distract me with a friendly invitation. You know what they say, keep your friends close…

The guard takes us through a series of dark and lavish hallways before finally leading us outside. I stop dead in my tracks on the black quartz substrate once I see the celebration; completely wonderstruck by its gothic adornments.

Slate-matted limestone stages an open area I assume is the dance floor. In its center is a large fire pit that burns with a flame so giant I can feel the heat from where I stand. I guess with their palace being deep within the Aveolate Mountains a fire that massive is necessary to ward off the cold.

The expanse is framed by numerous tables; each is covered in dark indigo fabric with silver dishware, various drinking glasses, and gothic lanterns presentably arranged. Oblivion Court banners hang along arching black stone pillars that encompass the event. It portrays an indigo backdrop with an ancient rune mark that translates to Oblivion: an upside-down V with a black hole in its center, fringed with inky tassels along its borders.

To finish the look, the whole place is illuminated by strings of silver twinkling lights hanging overhead. Looking past the lights, I notice the sky is clear of clouds giving us a full view of the stars, nebulas, double moons, and the gold stardust rings that loop around our planet.

I had presumed the event would be grim because of the Court's negative portrayal. But this is far from drab, it's picturesque. I'm in awe of the beauty of it, rendered speechless by this nocturnal paradise.

“Radiant Heir.” A manservant approaches me wearing an all-black uniform with an indigo tapered vest. “Right this way for your seat, I will show your men to theirs shortly after.”

I nod and gesture for him to lead the way. He takes me to the right where a table is raised overlooking the entire event. In the middle sits a large black velvet wingback chair I assume is the Eternal’s seat and a smaller version on the right of it for the Umbra Consort.

“Your seat, sir.” The servant gestures to the second seat on the Eternal’s left.

In confusion, I stare at the empty seat stationed between mine and the Umbra Eternal’s wondering who it’s intended for, then notice him approaching. I remain standing and give him a polite nod when he sees me.

“Ah, Radiant Heir Zaxel.” The Umbra Eternal smiles. “Allow me to introduce my soulblessed, Adreena Davenly.” He moves aside and a beautiful young woman with long auburn hair and bright glacier eyes steps forward. Her azure dress sways with her movement.

“Salutations, Radiant Heir.” She approaches me and holds out her hand. “Pleasure to meet you.”

I kiss her knuckles softly. Nefarious thoughts of tethering to her amble through my mind. I could do it easily; her hand’s already in my hold. With just a thought I could establish a link and invade her mind as she sleeps, learning all of her and the Umbra Eternal’s shared secrets. Unless… She doesn’t know. If I were scheming, I wouldn’t endanger my most valuable possession- my soulblessed- by incorporating her. I’d protect her at all costs. “Pleasure is mine, Umbra Consort.” I let her hand slip away, deciding not to chance it. I can only tether once, and it remains until that person dreams. My target tonight will need to be someone the Umbra Eternal confides in regarding all his private machinations.

I hear a snort behind me. The Umbra Eternal and his Constort’s eyes cast over my shoulder. Adreena’s smile falters.

“She’s not the Consort.” I hear a soft, yet annoyed feminine voice say from behind me.

I turn and nearly fall over from shock when my eyes land on the Wraith. She’s wearing a sleeveless, blood-red dress that firmly fits her bodice. Fabric crosses over her chest, narrowing as it wraps around her neck, and the skirt subtly flares at her waist with a slit that reaches her left hip. The shadowy creatures simmer over her like smoke to a flame. I can’t help but notice she has a soft glow to her skin that other Oblivion Court members lack.

Guising my face with impassiveness, I try to appear unaffected, but I’m not sure how well I’m hiding my surprise. I wasn’t expecting her attenuated form to have such feminine curves. And what draws my attention, even more, are her full, defined, perky breasts emphasized by the tight but thin red material they’re swathed in.

Like a bow that needs unwrapping. My *censored* gives an involuntary twitch at the idea.

Her white hair is pulled back into a single high plait with a few loose strands framing her heart-shaped face. Her plump lips are blood red to match her dress, equipping me with perverted thoughts.

Core, she's mouth-watering. If only she didn’t have such an awful reputation.

“Kisling.” There’s a warning in the Eternal’s tone as he addresses her.

“What?” She irritatedly asks. My eyes roam over her lithe form as she reaches across the table, landing where she grasps her beverage. Her nails are long and pointed with metal claw rings covering the tips of her fingers. “She’s not.” She grumbles before taking a sip of her drink.

I can’t help but watch as her mouth closes around the rim of her glass. Next, I notice the shadows which are dancing around her body, slithering over her protectively yet feverishly. Fascinating.

After a moment I realize I’m staring and avert my focus to the rest of the court members that have trickled in, positioning themselves where they can get a clear view of our table.

“My apologies, Zaxel.” The Eternal says, drawing my attention. “I hope you don’t mind Kisling sitting between us for tonight’s evening.” He gestures to the empty seat between us.

He has his assassin eat beside him? That’s something you don’t see every day.

I force a tight smile. “Apology unnecessary.” Watching as the Eternal and his soulblessed take their seats, I follow their lead and sit as well. Wraith lingers as if deciding whether she wants to sit between us.

The Umbra Eternal moves his head slightly to give her a sideways glance. Adreena clears her throat before taking a gulp of her champagne.

This is awkward. I guess I was wrong, maybe it isn’t a common thing after all.

After a few more seconds, she reluctantly takes her seat.

Suck it up, princess. You’re my entertainment for the night, remember?

“Kisling is right,” Adreena says randomly, and I lean over the table to meet her apologetic eyes. “I’m not the Consort.”

“Not yet. But since she is my soulblessed and the position needs filling, we will be having the Ceremony next month, with it will be her crowning.” The Umbra Eternal clarifies.

At the mention of the Ceremony, I notice the shadowy creatures tighten around Wraith in a way I'd imagine they would when shielding her from a threat.

“You are welcome to attend.” Raydon offers. "Formal invitations will be going out at the end of this week. I've included Originals from all Courts on the invite list. You would've obtained one as well."

My heart jumps with another opportunity to learn of the Lumin female's whereabouts. “I’d love to.” I take a sip of my chalice, reminding myself to remain discreet. Mmm wine. “How long have you been soulblessed?”

This is a test.

The Umbra Eternal looks at Adreena adoringly. “Fifty years.”

“Fifty?” I ask, putting as much shock into my tone as I can. “And you’ve waited all this time to have the Ceremony?”

Wraith’s silvery eyes snap to mine scornfully. If looks could kill.

Wonder why that upset her? The Ceremony is a huge deal. For any normal Primordial, it’s a three day celebration in honor of the soulblessed couple that everyone in the Kingdom attends. But I can imagine since it’s for an Eternal it’s going to be the largest event of the millennia.

All four Kingdoms uphold this tradition- as it is cherished by everyone. Even my father, the Radiant Eternal, will attend a lowly subject’s Ceremony. It's respectful to do so. Our Divinity recognizes the souls as one, and Eternal’s are ‘symbols’ of the Divinities; it’s our duty to commemorate our citizens as well.

The first day of the Ceremony is Offering Day: people deliver gifts to the couple as a token of their best wishes. The second day is the Feast, where all kinds of food are provided, drinks are free, and entertainment is everywhere. The last day of the Ceremony is the Rite. An onmiligualist will come from the Ardor Court to read the signatures inscribed on their spines. Then, to show appreciation to the Divinities, all who aren’t soulblessed or claimed usually participate in the evening's Hunt.

My blood zings with fervor in anticipation. It’s my favorite aspect of the tradition; where males give chase to titillated females. When caught, it usually results in a dalliance, but the purpose of the custom was invented in hopes those who partake will find their soulblessed as well. Except that’s not what motivates me to participate. I think those fantastical beliefs are outrageous and give the Divinities a tribute they’ve done nothing to earn. They have no interest in guiding us towards our soulblessed, therefore I don’t blindly merit them for it. Instead, I engage for the thrill of the pursuit and my prize afterward.

I’ve been to two Ceremonies, the last being sixty years ago, but it was memorable. I'd gladly attend another, especially an Eternals. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, plus who knows when the next Ceremony will take place?

Both Raydon and Adreena sneak glances at Wraith before Adreena answers. “I didn’t want to overstep.” She pauses, looking regretful. “The previous Consort has been ill for a while. Her recovery isn’t looking well–”

“So Adreena is taking over.” The Eternal finishes for her. The skin on Wraith’s knuckles turns white from her tight grip on the glass. I’m surprised it hasn’t shattered.

I fiddle with a spoon as I try not to reveal my disappointment. Adreena seems to truly believe the deception that the Lumin female is ill, even though her disappearance happened around the time of their union. Or maybe she’s just that good of an actress? Though, I’m leaning towards the former; she’s young and wasn’t raised around royalty. Every expression she wears reveals her true emotions. Unlike Wraith, who harbors her reactions near proficiently.

“The position cannot be left unattended,” he continues as if justifying his reasons. “There are too many issues in the Kingdom that need addressing. The absence of a Consort means my citizens are suffering. Without someone taking on the responsibilities of stabilizing the oscillation within communities, people are becoming jobless, homeless, they’re starving, and being pushed out of their towns closer to the Divide. Not to mention the piling administrative work here at the palace. Without a Consort, my workload has increased, meaning I give less attention to things I would have otherwise prioritized.” He grabs his chalice and looks down at it. “If a garole did slip past my Revenants and killed people within your city because of my neglect, I’m very, deeply, sorry.” His slate-gray eyes meet mine. “I’m aware an apology won’t fix things. But you should know I will accept my accountability. The management of the Divide is not something I take lightly. I know how dangerous it and those creatures are.” He looks at Wraith. “Which is why I’m sending Kisling to assist you with this task.”

I study him, trying to interpret the inflection in his words. The way he phrased sending the Wraith to work with me almost sounded like he was making a sacrifice.

Wraith looks around at the other tables with monotony, incognizant of his spiel.

“I appreciate your attentiveness to this issue.” I lie to him, my eyes remain on Wraith. She might not be happy about our arrangement, but I’ve never been more pleased in my life. I’m going to learn everything I can about the things that make her enigmatic while showing her how it feels to be the one terrorized. “I’m also grateful for the additional help.”

Wraith ignores me, too, examining her nails like they’re considerably more entertaining. For some reason, her disinterest in me grates my nerves. But I have an idea that'd make me her sole focus. “And I think it’s wonderful you found your soulblessed. Adreena will make an excellent Umbra Consort” I finish. My words, another test, assessing Wrath’s reaction.

Her eyes snap to mine, unexpressive. However, the shadows abruptly recoil against her, brushing her skin soothingly. Ah! That’s where I need to look. The vaporish creatures give her true emotions away.

I hold her stare as I take a sip of my wine, drinking in quiet celebration of obtaining this crucial information. For some reason, she disapproves of Adreena becoming Consort. Interesting. I wonder why? Is it because someone else still holds the title? Technically, it does belong to the Lumin female unless she rescinds her position. I have an inkling he waited this long to make Adreena his Consort so no one would question his ethics, and use the Ceremony as a distraction from her crowning. Pausing my stream of thoughts, I begin to wonder if Wraith knows something about the Lumin female's disappearance.

Raydon and his mate smile at each other. “She already fills the role even if she does not yet wear the title.” The Umbra Eternal replies and then looks forward somberly, “But not everyone approves of our union.”

My brows furrow. Who wouldn’t approve of a soulblessing? Wouldn’t that be considered a sin?

Wraith taps her nails against her glass as she goes back to silently scanning the tables of people. What is she looking for?

I sigh and recline in my seat, swirling my cup of wine before downing the rest. This is going to be a long evening.


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  • Kyle Maddox2 years ago

    Awesome job! I like that you're telling the story from multiple angles. I also really liked the idea of dreamwalking and tethering to people. Keep it up!

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